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  1. Hello. Much of the time in game is spent traveling and dealing with winds, which is fine But for realism sake, and to make travel more interesting and challenging, I think it would be a good idea to step it up on the waves during bad weather, and perhaps add the ability/chance for ships to capsize in bad weather,. I think fighting 50 or more foot waves in bad weather would be a great addition to the game.. A capsize results in a damage penalty or something along that line, with a 0.5% chance of a ship loss/sinking due to a capsize. Perhaps even factor in a 0.01% chance of experiencing a rogue wave. Waves during bad weather would also make combat far more challenging, and offer players in pvp a time when other players are less likely to attack individuals due to poor weather. More skilled and experienced players will enjoy the challenges of combat in violent and confused seas with 40 foot waves, and while hunting during weather may end up being more lucrative due to increased solo player trade activity, the challenges and risks will make pvp players think twice about attacking in poor conditions, allowing pvp traders at least some protection by the elements for the duration of the storm., reducing but not eliminating the constant need for escorts. We need a little more stimulation than wind direction to worry about while traveling, and fighting. Just a thought, loving the game, keeps me coming back. I think this would help address many of the complaints about the constant ganking in pvp, with no way of escaping it aside from being in a decent fleet. Offering the much needed window of time to get those supplies delivered while solo. Wardword.