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  1. why can we not have the best of both systems, you are able to loot in battle and after battle you get a screen of the remaining lootable ships holds? I think this would satisfy the annoyance of after battle looting and we still get to loot mid battle if we are in a rush The only time this becomes dicey is if a ship is killed but their comrades ensure the enemy cant loot it in battle, should they still be able to get the loot afterwards even though the enemies comrades stopped them?
  2. We going to have a dlc to spoon feed people next too?
  3. Bring back the old BR ratings for PBS, it meant that peopl actually had to change up their ships and also allowed for smaller nations to RvR since there were less in each battle. Keep maybe afew MAJOR ports at the numbers to need full 1st rates, but i think this game was more fun for RvR when the PBs did not need 25 players to fill + screeners
  4. The post raid pvp where ANY nation coupd come along and fight for the loot, as admin said it would be announced on server, as such you would be able to expect people to come along to try and grab the loot in the same manner when people find out about 1st rate missions they try to fight for the chests
  5. Having ports gain hostility from killing players and AI in the area is part of the frontier system though from what i read of the system, but it wasnt meant to be loopholed through the use of alts. If it had to be done legitimately then it would be kinda hard building up the hostility off of places and the normal AI.
  6. You trade choosing your start for a reinforcement zone and a super strong capital port(The goods that drop and at the prices they spawn at)
  7. but once they have a town they have to play frontier like everyone else... sometimes it seems you are just trying to be awkward for the sake of it on these forums
  8. Why not just allow Hardcore nations to use any freetown to start initial hostility then once they have 1 capital they can only do mission from that national port??? (just a whim thought may have some flaws but may as well discuss it)
  9. In some ways yes, in some ways no, people can enjoy OW battles serpately to the conquest gamemode of PBs
  10. Do upgrades and cannons come under sea worthy assests?, mostly asking about poods in terms of cannons
  11. This thread is not a discussion of game features, the feedback I was after was how to organise or better ways of balancing battles etc(stuff related to the organising and fighting of these battles) but a way we can organise fights in its current state, please keep this drivel out of this thread in future, thanks
  12. It seems so, oh well was just an idea for potential fights for people when there is seemingly a lack of pvp otherwise
  13. We now have a discord for those interested in creating teams to participate https://discord.gg/uX9F7mH
  14. That was where the inspiration came from, will be responding to most other replies when i get home but i am hopeful we can at least attempt this with the current interest! @Nelson i understand people may want it to be a game feature. However I am just working with what the game is in its current state instead of petitioning the developers especially considering they will most likely be busy balancing this new combat system they are implementing. @Thonys I understand it used to be a thing in game, especially the trafalgar battles, hence why I am hopeful there would be enough support for an idea like this @Molder169 This is a risk, however the size of the ganking fleet needed could also cause a great fleet battle or if it is a single player they will either die easily or be kiting to greif, which is against the rules of the game. @Tom Farseer Or perhaps if we had multiple battles to take place let it be public knowledge to steer clear, since any would be trolls could be easily ganked and killed. We could cater to the Oak/Oak stuff depending on what the participants of the battle want and what is set as the trend, my view is mainly to allow for the facilitation of these battles with some kind of organisation, and consistency of occurance
  15. So, I have seen a rather large number of players commenting about the complete lack of action in Naval "Action", I have considered organising a solution to this in the form of organising a fleet v fleet battle for those willing to attend, but before i even begin proper work on it I would be looking for suggestions and to see if people are interested at all in assembling teams to attend. Basic Premises of the idea: So for example, Two groups of players would organise their own fleets to bring to the PB to a set BR limit(In this example lets say 4k BR) spread across 12-15 players(group size would based on each groups preferred fleet make up) These fleets would then go to a set co ordinate, face off and then tag at an arranged time to then fight each other. I would not be offering any rewards for winners since you should get a decent amount of drops and also this is being set up so that people can at least have one decent battle every week. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted and also I will be looking for experienced PvP players across all nations to aid me in fine tuning the balancing of the event These events will be arranged for EU times if organised by myself, however I would be looking for someone from NA time zone to organise their battles as it is not feasible for me to stay up late enough I will add that my definition of balance is not everyone being in the same ship but to limit the BR to allow fleets to have an array of fleet make ups, NOT everyone being in the exact same ship with exact same books/mods Sorry if this is a little brief but it is late as I am writing it and will be working on the post over the next few days depending on community reactions to the idea Discord Server we are using: https://discord.gg/uX9F7mH IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN SHOWING UP LIKE THIS POST TO SAVE SPAM REPLIES
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