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  1. 19 minutes ago, BoatyMcBoatFace said:

    Well i mean since you arent supposed to take it, they dont have to defend it. So give them something meaningful 😜 

    yes but this also means that you have to protect it from the rest of the players from various other nations

    otherwise it's not certain that they will keep the port for long even if you do not take it back!

    of course trash ports could always be given away if they are not necessary for something

  2. 8 hours ago, Vizzini said:

    waiting for valve to approve the dlc's as you well know :)




    this is not a shitposting thread
    this is thread about those very good ships!
    go shitpost somewhere else!

    4 hours ago, jodgi said:

    Redoubtable and Implacable still have generic speed profiles in the API, that usually means they're not quite ready yet.

    when are they going be ready? 😐🙄🤨😤😡

    8 hours ago, Tiedemann said:

    Where is the Diana?  😭

    I remember a day when I had a Diana...
    ... and then it suddenly evaporated and stopped existing!

  3. 1 hour ago, Gregory Rainsborough said:

    Dutch didn't start the fight with Prussian. They just joined ze Ruskies in attacking us.

    VP joined russia and serves them today!


  4. Just now, TDK said:

    For how long will you allow the Brits to stay in Santiago de Cuba, hiding in your port?

    have a look at this vera cruz port! it's in the hands of evil russia! you should do something about it!

  5. On 1/20/2020 at 8:09 PM, Cpt. D. L said:

    1 doubloon sells at KPR for 1000 reals

    some idiots just put up things for 5, 10 or 50 times the actual price and think someone will buy it
    perhaps there are some idiots who buy that as well

    making an aggy doesn't cost 2 million reals, it costs the materials required to craft it, about 2700 doubloons and labor hours
    you will easily get all the doubloons required by looting(of course you should be the first person to do so if you expect this result) 3 5th rate ships after PVP or making 4 trash hauling trips with cargo that gives 800 doubloons

    200K sounds a bit low for an aggy though, so it's just probably some workaholic who likes to make things for free for others

    or it could be captured ship with shit stats, in this case it would explain why it costs 200K too

    23 hours ago, Sea Fox said:

    Can't cap connie, can't cap endy, can't cap indiaman

    it is possible to capture them
    you just have to find them before you proceed to capture them

  6. and if I remember correctly, when you're missing 2 masts, it's going to build two bottom sections of each of those masts instead of finishing the repair of just one of them

    it always repairs the bottom section of each mast(and then middle section, when all bottom sections are repaired) instead of finishing just one of them


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