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  1. Yeah. I'd suggest allowing to "open" several divisions at once. Also, it would be smart to hide the division card when it is opened. Basic thin rectangle, with caption, around division ships would be enough.
  2. I'll only address the simulation part of the game. 1. Close range accuracy is still way too low. At 1 km it must be at least ~25% against slow broadside targets at normal sea state. And much more against capital ship size targets. Close to 100%. You just can not miss a target of that size on that distance. 100m target at 1000m is a freaking 1/10 proportion! (By the way: battleship height is 50+ meters and length is 200+ meters). To miss it from 1 km you should be blind or be a traitor. 2. Acceleration is weird. Ship deceleration is too slow. Cutting power to engines should decelerate
  3. Default campaign is not fun. I can not alter starting year and at default one gunnery accuracy is way too low to be effective. I know it was only a few percents of hits in reality. But that was at long ranges, which is totally understandable! But inability to score hits at close range? In game even at point-blank range it is like 15% accuracy? WTF?! How you can miss at these ranges at all?!
  4. I actually tried to manually change between AP and HE. AP gave out better results with better damage and near the same chance of fire. And by the looks of it auto was equal to AP for me. So most of the time it was AP.
  5. That's completely unrealistic as even partial penetrations should cause armor plate dislocations, structural damage, fissures and leaks. Ship damage diagram shows below waterline part of the ships as completely destroyed, but still no leaks at all. Not to mention repetitive partial penetrating strikes against same armor plates should cause their progressive degradation to the point of complete breakdown. For now as I could 'partial penetrate' same armor plate indefinitely, and it still will work just like new.
  6. 173 partial penetrations should also count for something, no?
  7. There was a lot of penetrations (you should see there is a 12% chance noted). And even more partial penetrations. And a lot of fires of course. By that time all watertight compartments should be compromised, water pumps out of order and damage control crew shattered or killed. Not to mention extensive damage to the hull. But seems like the game just does not consider it affecting below water line situation in any way.
  8. Why not a single leakage on a ship nearly turned into sieve?!
  9. Please disable time acceleration limits. I want to have 30x option at any time. Not just mere 3x. Also please allow game to run when it is out of focus.
  10. Real time data on container ferry class ships. Time Speed, knots Revolutions per minute STOP -> FULL FORWARD 00.00 0 0 01.00 4.1 73 02.00 9.8 80 03.00 14.2 83 04.00 17.
  11. Do you know about water friction? Do you know how large that force is compared to air friction? On "high" speeds like mere 30 knots water friction is so strong that to overpower it in large ships you need hundreds of thousands of horsepower. Yes, inertia is a big factor, and at low speed water friction is quite low comparable to ship large inertia, but not at high speeds. That's same as with acceleration but the other way around. It is fast to accelerate first 20% of speed but very slow to attain the last 20%. Same as it is very fast to lose 20% of max speed but very s
  12. Isn't it must be the over way around? Also, I think acceleration and deceleration must greatly depend on speed.
  13. Can you add more diversity in difficulty settings? For now, it have easy/medium/hard which alter enemy force size AND campaign rewards. Can you make these settings separate and maybe more customizable? For example, I'd like to have normal enemy army size with very low budget available for me. I like a challenge but I don't like to fight with large armies/fleets. Also, I'd like to have ability to somehow reduce current meta where capturing enemy ships is the easiest and maybe only way to win. Maybe limiting crew replacement pool is the way?
  14. You could only manage your flagship, or the ship you value enough. Or not micromanage anything at all, and let AI do it all automatically. Automatic damage control should be good enough to keep it that way if you not want do it yourself for some reason. Like AI control for formations we have currently. Sometimes i use it, sometimes not.
  15. Decided it worth a separate thread. I want an advanced damage control system. Trying to keep your ships afloat and still able to fight was perhaps the most interesting part of old Great Naval Battles series games. You could manually control fire-fighting, flood-fighting, counter-flooding and system repair. You have limited damage control teams you can assign to do work, and several pumps, you can assign to pump out (or pump in) seawater. If your magazine flooded you lose ability to fire guns assigned to it. If your boiler room or engine room is flo
  16. Nothing wrong with adding flattops and air power, as long as you can limit or disable air power in scenarios and campaign settings. Variety is good.
  17. I want this: Advanced damage control system. Trying to keep your ships afloat and still able to fight was perhaps the most interesting part of old Great Naval Battles series games.
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