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  1. hey panda, thanks for info. Its hard to search for. Well, nice to meet everybody. Ya you know if campfire games said they were friends with Game-Labs maybe game-labs can get me unbanned, that is a weird CRAZY outfit, the War of Rights people are crazy. I'm banned and the admins swear they don't let back anybody banned say one word on Nazis or just information scholarship, you know?I'm not playing their game, simple, 2nd class citizen player.
  2. Hi guys! I'm new to the forum. Enjoying my copy of the game, and a few confederate campaign play throughs. Since we're so indie, do we get any modding tools? Let me sell you something. Confederate Victory scenarios are dumb. They focus on divided country scenarios or continued slavery. That's a pure Unionist perspective unawares. Neither slavery or division was the Southern Cause permanently. "Christianity would release the slaves outside of controversy" Robert e Lee, the Southern states are nearly at the starting point of the United States way of government such as the Articles of
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