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  1. DISCLAIMER: OFF TOPIC :) Best example would be @Thonys idea, I guess. Apart from that you could see the spanish Galleons as predecessor of the Indiamans (what is the correct plural on that lol), and since Wapen and Inger are rather "old" ships, maybe we could get one of those later built and trade-fitted Galleons aswell, e.g. later Manila-Galleons. Now that I searched for some time, it´s actually rather difficult to find ships like these...but I found some: HMS Madras (1795, 56gun armed transport, originally built as East Indiaman with 1400ish tonnage), HMS Weym
  2. That aswell, but my point firstly was to fix the AI ^^ Buffing Indiaman and LGV would be nice, though. I mean, the Indiamen were supposed to sail from Europe to the West Indies or to the Caribbean and back. They therefore were actually well armed and armoured, so that they single handedly could fight off attacks. The ingame traders are far away from that, only matching the numbers in crew.
  3. So, I got ganked by pirates, LGV Refit and Requinn, all fine with that. Had good upwind position, Requinn had to join later, no problem. Had three traders, one at my left side a little behind me, two at my right, a little infront. I ordered my traders to demast and chained the Refit in my Inger to about 70%. After that, I ordered them to follow me, since I wanted to escape with the wind. The two traders at my right would just set sail and more or less keep their relative position, the one on the left made something that stupid, that it caused me to write this. My Inger was downwind from t
  4. Wasn´t meant to be adressing you Heth, but rather the devs ^^
  5. Excuse me, but why am I even allowed to pick a nation I want to assist in the fight, then? If you want the forts to behave that way, you should stop making it a 1v1 of nations, but rather a battle "free for all", where everyone keeps their nationality. I see a lot of reports on the tribunal regarding green on green; if you want to keep the current system, forts should be bound to this just as players are. I guess if you can implement the option to disable the fort at all, you can also simply fix the targeting AI, so it stops FF. I´d rather have the fort not shooting at all,
  6. So I wanted to help a US player against several French in a Snow infront of a US owned port. US player managed to get to his square fort, with a French ship chasing him and me stern camping the French guy. All went well, at first, but then the fort startet shooting at me. Guess how many volleys the fort needed to obliterate me? @Developers, cmon guys, is it that hard to fix this? My solution for targeting AI would be something like that: GET: target-flag IF: target = friendly THEN: do not fire IF: target = enemy THEN: do fire And while we are
  7. I asked them again, and my 3 clan mates were close to the brits´ white circles, actually able to attack in a matter of seconds, or a minute at worst, so definitely not out of visual range... They also wrote a bug report, but that´s probably no evidence whatsoever ^^
  8. I´m sorry I have no hard evidence, but my clan mate was close enough for them to not get out of visual range... anyway they haven´t been around for the first time, so it´s likely we get a chance to bring evidence next time
  9. Hey there, we had an issue with two british guys from FIRST clan, MassimoSud and Pedro Cabral: They hunted some spanish traders in the Vera Cruz area, which is fine, and sank some as well, but when some spanish gathered and started hunting them in fast ships, they turned around, ran and disappeared right on the spot (in sight of the spanish, both at the same time and with full sails)... I think there was a safety measure to prevent getting attacked in OW when you get disconnected from the internet, and I´m pretty sure those two used that to prevent getting hunted and even
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