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  1. it was a 4/5 l'ocean sturdy (northern master, Guacata superior ) the 2 most expensif
  2. Hello, I have already made a F11, but I will still create a new topic. I have just tag an NPC fleet and it happen that I spawn upside down.... I could not do anything and when the timers started, I instantly sank! can I have back the boat + upgrade?
  3. imaginons un joueur achète le DLC admiral co. il doit avoir au minimum 6 millions de reals pour monter 5 mine sup. lvl 3!! Là, on a deux solutions soit les dev ont prennent pour des farmeur PVE-commerce de fou soit ils ont peu-être jamais tester ceci avant de le mettre en place?
  4. in new orlens the 2 fort is working
  5. Even for big clan the price is totally hello kitty up! If 5 mine need to open inside the clan is more than 5 millions that we need it’s no more a affordable price!!!
  6. WTF I just move out 30’000 teak log for Bridgetown to New Orléans !!! 😤
  7. They don’t have access to 25’000 Br port so not a real problem
  8. ... and for the US cost the Us nation have inside their description VERY easy! It’s totally normal since there is no ennemis port of free town! Why are not going form shroud and fight your ways troughs the American coast? #wewantRVRandnotNOACTION Let's try being more respectful to others. Thank you. - H. Darby
  9. Sorry, but is Vera Cruz Russian ? No! Stop crying and come for the port ps we want some content
  10. Hello, I have yet a few other questions about the port investments! (1) If a clan that control a port open investment for clan and friendly clan... Let's say there is a noobies who invest in the wrong stuff like a production line instead of a shipyard upgrade… The is no way going back! So, my question can we put a way to regulate this investment? Proposition: To make a port warehouse where friendly clan (if you put investment clan and friendly) can put VM CM doublon and stone etc… This warehouse is also available to member, so that only the diplomate of the clan who possess the port can invest in what they want! This will prevent of player who invest in the wrong shipyard upgrade, the production building… (2) Is it normal that the shipyard bonus doesn’t apply to friendly clan when Crafting in a upgraded port?
  11. @admin Hi, I have 1 question about the new frontline system! - Is it normal that the hostility mission ( country capital to country capital) is the 3 nearest ennemis ports and not the 3 nearest port? Let me explain as a Russian from puerto de espagna you can take hostilities mission for Cumana, Bridgetown and Roseau! Roseau make no sense because the 3 nearest to puerto is BT Pampatar and Cumana. A other exemple is La Bahia: the 3 hostilities mission that you can take is for Sisali, Campeche and Arenas! The REAL 3 nearest country capital is new Orléans, Penzacola and Soto La Marina! This allow us to by passe Vera Cruz... This mechanics rise a question: Is that the way it’s mean to work? Because a this point you need to post a timer on each and every port to prevent attack on it!
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