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  1. Danish Fajardo pb team got screened out, so that wasn't a planed no-show.
  2. You really shouldn't listen that much to Makrian. He really is a lightweight that makes up his own reality. He has no insight into Danish RvR, so don't rely to much on the info from him and his crew.
  3. All you Swedes, especially German Swedes should know better. This is not Trolling, this is Moddern Talking.
  4. Fantastic guide! Well done sir.
  5. We don't have any overlord...Hence why we sail dlc or 40pt. Ships. Except the Holve and VGK players who are really pissed on us trying to have som fun with you guys, they in mysterious ways are sailing 55p ships made in SJ. But they only use them for pve so No threat for you.
  6. Even if we could field the 25 players and ships, it would be rather stupid showing up with 25 40point 1.rates against 25. Swedish 55point 1.rates.
  7. He didn't loose the battle, it was a draw. When he ran out, the swede was in pritty bad shape, If he had more ammunition he would have sunk him or forced a surrender.
  8. What be this? I've had my fair share of Port Battles and host grind the last 2-3 years but i have never encounterd any thing that has with an exit timer to do, except in those cases where you make hostility and the port timer is running out so that those with kills have to jump out befor the timer ends to make the sunk br count...
  9. If you are talking about the in-game ship now called 3rd Rate, i think HMS Dictator would be a nice namesake. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Dictator_(1783)
  10. The Swedes were obviously overwhelmed by the Danish fleets meta stacking of Coles-bentnic pumps and Digital Riders. My crew, pumped on Extra rum kept my old rotten hulk afloat no matter how many shots they poured into me. Long live the pump.
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