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  1. Thank you. I have been using the HF 1855, I can still buy it and the armory guy still sells them. I believe that is the rifle the one with the 125 fire rate and 80 melee. It is a good rifle, I was just curious about the SF 1861.
  2. Question. Playing as the Union side. Around Chancellsorville, the SF 1861 becomes unavailable in the armory section. I can't purchase any more of them, it is like the armory guy stopped selling them. I can still purchase SF 1855 (it gets replenished) but not the SF 1861. Was this done by design?
  3. Ahhh, ok will keep that in mind when additional reinforcements arrive.
  4. Panda and Jonny . . . Playing as Union. Battle of Brock Road. Only 17 units deployed in Reinforcements corps, even though it says 18. Im just saying, I could have used that other CAV unit, that is why I noticed.
  5. I noticed that during that battle because the one unit that didn't show up was my ART unit with Whitworths cannons.
  6. That would be a lot easier, I would assume. A terrible workaround is only terrible is it doesn't work.
  7. Panda and Jonny. . . . Playing as Union. The battle of Bayou Fourche. . . it says I can bring 18 units. The game only deployed 17 of them.
  8. Great news for me, Panda and Johnny. It worked. I deleted all the whole Civil War General folders and the mod. Reinstalled the game and then the mod and everything seems to work fine. No issues or problems, so far (keeping fingers crossed). Again thanks for the help and of course making a great mod.
  9. Hey guys, it is me again. I have issues. I uninstalled the game. Reinstalled the game. Verified the game files. Then I Download v1.23 , extracted it, copied and replaced all the files and folders that popped up and said copy and replace. I loaded a game up and it seems I have a hybrid of the vanilla game and your mod???? I included some screenshots. I know it is vanilla because a lot of my weak Colonels are now strong colonels and the career point bonuses that your mod provides are not present. Your mod is present because I have 7 divisions. I must have done something wrong. I wish I was better with technology. Anyway, can you give me instructions on how to delete the game and your mod and all the stuff associated with the game. I want to clean it all out and start over with a clean plate. Then I will reinstall UGCW and then reinstall your mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1512380108 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1512380398
  10. Panda and Johnny. . . Not only did you guys make an awesome mod of this game, you guys also tried hard to resolve my issue. I downloaded the saves you provided and it still did the same thing. Logic would dictate that it is an issue on my end. The only option left is to do what you said, reinstall the game and reapply the mod. Thank you guys for the help.
  11. I tried another save after Siege of Suffolk and same thing happened at Chancellorsville. Next step. . . refight Siege of Suffolk, unless you experience the problems I have with chancellorsville and it isn't on my end.
  12. Ok guys. I tried to restart the battle and it did the same thing. I only played day 1 and it went through the set up for day 2 and it just jumped me into the camp (at the end of day 2 which it skipped) to start day 3. Try to load the files again and see if you get the same results. IF you don't get the same results that I did, I will continue to go back to previous saves even if it means going back to Stones River or earlier because, it would seem that this must be an issue on my end. Somewhere prior to Chancellorsville, something must have happened or got corrupted "9d whatever" is the save prior to battle. "auto" is the autosave when start battle. "ec whatever" is my going into battle (making sure all people have orders after the game deploys them. "cb whatever" is the end of day 1, starting day 2 but skipped and a save in camp and begining of day 3. eciahxyo.yeqcbruh4bq.rm7autosavesb9dzjcrki.jnr
  13. Both of you guys loaded up the saved files and didn't get the problem that I did. ????? Maybe the game gods are mad that I killed so many enemy troops. Perhaps there might be a glitch with my game, that assembly sharp dll file is mad at me, idk. I am going to attempt to restart the battle and hopefully that fixes the issue. Thanks for trying to resolve the issue. Hopefully the restart works. I will let you know.
  14. Panda, this is Kristoph42 from the discussion boards. I found the save game. It took me a while. This is in regards to the Chancellorsville skipping day 2 issue that I had. The "zz whatever" is the in battle save before the end of the first day. The "lu whatever" is the in camp save after day 1. Aslo, I decided to play through the battle anyway. When Salem Church came up, the game gave me a defeat and I didn't even get to move a unit or anything, the game just gave me a defeat. zzo8cy8l.s7i lu59avrj.9m7