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  1. I finally was able to finish this , It was a real skill tester at the end, But it would be nice if you could actually test all the stuff in the game ,maybe from your testing program so you understand Iron Kness , Mods and Books , and what they do too,
  2. Captured ships Have a crew bonus and special refits, what are they ?Boston refit etc. Are they upgradable to 2x refit? Only model is A purple or gold that has the Port they came from I would Imagine,Or I have seen them pop out of ports. If it were possible to write in the refit types specific to that port,to overhaul the ship,but that is a different story... Maybe a reset reset to try a few addendums ,and let the pvp settle and dump some reals mark ,medals and woods on us knowing what we should have had with a release release state.and have some organized unpolarized events to test,right now,its not knowing what really hurts,and unfettered seal clubbing and raiding and mongering the test cycle is not s definitive way to test mechanics..it is diminutively effect to affect .
  3. The herc is not even temperable to Any 5th rate currently , and slow and soft. I wont even try a fleet of 6th rates anymore because all I Do is lose the hercs I spend reals on,it almost feels like It needs to be resold and refitted and always 4/5 boxer
  4. Yeah get rid of the Timers! FFA!
  5. I don't Understand fully the A/B. But If it was each port could generate 1 mission a week,and Only 1 per clan per week,or for Host Capitols/but you would have to add a few more hidden Islands . A or B
  6. Hostilities % are Reduced for Completeing Missions,So It makes it a long term grind like Days , And drop the PB timers since we have seen it locks up ports, So doing the Ai kills are back ,but at the reduced % it would not be worth trying to grind for 2 days straight an alt account ,And 2nd The Ports that make more $ in trade getting more points for port enhancements Hard stat, and loseable too ,so one port traded 3-4 times could be worth more than a county Capitol
  7. Are you going to add with release Solo Game/and or Lan Vanilla game ? if so Will we be able to do some Historical Battles ,like Constitution in chains or Trafalgar Or some of the more Difficult Engagements of the time? teaser please
  8. MacaroniMax

    Ship Loss

    Purple 4/5 Pandora Carros maxed and longs bow stern 6lb,nassua Boarders and a couple others,I believe it was live oak /Mah,oghny It just booted me from the Battle I was in VS. a Mercury AI And the Ship was Gone after collided and threw my 360 camera to Middeck ,I was like ..wow this is cool..Sent f11 report after I realized my ship went poof and the battle was server forced over..
  9. Having a duality faction ,main nation/pirate within the nations.eliminating blue on blue ban,making them defacto pirate allies...
  10. can we have a shipyard just for building traders and trader missions for the harder items to aquire,like rare woods,upgrade Materials,(example)Cartegena
  11. So why cant you decode it?
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