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  1. so cute MAGIC approached VCO haha what happened, Christendom played puppets with both hands, hey right hand can u help me out? too funny 😜
  2. I think it's disgusting and very sad that a clan like VCO who have a good player base has to do this to get ahead if they want the US coast fight for it properly and take a sense of accomplishment if u do but to cheat because that's what this is means ur either not capable or scared either way it's sad and greatly unfair to the clans in the US that are playing the game as intended
  3. Maybe we can get some input from the devs? @admin and a possible fix?
  4. I completely agree with u but track record says nothing will happen
  5. Sad truth is ur so right and until admin addresses there so called golden children, we all just have to deal with it or quit or better still pray that release is successful
  6. that's just laughable, someone post's the bug, fault and then a player admin looks too exploits it , absolutely awesome ;-(
  7. I guess this is the games way of dealing with GB as funny as it is i do feel sorry for the players involved and I'm sure it will be rescheduled...
  8. Havoc=0 Sweden =0 devs = 1 hahaha
  9. Hey John u sure it was 15 Spanish ships? Outside Kpr to be honest last few months it was just a requin destroying Kpr wasn't it? I've only ever seen 15 or more Spanish players once and that was at habana when 23 ships came out to kill 4 of us but 11 of them sunk and then the rest ran away?
  10. I fully support this idea the gb herds are ridiculous. I mean for instance any patrol zone u want to go to u have to be prepared when leaving port that u will be in most cases outnumbered by 8-10 Brits unless u can organise ur own zerg not always possible in other nations maybe given the max server pop that this should be split between the nations so that not one nation vastly outnumbers others, also would this not help RVR and PvP across the board? I know this can't be done now but maybe at release/wipe it's doable because as it stands in order to fight gb ship for ship u need a min of 2 or 3
  11. Also u have to factor in those well established players and clans can afford to do this all the time thus making gold ships priceless where's the average player cannot compete again a balance issue, I do like the idea of the waiting a few days for better rarity but like I say balance would be a concern
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