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  1. Virtue

    Missing XP and Craft XP

    negative, I have no redeemables in the port. Just my DLC ships.
  2. Virtue

    Missing XP and Craft XP

    Apparently I was supposed to keep my missing craft XP and player XP after the last resets... I was just informed this in game.
  3. Virtue

    TK'd In Open seas battles.

    But i'm not surprised the guilty parties showed up to sperg out.
  4. Virtue

    TK'd In Open seas battles.

    that's your own interpretation, my communications state otherwise.
  5. Virtue

    TK'd In Open seas battles.

    Incorrect, I joined a battle, Informed the people in the battle ( who were away from the sinking ships ) that I was going to ferry my way over to them as I was closer and the more nimble ships to grab the loot for them. As the ships were already below water, and they would not have made it to the vessels before they completely sank. I said in text 3-4 times that I was going to trade the loot to them in open seas once the battle was over. The 3 ships that joined the battle post proceeded to shoot me after. And continued to shoot me as i repeated my intentions, which they ignored. After they mocked me, they merely wanted to shoot a smaller friendly ship. It's all in the text logs - which the admins can view in game. as well as shown in the screen shots.
  6. Announced in the battle i was going to grab the loot and hand it over to them in open world. because I was the most nimble ship, and they were out of range to grab it. They all then proceeded to fire into my cutter, blew my front end off. and rammed me dead.