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  1. so cute MAGIC approached VCO haha what happened, Christendom played puppets with both hands, hey right hand can u help me out? too funny 😜
  2. I think it's disgusting and very sad that a clan like VCO who have a good player base has to do this to get ahead if they want the US coast fight for it properly and take a sense of accomplishment if u do but to cheat because that's what this is means ur either not capable or scared either way it's sad and greatly unfair to the clans in the US that are playing the game as intended
  3. Maybe we can get some input from the devs? @admin and a possible fix?
  4. I just want the hostility issues fixed, and it just seems that we have numerous topics raised and all appear to be ignored, maybe we can deal with this? Thanks
  5. Hope ur right, I guess we will find out in 36hrs how well release goes
  6. With respect u think that's a good idea for releasing a game?, just that and nothing else? No adverts, no YouTube streamers announcing it etc... nothing on steam saying hey 2 days and this amazing game releases, none of this worries u?
  7. I know, hence my worry... let's be serious here when has a game launched like this ever? That's become a success? Why is there a lack of comment from the powers that be, it just seems so very very wrong 😭
  8. Ok so here goes... love what the game is trying to be...however extremely concerned with the fact that we are potentially less than 48hrs from release and there is no advertising campaign, what's the plan, are we doing the promotion? Alot of people myself included are almost convinced you have given up on the game and are just throwing it out to be done... Because if u arnt and u want this to succeed like us then why are basics not done?, many times fellow admirals have brought up existing issues that still are not fixed, what's the rush? Why release now when game isn't ready?... this again Is asking for those that are upset with things to write more bad reviews I'm so confused right now by how many changes have been put into the game in the last few months... which has been more than the last 18months. I appreciate ur a small team but something feels really off by the lack of basic things not done or ready... advertising being the big issue because unless u get those 1000 new players I fail to see this game survive, this is in no way an attack against the devs/admin or mods etc... just a fellow gamer voicing his concerns... Ps... Can it also be confirmed what's happening with game bans are they going to be lifted at release as was previously mentioned they would be?
  9. I completely agree with u but track record says nothing will happen
  10. Sad truth is ur so right and until admin addresses there so called golden children, we all just have to deal with it or quit or better still pray that release is successful
  11. that's just laughable, someone post's the bug, fault and then a player admin looks too exploits it , absolutely awesome ;-(
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