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  1. Yes fort should favor the devender, but did you see the sceenshot of the PB the Fort go 5 kill out of 10!!! And if you look at https://youtu.be/zKrTV9YEJig?t=632 , you can see (not that well i agree) the fire power of the fort! and it can shot from 4 side!
  2. it was a 4/5 l'ocean sturdy (northern master, Guacata superior ) the 2 most expensif
  3. Hello, I have already made a F11, but I will still create a new topic. I have just tag an NPC fleet and it happen that I spawn upside down.... I could not do anything and when the timers started, I instantly sank! can I have back the boat + upgrade?
  4. imaginons un joueur achète le DLC admiral co. il doit avoir au minimum 6 millions de reals pour monter 5 mine sup. lvl 3!! Là, on a deux solutions soit les dev ont prennent pour des farmeur PVE-commerce de fou soit ils ont peu-être jamais tester ceci avant de le mettre en place?
  5. in new orlens the 2 fort is working
  6. Even for big clan the price is totally hello kitty up! If 5 mine need to open inside the clan is more than 5 millions that we need it’s no more a affordable price!!!
  7. WTF I just move out 30’000 teak log for Bridgetown to New Orléans !!! 😤
  8. They don’t have access to 25’000 Br port so not a real problem
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