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  1. edit: just did the math on it, with a few simplications in your favor: you would need around 10 TONNES of blackpowder exploding at once, for 1% of affected people to become deaf 50 meters away. not dying though, that would need about 34 t. i seriously doubt, any ship had this much explosive material aboard at any given time. PS: math can be provided, if wished.
  2. He is completely right, though. The devs make changes, but it is effecting US. Let the players decide, what´s noteworthy and what´s not. It´s not too hard to make a list of changes together with the date they applied, you´ve done it often enough. You devs are having the information available at first hand, we always have to spend time to figure it out, and this is really getting frustrating...
  3. yeah, could we maybe get back to constantly getting patch notes, as this becomes mildly annoying...
  4. could we also talk about the things you are accomplishing, but not notifying us about atm? last two patches didn´t have a note... also: I don´t know if this is the right place, but I couldn´t find it elsewhere: Why exactly has broadside-firing been introduced into boarding? I mean, either you put your full crew into boarding, as it is shown atm, or you send some off loading the cannons. but why do these sent off still count towards your boarding crew? that neither feels balanced nor realistic imo.
  5. @Angus MacDuff If I read it correctly there were ideas floating around of making them capturable for the owning nation only for a time, that´s why I ask.
  6. Just to understand it correctly: All cities in the R-Zones will be turned neutral, right? Can we get any info about their future BR´s and whether we are to keep our warehouses in these cities or not?
  7. First thing: Why not make a "common sextant" available for free to all, so that you can get a general idea of your positioning on the map (15-20km circle radius has been mentioned) and make a perk "experienced navigator" or "improved navigation equipment", that reduces the diameter of the circle by 75-90%? Second thing: Would @admin pls mention, what resources are covered and in which harbours, and at what intervall? Also, it seems some ressources on stock have been removed. Was that intentional? (Speaking of not 10s, but 10000s of trading goods...)
  8. Maybe instead of making 1 - 3 traders carrying all pieces of a specific trading good, increase the spawn rate of traders a LOT, but make them all carry a certain percentage of the total amount of goods produced. Would solve this specific problem that wasn´t necessary to be created at all.
  9. Alright then, can only say it never worked for me although I matched criteria... Anyway, with the new spawns in numbers and places it should be considered to be reworked for reasons stated above.
  10. Are you telling me killing OW fleets gave you hostility progress before patch 27? I don´t think so, or at least it never worked for me.
  11. Consider this again: Hostility missions were open (for the length of the battle or at least 30mins afaik) => OW battles are closed after 3 minutes. Hostility missions could be done by a group of 10 ppl max => OW battles can be done by 25 ppl max. plus before it was a battle 10 vs 20 at best for the defender; the advantage of numbers surely made defending easier. Before you could at least see your harbour is being attacked and take countermeasure. Now you might not even notice until you have a PB pop up. Please don´t tell me nothing has changed; this might screw over the whole RvR big time.
  12. 1. I´m sorry, it was a long day 2. Why would you change a proper system (aka hostility missions), with easy to plan and easy to counter mechanics, into something RNG-based, which in the worst case is impossible to counter? Don´t you see a problem there when you have 10+ 1st rate fleets sailing infront of a 2k BR port of a different nation?
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