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  1. What are you talking about ? Im not the person who you think I am
  2. Ah, says someone who choosed easiest way and joined Russia, makes sense.
  3. And you think Nassau is capturable ? Pls post me some screenshot from Nassau PB
  4. Talking about the previous GT PB when brits got screened Well last time not so many russians came so brits could enter PB
  5. Lol really ? stop lying to yourself. You were in the screening fleet who fought brit PB fleet at George Town lol.
  6. yeah, russia is so underpopulated, its just that other nation are noobs
  7. there are already plans for NA2, when first NA is not even finished ? (just asking, because if we speak about NA2 now, its release must be years away from now)
  8. What we now see in game is very big difference between good and "worse" players, because of different port points. So worse players now have worse ports thus They making worse ships, which is making the difference even bigger. I suggest to make "port points" buyable for reals. Keep current ports with current port points but make it able to buy more port points, with max value of 55 port points as it is now. No need to make it cheap, lets say additional 5 point ports would cost 15 mil reales. So if you want to make 55 point port from 45 point port, you have to pay 30 mil reals. The goal of this is to make a game more balanced and enjoyable for all.
  9. But the port battle was actually pretty much balanced, similar number of sank ships on both sides
  10. Well lack of players with 1st rates probably lost them battle so i wouldnt laugh at it
  11. I actually think the rewards are now pretty much balanced and no need tweaking.
  12. Would like too see how rvr active you would be in other nation, for example poland
  13. There were already empty PBs mostly when russia attacked weaker nations
  14. The time will show if its good implementation of raid or not, but it sounds very good. I like that this cant be easily exploited with alts
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