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  1. I am in Portland, Oregon. State: Governor has pretty much shut everything down now - schools closed for 2 weeks minimum, no gatherings in public over 250 people. No Water/Sewer disconnections are allowed for non-payment, trying to come up with a way to prevent foreclosure and eviction for non-payment. All state colleges have gone to electronic format for foreseeable future. I work for a Primary Steel Producer with operations in Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada, and the US. We are on a 100% travel ban to anywhere, limiting meeting size to as few as possible, social distancing (1 mete
  2. Nice video Lars, well done sir!
  3. There were Danes in Global today....quite salty. But yes, there seem to be more here than in game.
  4. LMAO....seriously, are you that worried? Compensation and now "gimme a mulligan"...it's a game, calm down. Go outside and breathe, see the sky, the grass....or jump into the ocean and swim around if you're able. It'll be ok.
  5. So, what's everyone up to this fine morning? Obviously sailing is not one of the things we are doing... It's daylight savings time here in the pacific northwest, was hoping for an extra hour of gaming this morning, but that's not happening. So, now i'm cleaning my desk and doing laundry. Domesticated, i know.
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