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  1. I was wondering if you guys plan to scale things in the future (maybe even before release) like ports and landing stages? And if you want to make the crew animations more diverse? Maybe more crew on the deck or even animations like in Empire or Napoleon TW? Thanks!
  2. i think what you guys do not see is, that a full wipe - even with rank and craft xp - is more than just a fair start to all new players, but gives the veterans a pleasant way to engage once more with the exitement of beginning a new game. Plus now we have a lot of information on how to succeed and that will make the newly began journey fun to play. Nobody forced you to invest over a year of your livetime in an EA Title that was clearly to be wiped over and over again or maybe never released. Don't act like you build something real here. Only ones i hear crying are vets with their untoucha
  3. I don't want to judge on the devs, i just do not understand why this is showing on the Navy Brigg but do not on other ships
  4. would it be like this, you would witness that with other colors too, but you don't. never. So here is something wrong
  5. Why, just why? Is it my machine or just something in the coding?
  6. https://reader.digitale-sammlungen.de/de/fs1/object/display/bsb10784736_00073.html
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