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  1. Regarding the 1st Bull Run battle and it not finishing... I replayed the entire 1st Bull Run battle from an 'In Camp' save point just prior to the battle start in the same campaign I had the problem in. Won again as before. This time all worked perfectly and as normal. Perhaps the officer who was replaced in the previous attempt did not get replaced this time? That would certainly fit your theroy. I am sending along the file you requested. This was the only file listed on the date of the issue. I find it curious that it has 0 KB of data. All other files on many other dates in that folder
  2. Installed Mod. Game ran perfectly and mod features are functioning. Finished all battles as the Confederate up to 1st Bull Run. Clearly had won the battle after holding Henry House Hill as Confederates. Union forces all defeated or visably withdrawing. 'Finish' button appeared when expected. Clicked to Finish. Goes to Victory screen. Click to close Victory screen and the battlefield returns in full view with units in place and still moveable. Could not find ANY way to 'end' the battle. Couldn't even back out of the game. Finally had to close via Ctl-Alt-Del. Reloaded from last Save point. Ref
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