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  1. Can you stop talking about cost and economic stuff SINCE YOU ARE NOT PLAYING THE GAME
  2. @Aerospace just to tell you Leboiteux is not playing the game so all he knows is form the forum
  3. I can only speak for the russian clan: for sure BF can do a port battle on their own, but don’t forget that they need screen ... and for that, they often ask some Ruissan clan to help! For the reds if you lock at anolytic pb vidéo you can see that REDS are not the only one in the port battle and more of the time Some russian clan is screening for them I can assure u that the Russian nation is not a Zerg nation but it has a good organisation ( between clan) and good communication!
  4. @admin one for my clan mate just open a Captain chest!! And, ARE WE A JOKE FOR YOU GUYS??? Explanation: To find the permit of one of those ship: Bello, Santi, Endy, Indéf, Christian, you need to do PVP chest! OK, until that I’m following you!! What you don't tell is that you have a NRG chance of looting any permit!!! which mean you have 9/20 chance to drop a "rare" permit!!! DEV are you asking us not only to farm PVE but also PVP??
  5. I think that you are overthinking the problem! Let’s take the Russian navy for example, the diplomatic stuff and RvR plan is made by a «Chief ». He will keep the clan informed and take in consideration their opinion. The clan either follows the nation guidance line! This system work fine for us! The dev doesn’t need to make anything! Because if the nation cannot work together your system is condemned! The nation must work together and there is no need for the dev to get involved between the animosity of some players John, your system has some good point but you need to satisfy all player not just the majority! And if you have a big clan with a lot of players you will overruled some small clan and this is not the best thing for the game
  6. CanorJax

    PvP mission

    Hello some of my clan mate have done the pvp hunt (5rank )and they have a mission chest, because they got it on the first day! Since than the rewards have change mission chest got replace by captain chest! My question is there a compensation about it or it’s normal?
  7. You need the pvp chests for santi christan indefatigable bellona and endymion....
  8. We need this mission to obtain the permit of some ship
  9. So why on the first place did you remove the pvp mark? @admin
  10. @admin Once you have read the comment about the holy permit, are you planning to make some change or are you going to continue with this new policy ?
  11. @admin, Sometimes I wonder if you have ever played the game on PvP server.... Because you are asking player to kill 10 ship of a class, which mean way more than 10 kill because there is many class of ship on the see and after that you will open a cheat with a RNG chance of dropping a permit ... and RIP the player didn't get the permit ship that he wanted, so he can farm it again. You are asking player to farm PvP to have a chance to play with a good ship....
  12. Nop but I haven’t see any permit form bellona or indefatigable
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