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    Germany but from Sweden
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    simulator games, history and martial arts. I play rise of flight right now with jasta 5 online squadron been with them since 2004. Also early assess to Il2 BOS. Used to play wooden ships iron men online many years back and ships of the line is a special interest. I also draw and paint. check my webpage out.
  1. My game just crashed had just captured the spanish 64 gun.... then game hangs completely... very frustrating as it was a very hard capture. But now after reboot it says I am ingame when I am not. Cant get back in to the game at all.
  2. Wow thanks! I think I could do that. Let me know what you gents need.
  3. Nice find this! Love wooden ships and wwi aircraft. I am flying RoF ( with http://www.jasta5.org/ ) since it came out. Did a lot of historical community skinning work for ROF as J5_Boman/J5_Rumey) Also love drawing WWI aircraft but also ships. Looking forward to this game a lot! Used to play wooden ships and iron men but also gave PoTBS a go. Here is a link to my deviant page where you can see some of my drawings and paintings. http://legehk.deviantart.com/ Quick ship drawing did at some point last year:
  4. Dont know if it is the right place but here is a page about regalskeppet Kronan (the Crown) there is a sideview plan on this page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kronan_%28ship%29 would love to see this or maybe Svärdet (the sword) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sv%C3%A4rdet Acually any Swedishp ship of the line would do will look for plans
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