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  1. This thread has my support; as does the thread discussing ports being transferable between same-nation clans. ^^
  2. I think it's safe to say this has devolved from a targeted conversation into a personal debate.
  3. That is correct. I suggest keeping a backup of the original file on-hand, so that they can be easily swapped out when you don't want to see your countrymen with the same flag.
  4. I'm currently under the impression that all the nations share the same generic signal flags, so while it might be possible to change them there would be no way of guaranteeing they appear on one ship or another, etc. But it's possible to change them, yes. | Sails are all using the same generic texture, so I don't think they can be made national edits, but it is probably possible to change some things on them using the same method.
  5. A Treatise On Custom Banners By Ove Gjedde Charles Edward Stuart ( [KOS] Kingdom of Scotland | https://bank.carrd.co/ ) There's a fair chance that you will by now have seen images where a player has a flag on their ship that is not the flag of their nation. This is because of a client-side modification to the game that in no way affects gameplay. Other players cannot see your flag unless they are using the same modification as you. One of the perks to Naval Action being entirely hosted and calculated on a server (down to the water and waves) is that it largely, if not com
  6. A single replacement is more than enough. 🙂 If that's not possible due to a lack of video evidence, all I ask is that the "Compensation Policy" be updated to reflect that.
  7. Unfortunately no, but we might have additional screenshots and a witness, but other than that it was F11'd at the time it happened. It's just a single edit, and I haven't had to re-do it after updates or restarts etc. It seems persistent.
  8. Can confirm. Flipped over without any resistance after barely scratching the paint. Full structure sinkage. Incidentally, the stern carronade doesn't seem to rotate even though it's on a swivel mount like the Mortar Brig. Food for thought.
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