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  1. I've heard trhat some people have discovered a way to gank in the pve areas. This idea is rubbish "Just make the PvE zones low rewards", why we get decent rewards on the pve server, why would we want rubbish on your server. Just so we can be mauled again by the coward fleets waiting outside ports. When I first started in this game back in 2014, we had little round circles to play in and a total of I believe 6 ships, it was fun up to a point (lack of updates). Then I got bored, left the game for a year and came back to see that I was in pvp, where I stayed for the next year or so, was good fun until the last month or so when the rubbish players arrived, who couldn't sink a paper bag solo, so they congregated in fleets and picked on the noobs and solo warriors, how exciting for them, "Hey guys we sank a yacht" yippeeee and they did, but with 25 1st rates, how glorious they must have felt to actually kill something. Then I joined a clan, which made it great again for a few months as we went out looking for the people who ganked (yes we knew who they were) but they vanished like willow the wisp, until everyone got bored again. Thats when I joined pve, where everyone is fine and we can all chat like humans. I would love to go back to pvp, but not while its full of cowardly gankers, who only pick a 25-1 ratio in battles.
  2. Sorry don't agree, there are plenty of smaller ships out there to fight, if the devs want to make a difference make it impossible for a 1st rate to take on 4th rates and lower. its like a broadside from lets say a L'Ocean will take out the whole side of a 3rd rate if it fires at the optimum moment, 2 such broadsides and its bye bye 3rd rate. If I ever get in a battle with a mixed fleet any of the smaller ships get 1 broadside of chain and it usually dismasts them. I got fed up in pvp the cowards who just lurk about in fleets looking for 1 or 2 ships to attack, where its like 300 guns v 20, so its obvious what needs to be done to encourage people.
  3. I've sunk Hercs with Trinc and Indef, when they are using carros, also at start of battle hit the boarders tab, 1st side towards the Hercs use chain other side use shot, but don't double shot them. When they get close the carros will take out half a side. Its worked for me every time.
  4. Chainshot it, especially if in a Santi or L'Ocean, bye bye masts
  5. A long time ago, I left pvp because of the ganking, I now have another toon on pvp and I notice that nothing has improved, until such time as those who participate in such boring antics stop, new players won't join, regardless of the trite attempts at making it more interesting. I don't know the solution to the gankers, but what I would like to see is maybe a small line of code inserted into the game that would neutralise damage when its 3+ players upwards picking on 1 player.
  6. I'd like to know why Caguairan wood can't be used for planks
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