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    To battleship specialists

    I see. In regards to question 2, what do you mean by hull variations? It sounds almost like the system used in Sword of the Stars, where you would have different ship sections and would stick them together to create a ship. So, for example, if I was making a battleship, I could choose a fore section, a middle section, and an aft section. The choices I would have for each would be based on the technology I have, and each would have a different appearance. Is this accurate? or am I mistaken in my assessment?
  2. moghopper

    To battleship specialists

    Joined just for this. But I want to ask two questions: 1. How is damage going to be handled? Are we going to need to watch for listing, flooding, flash fires, magazine detonations, and other dangerous situations? 2. Exactly how much control will we have over things like hull shape, superstructure, armor placement, and weapon placement are we going to have and how will it affect gameplay? Edit: A third question, what kind of game are you aiming to make this? Online only? Single player only? Single player but with online skirmish? Other? Further Edit: I know these don't look like they have much to do with the thread topic, but I'm sure anyone here can tell you how important these things are to capital ships and combat between them...