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  1. I like that what he was doing vs me wasn't as predictable, but the motion to make a counter action needs something ,I took a good whack with brace vs muskets ,even though brace was not well prepared on my part ,I guess maybe I need some tutoring
  2. It would be better if they would show some action from the decks,like a sailor coming aboard with ropes or ladders deployed ,the point and click just isn't very good and the calculating now is ,you don't know what is being done,i don't see the point in it . maybe have one guy in the back made of blocks that represents muskets and when all the blocks shot away/Random,then you know you have won the musket battle..I lost a battle to muskets while I was barricading ,I was in a herc or a navy brig vs a mercury ,and he rammed me and I f10 brace but I didn't see any damage on his part.and also another time I waited to see if I took crew damage from a ramming with no f10 ,nada..
  3. County Port Battles ,since they are set at different times a main PB would make all of the county PB for Hostilities ,but same as a PB setup taking towers etc that Gain Hostility to some % .so even after the initial PB is over thee could be 4-5 Ports that are preset at %hostility making them to have be defended ,I am not well versed in this stuff But to Not get anything in PB defence with the cost to make premium ships seems the only way to get Victory marks as a solo player . Since the action revolves around port battles it just extends that timeframe and makes a more static strategic decision to be made .
  4. yeah like 50 I 50II 50III time...
  5. Perks are not enough and need more,you need to be a shipbuilder and make money and even with a really good ship be able to go up against a PVP specced player,I have fishing and fleet 1 and prepared and double Shot and Charge ,I cannot survive without these , im sure down the road I could flip Perks ,but you gain one to lose another ,I guess all in how you stack them together and when you use them , CvT=/t-T,And losing ships are never factored in because you just don't know and I lost all the ships I ever built,Only time I have a Point for PVP is when we took Ports.If we are going to lose ships we need more,if we lose ammo we can run or fight for another day,I guess why navies never ran out of ships.
  6. I built 3 Essexes LO/wOak/ LO/Mah and OAK Oak > 7 hours at sea just fishing and got a 200 provision drop Provisions are and have been a tough multiplier for me I think the balance from an avg is good ,IDK if the actual wood per board foot is close to actual Crafting/tree size I am close to My next rank and these 5th rates Are coming a little late but on par to fleet 2,but that's 5th rates, and I am rank 25 crafting so I think im in the sweet spot of the balance .
  7. theres still The DLC Hercules , La Requin ,and other ships we will get too. It would not make sense to me anyway to have a tier 5 group with a tier 1 with no way in or out. So OP is gone. And it was way OP'd at the end from a Noob I was in July , And I doubt you will have restrictions of labor ships etc because cutter wont cut it at end game. But they were testing new ships and UI's etc .now tweaking the economy . BTW if were due for a wipe anyone want 2 Christians to USE , but prove it.
  8. Casino Boats … non capturable … non sinkable … but can have fireships added to it...lol atleast better than watching the battle from a floating burning hulk and some money made
  9. A designated flag ship ,where you can capture the flags and sell them and long boats to offload to loot ships that are sunk to divii up treasure of sunk rats and AI response that when too much trade is interrupted a AI epic battle fleet rolls out of capital harbors with some named ships that can only be gotten in that exchange
  10. I crafted the blue prints Northern Carpenters and British running rigging , clicked use , and they disappeared and didn't get the modules. and blueprints ate up the stuff for them and disappeared also..and I got none of them and lost marks and other items,this has happened to me before,I did f11 reports but there was nothing to show. Cariibean Pvp server
  11. The Text goes from Large to Small macros in different shapes and sizes on the same textural subjects , Uniformity, and an Admirals Log UI , so weights and measures can be done ahead of builds or battles and used for presetting needed purchases ,I Just have a hard time looking at all the windows .
  12. 🤔 The UI has the option of looking at cannons you need and cannon types in the shop ,If they were intergrated into admiral checklist or something for the finish on the build within the shop for ship fittings purchasing list.. I get confused flipping back and forth eating up my short term memory..
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