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  1. the sad existence of an average naval action player
  2. it made him use 2 or so rig repairs when he shouldn't even have to use them(or otherwise force to stay with this much damage on his sails) and it might have made him easier to catch if he had no more repairs so yeah everything on the video is clear and shouldn't even happen if you shot maybe a few cannonballs which do not do a lot into your teammate just because you had to fire rest of the broadside into the enemy it's fine, but it is clear on the video that he just made a lot of damage on a single target in his own team, and it's clear that he wanted to do this green on green because t
  3. so they just removed it from PvP server and let is stay on PvE server, great idea!
  4. so what does this mean? the ship on the screenshot is certainly not crafted by a player!
  5. doesn't exist maybe except if you want a ban! this is indeed a good question!
  6. you will get disappointed before you look around!!! you need to have an answer prepared just incase someone asks about the money!
  7. no majority of the players are just noobs you can easily sink with a trashy trinco captured from AI good ships are absolutely unnecassary for sinking them, but it doesn't mean that good ships are not nice to have!
  8. lol, I'm glad that I don't even remember having this kind of experience so far I knew that VP is awful but didn't expect it to be that bad XD you could really get surprised if someone had an opportunity to do that! and yet you will buy next DLC regardless! I'm not surprised about that!
  9. ah, ok 😀, well, I'm for example and exception to this rule, don't know how common such exceptions are though this game also had an asset and experience wipe some months ago, and people who played pre-wipe also lost those open perk slots for ships because of this, so some part of them might have spent some time playing pre-wipe too some people for example are not really into the time consuming/grindy things and just want to play more freely, only doing those grindy things when they are more necessary and avoiding them if they wish to do so
  10. it doesn't hurt to do that but sometimes it is too boring to spend time sinking AI, and some prefer to just skip that and maybe eventually just open slots on PvP and stay with maybe 2 or 3 instead of all 5 for example (that's how I do it for example and Im ok with that) and while the perks are always nice to have the change they make do not necessarily have to make someone feel like they are something they must have well, yes, it tells that they did not open the slots because of something
  11. it doesn't ensure any safety to the ship, but I can't get back to the battle because of this and it didn't even load the battle for me when I reconnected, just changed the "entering combat" to "entering open world", even though I reconnected rather quickly
  12. I joined a PB but disconnected for a moment, then I re-launched the game about 5 minutes later and I had the "entering combat" window, but it didn't let me get into the PB, the "entering combat" turned into "entering open world" after a moment, so I just ended up being kicked out of the PB without the ability to get back in
  13. that's how it's supposed to work on the other hand it wouldn't hurt to increase the hold of that other ship but decreasing hold space is a bad idea
  14. Captain 2Strong defends Great Britain from Swedish oppression
  15. the tendency is sometimes to pick based on the first of those features and then ignore the second and those upgrades do not even mean a lot, they give a tiny bit of more power, but it can be easily outmached multiple times by behavior in battle, they mean a lot less than you'd think lol
  16. bad idea it's better to increase the hold for all ships instead
  17. thank you for those details about history of those ships! I think we should also be able to make reconstructions of those in this naval action game! they should also add this HMS Temeraire british ship!
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