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  1. a fun battle with members of this dutch nation! and I couldn't resist causing this very fun explosion!
  2. naval action player trying to connect during maintenance
  3. the only music that I listen to while sinking others in naval action is the sound of cannonballs, but it's getting a bit too loud sometimes!
  4. I agree that port bonus shouldn't exist - but it does, so just keep hauling trash until you can afford it!
  5. sometimes someone couldn't escape because they were left in the same place for 5 minutes
  6. I can confirm that this guy is correct
  7. oh indeed i remember this old "PvP Global" server now.... actually it turned out to be less global than the current server is. I joined by late 2017 or something like this so i dont really know a lot about old days of Naval action
  8. I find it funny that some of the people who say that key west is a bad port (which gives a neat gold profit, contains stone blocks and iron one and at the same time is between LO ports and spanish capital) also think that this shithole called batabano or something like this is a good port I have no idea what you are talking about, could you point out some example? Its EU server, its located in germany if im not wrong. "Caribbean PvP" is just the name because of the ingame map or is this website fake? http://naval-action.1formatik.com/server-status.php I don'
  9. What? This is the flag of my own personal nation , not a flag of some US
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