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  1. Pirate Blackbeard

    [Quitting after 3 years and 883 hours]

    Pirate Blackbeard. No. I do. Hope this helps.
  2. Pirate Blackbeard

    [Quitting after 3 years and 883 hours]

    You can't have EVERYTHING in a game to your exact specifications. This is very rare and in my opinion is absolutely fine. I have NEVER seen it happen in any battle I have been in. Look after your prizes better and position yourself to be able to loot what you sink. We can't keep changing the game for poor play and planning.
  3. Great ideas and very happy with all the plans you have are putting into the first half of 2019. Love the AI concept. Should add great content to the game and make pirating just a bit harder. All good stuff. 😁
  4. Pirate Blackbeard

    [Quitting after 3 years and 883 hours]

    A pirate.....actually acting...... like a pirate........🤔
  5. Pirate Blackbeard

    'I will pay if you let me go' situation

    Don't like the idea of a gamey mechanic for this. I have done this 3 times and was paid twice. One guy did the dirty. But hey good on him. Role-playing and bluff, lying and honour should not be made into a click system. Rather they should be human interaction.
  6. Pirate Blackbeard

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    I’m sorry have I upset you? I know it’s hard to hear people’s opinions that are different from your own but please try and deal with it.  For over 2 and a half years I have seen people like you blow in and blow out. Any system or mechanics the devs had that they disagreed with was wrong and would kill the game. I am still here and so is the game.....
  7. Pirate Blackbeard

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    He said admin was sending him to the middle of nowhere. Not outside his capital. You must read posts before replying. And historically many single ships were sunk by superior numbers. The DLC is available to all if you pay for it. It is here. It is part of the game. It is never going away. So, use it or move on. If you dislike the game this much then maybe it's just not for you ?
  8. Pirate Blackbeard

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    So. You sail around on your own in a slow ship and meet 3 pirates. That's not ganking. That's meeting a larger force and being sunk. Thousands of historical example of uneven fights IRL. But, If you want to sit in your safe zone and hit AI then ask the devs for that. This is available on the PVE peace server already. The herc/requin is available for all so that's nice and fair. Or, is it that you want to meet enemy's in the middle of nowhere that you can sink easily??
  9. Pirate Blackbeard

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    It is the war server.
  10. Pirate Blackbeard

    Battle timer changes.

    The R ZONE used in this way is a poor mechanic. It was intended as a helping hand for new players not a comfort zone for rear admirals. If YOU tag an enemy you should do so without fake helping mechanics.
  11. Pirate Blackbeard

    Battle timer changes.

    Tested the zone. We (pirate) were tagged by Spanish in Spanish R ZONE. We (pirate) had 2 min. Spanish stayed open permanently. This is very silly. If someone tags you in their zone it should be 2 mins for both sides imo. It's their choice to tag you in their own zone.
  12. Pirate Blackbeard

    Extendable Battle Join Timer

    So rich players with buy longer timers........................No.
  13. Pirate Blackbeard

    Muskets need to go

    Haha now that's an idea worth looking at. 😁
  14. Pirate Blackbeard

    Muskets need to go

    Your examples make no sense at all. A fully modded ship with anything will always beat another who has no mods. Player skill can't be factored into a game because you can't make rules for player skill differences. Mods are what makes N.A. individual and how you deploy them is a choice you make. Don't fit any board mods, that's fine but don't cry that boarders are killing you when you lose.
  15. Pirate Blackbeard

    Muskets need to go

    I love fighting against Board modded ships, they try so hard to stop you and then they stop, when I sink them. 😀 #dontgetboarded