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  1. yep, just watch the game turn into shit! that's what Im doing!
  2. disgusting outlaw scum must die! Captain 2Strong would be glad to help with this kind of task I will consider that GB is the best nation
  3. the gaem does not work fix the gaem
  4. WTF? they gave you 40% of the middle bar hp??? why wasn't it 0% like in my case???
  5. considering that this requirement is important: GB is a good option! otherwise maybe RU, there's not much more to pick if this requirement is important for you, especially if you want to do offensive PBs
  6. noone should question my infinite wisdom!!!
  7. https://tenor.com/view/minionslol-gif-4519855
  8. it should be included in the base price, attacking someone is a basic activity in this game and we should just be able to do that without a weird unnecessary requirement of getting some item, the rune is unnecessary
  9. my great skill and efficiency
  10. make the "sail" button work only with a DLC please we should also do it with the "sail" button any ship other than basic cutter should also require one DLC for each ship oh, and did I mention a DLC required for the "sail" button to work? we NEED that
  11. sometimes my posts are a bit ironic and Im joking about something being so great, but of course it's good that GB was trying to do something instead of staying passive, isn't it? it's indeed one of the top nations for now
  12. well apparently some individuals seems to cry about russia being too strong and killing the game by playing or something like that, but picking a nation and playing is just how the game is supposed to be played and if some people organised themselves and became strong so be it, it's not like the losing ones couldn't do that if they wanted to - it's a valid playstyle, why should the ones who are losing against that be favorised? Russia spent a lot of time to build it's power, and it's not like this one is the most powerful since the beggining of the game. Some people cry about russia killing
  13. you're free to play something else instead of naval action, but I think that those people are playing for themselves, and not for youself, and if they are playing it then it's probably fun and interesting for them and if the goal is for the game to have more players, then the fact they are playing indeed makes it have more players (more alive, not dead, you got it?) of course it might cause you to quit if you are a noob who just got defeated by them (it's not fun to lose, but it's just the nature of every PVP game, silly man, otherwise it's not PVP, and if you do not like that aspect,
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