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  1. MacaroniMax


    The Ship bugs still working,Ships stopping in mid battle,hits not registering.It is a tad frustrating . Hope it gets fixed.Ill be waiting maybe.Maybe a modding solution? Unhappy Customer right now.
  2. Its no wonder Why it took so long to Develop A game With your 3k worthless views.last Not taken into Consideration.Fel Unloved yet.you should that you thought you were going to Enjoy as supreme Leader of the COmmunist Oligarch Council,as an expression of mechanics that obviously you were totally wrong about..but ,you threaded any a ceasless case of
  3. I have Something to day to you and your Knowledge edicts #2 man .You Guys WHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIINED for 3 months of your superior Testing skills,Many Many Forums,Many Many negative Posts of your Concise lack of respect to other testers. Why,Intelligence is a 2 way street.
  4. What a bunch of Whiners about Testing Mechanics .Helping Development,I think you were Full of *^%#2
  5. Well -across leeward Antilles line theres no large fleets,brit or any other nation IN the Northen waters.all other nations have them on both sides of their islands and all types. Shouldn't there be A Larger fleet type to cross from east to west ?
  6. It has been almost A year for me in this game testing ,I hope everyone reflects on situations of success and failure and thet the Compromise of indeminities created will provide some smooth sailing in the future.not everything is a reflection of ourselves but the world around us and people we choose to associate ourselves with,albeit lengthy failures at sea and squashed dreams by bigger fish will always be the deepest sailor. Can we have a pirate thread at release:)?
  7. Blockade mechanism. With the Patrol or something with the circle but Auto join, we just throw ships in the blockade group and leave like a port and its set.
  8. Let pirates be Pirates..lOl
  9. There does need to be a statistical Average for Labor and Ships needing to be built ,Maybe we need 2 labor contracts ships/material acquisition one based on that average for materials,and other based on Ship build to loss ratio on say the Days where the action is heaviest,at best with all lvl 3 buildings as a solo Player I could never build or aquire enough Materials in One day,but given time I could get all the resources out if planned correctly ,and build down the road..But losing ships Takes time to rebuild,so maybe that stat is perfect for clans,not for the solo Player,and I doubt the 300 vs 3000 material stat will effect the server Calculation speed,but maybe somewhere there is that statistical avg that's just right,idk
  10. I finally was able to finish this , It was a real skill tester at the end, But it would be nice if you could actually test all the stuff in the game ,maybe from your testing program so you understand Iron Kness , Mods and Books , and what they do too,
  11. Captured ships Have a crew bonus and special refits, what are they ?Boston refit etc. Are they upgradable to 2x refit? Only model is A purple or gold that has the Port they came from I would Imagine,Or I have seen them pop out of ports. If it were possible to write in the refit types specific to that port,to overhaul the ship,but that is a different story... Maybe a reset reset to try a few addendums ,and let the pvp settle and dump some reals mark ,medals and woods on us knowing what we should have had with a release release state.and have some organized unpolarized events to test,right now,its not knowing what really hurts,and unfettered seal clubbing and raiding and mongering the test cycle is not s definitive way to test mechanics..it is diminutively effect to affect .
  12. The herc is not even temperable to Any 5th rate currently , and slow and soft. I wont even try a fleet of 6th rates anymore because all I Do is lose the hercs I spend reals on,it almost feels like It needs to be resold and refitted and always 4/5 boxer
  13. Yeah get rid of the Timers! FFA!
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