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  1. I know, i'm not supposed to be there, but i found a cannon in a weird place:
  2. I was wondering if you guys plan to scale things in the future (maybe even before release) like ports and landing stages? And if you want to make the crew animations more diverse? Maybe more crew on the deck or even animations like in Empire or Napoleon TW? Thanks!
  3. i think what you guys do not see is, that a full wipe - even with rank and craft xp - is more than just a fair start to all new players, but gives the veterans a pleasant way to engage once more with the exitement of beginning a new game. Plus now we have a lot of information on how to succeed and that will make the newly began journey fun to play. Nobody forced you to invest over a year of your livetime in an EA Title that was clearly to be wiped over and over again or maybe never released. Don't act like you build something real here. Only ones i hear crying are vets with their untouchable clans and in fear of coming in a bigger lake where they will not be the biggest fishes anymore. And - for the admirals sake - this wil finally stop you from exploiting the game mechanics for your ganks and what not. Stop crying and fight, you landlubbers.
  4. I don't want to judge on the devs, i just do not understand why this is showing on the Navy Brigg but do not on other ships
  5. would it be like this, you would witness that with other colors too, but you don't. never. So here is something wrong
  6. Why, just why? Is it my machine or just something in the coding?
  7. https://reader.digitale-sammlungen.de/de/fs1/object/display/bsb10784736_00073.html
  8. I mentioned that recently in other threats, but i wanted to hear your oppinion on that topic. In Elite: Dangerous there is an insurance system, based on ship value and the notoriety of you and your killer, allowing to rebuy your ship and loadout after your rapid unscheduled disassembly. I know, there is no such thing as notoriety in NA, but we have the ranks. The higher your personal notoriety is the more expensive the rebuy is, but the higher your killers notriety is the less you have to pay. So what do you guys think about such system in NA? I think it might be a good possibility to get beginners and all others to be less afraid of sailing out and having some good fights. Still thrilling but not ruinous to players without a rich clan. Please discuss
  9. There is no defence for ganking. It's just a super noobish Dev-decision to not implement a rebuy-system like in Elite Dangerous. There is no effin chance of growing a solid 5.000 players base after release, when just one small mistake in OW cruising causes a total ruin of the player. When players know there will be a possibility to get your hard earned ship back after being killed (which way ever) it will lead them to more engagement. Keeping your mind partly on having at least a rebuy amount of money will also improve trading. Otherwise, you ultimate Deverals will hello kitty this thing up and years of work will be gone. and your 1000 +- 100 players from Ultimate General wont help, you game design bachelor students.
  10. In terms of fair fighting: Devs should consider a noob zone. There needs to be a place for new players that is only accessable up to a certain rank. Being ganked is not that of a big lesson in fighting and tactics. The exams are not enough.
  11. I love the UI, couple of hours later i still love it. easy to get used to. Another thing: I just started a Battle in front of Carlisle and when i finished i spawned next to Kingston.
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