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  1. I completely agree with u but track record says nothing will happen
  2. Sad truth is ur so right and until admin addresses there so called golden children, we all just have to deal with it or quit or better still pray that release is successful
  3. that's just laughable, someone post's the bug, fault and then a player admin looks too exploits it , absolutely awesome ;-(
  4. well who's acting like a child now?
  5. expected from you for obvious reasons
  6. really the ban hammer has started already!!!
  7. so based on this,, the games rate system means that indefatigable, united states, Diana and Endymion should all be 4th rates? is this correct or are we just saying stuff in the heat of the moment im confused with your clarifications?
  8. on par with other 24lb ships ,,, cough cough United states?
  9. it contained to many facts and had to be closed
  10. I feel I need to hand out a # HEADSLAP
  11. that's not the point that's being made here,
  12. well done buy this guy a beer he knows a 3rd rate when he sees one...
  13. Ok then looks like a lot of work to be done based on the games rate system not historical, victory needs to be 2nd rate then as can't compete with ocean or santi, next renommee and belle poule need to be lowered to 6th rates same reason, but this in its self is stupid so we're basically just making it up as we go along not exactly the basis we were all sold on when we came on this journey. I just find it fascinating the level of rubbish that is getting chewed out and feeling like no thinking is going into these rash decisions, there are some great things announced coming soon but it seems ships are a huge problem in this game as the devs just don't know what they wanna do, leaves a very bad taste
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