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  1. I have just completed my first campaign as the Germans, and going to start a British one sooh. Tips for other players: Make sure to be spending enough money to construct/purchase more transport ships, a lot of the players complaining about transport losses tanking their economy are not keeping their transports at 100%. You can go higher but it's not clear if there's much of a benefit for doing so, I had 160% capacity at one point. Try and put ships at ports closer to your enemy, mostly the North Sea ports for both sides, as ships in ports further away don't seem to help too m
  2. In the campaign I've noticed that I can't delete some ship designs, while I can delete others, when there is no ship building or in service of that ship class type. Also, it would be nice to mark a design as obsolete where the design isn't deleted (and ships of that class can still be used), but hidden from the menu to build/design ships just to declutter it. Similar to the "Show Obsolete Equipment" button in HoI4. Thus far I love the campaign, was shocked with that "Torpedo boat ambush" event happened to one of my BBs, somehow it managed to escape the battle with 2 torpedo hits, despite
  3. Add non steam game to launcher and you can do this
  4. Just to temper expectations, "early next week" could mean Tuesday as well. Hopefully we'll hear an update though!
  5. Based off the pictures the smoke, fire, and shell tracer FX look a bit better in the original, but everything else looks so much better with the ReShade. I think it's the crispness/lack of bluriness on them in the ReShade that make the FX look a bit weird, but the colors on them look better in the ReShade version.
  6. The one with CSS Virginia? The build I used was this: 4,900T Primary Gun: 9 Inch gun (Front, no rear gun) Secondaries: 8 Inch (One pair of 7 inch on the rear because of space requirement) Towers: Maximum Funnels: As many as you can cram on. Belt Armor: 5 inch Belt Extended: 4.8 inch Deck Armor: 1.5 Inch Deck Extended 0.5 Inch Conning Tower: 5 Inch Turret & Secondaries: 4.9 Inch Speed: 10kn Max Bulkheads, heavy shells, reduced shells, enhanced reloading. The Armor is just strong enough to stop all AP rounds from the Monitor with even 12 inch guns, plus a s
  7. I played that scenario and got it on my third try, after realizing that my DDs needed to be more cautious. Make your DDs cheaper. You need more of them so the fire is spread out more. On that scenario my 3 DDs had 3 5-inch guns, and 5 torpedo. The torpedos were used against the CL, then leftovers against the transports. I kept far enough away from the transports so that their guns had difficulty hitting my destroyers, only getting in closer against isolated transports that didn't have guns, or when launching torpedos.
  8. I imagine battles will have time limits, similar to the scenarios, and any ship that survives the time limit will survive. Additionally, It wouldn't surprise me if some situation similar to RtW occurs where if the ships get too far away from one another to feasibly respot eachother the battle may automatically end.
  9. I bought Project Zomboid way back in the day, probably 9 years ago at this point, and one thing the devs do there is try to release a weekly dev log about what's going on, even mentioning difficulties. M&B2: Bannerlord's devs did the same, but bi-weekly, however in both cases the game was in development for exceedingly long time periods, so the devblogs were sort of there to tell people 'Hey, we're still alive!" - so if the UA:D devs made a devblog they could get away with one every 3-4 weeks or so too.
  10. It seems really hit and miss. Sometimes I'll unload a good broadside into a 7th rate from dozens of cannonballs, all the shots penetrate, and beyond the hull damage nothing seems to happen to the crew or cannon. Other times I'll rake an enemy ship and kill 5, sometimes 10, men with one cannonball.
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