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  1. The biggest problem is the lack of organizers amongst solo's, casuals and the 1.5 hour man, NPC PBs (better known as "NPC assault fleet" 😊) will act like a player organizer, once inbound captains should have the urge to join the group battle. The same thing happen pre-patch 27 around KPR, when 4th rate NPCs approached, players swarmed to do battle (something 6-7th elite hasn't achieve, oh and why would you have elites in a beginners zone anyway?). I like it since PBs will give the peace server an "end game", more than the sum of single combat. And i would say that most players will try pve PBs before dismissing it. My prediction is that it won't increase pop, pop will fluctuate but no influx (pop relevant to the success of PBs). The only thing that will is if the Dev's remove hardcore from the description, free-up and safe guard the beginners game, remove the heavy costs of the shipyard and forge, make 90% of 5th rates available to level 1 shipyard and return consistent profitable combat missions. You know, get players involve and gaming before you open them up to the horrors of the grind. Yes no port bonuses and I don't like it either but this part of the game will be exactly as you(we) are playing now, by design.
  2. There should be some sort of indictor so players can prep. What would be cool and realistic is if a NPC assault fleet sailed from a port, then I would anticipate chat filling with reports of an assault fleet spotted and underway, captains could then set sail to rondevu and defend.
  3. I haven’t been playing much in the last couple weeks and I’ve been canvasing for another game… Main reason, I want to sail Santisima, it’s my preferred 1st rate, but I can’t because it is a loot drop, I’m never going to get this permit. I feel disillusion with the nature of RGN loot and the fact it’s now a huge part of the game. Even if I was able to get a permit I will never be lucky enough to craft a purple. Bad odds upon bad odds really sucks. At first I thought deliveries were great way to recourse but now I’m so bored with them I can’t even do them anymore. I think combat should have been the main way to resource, the highest of returns, as it was pre-patch 27 and too which I enjoyed so very much. Pre-patch 27 crafting and resourcing structure via combat missions and OW raiding worked, now it’s resourcing via combat gambling, it shouldn’t be a gamble it should be grindable. Also now it’s the slowest and the most pointless way to grind resources, which for me adds boredom to the mix. Gaming via combat is why I play pc games, not deliveries. Deliveries offered a short-cut, that I took up, then got used too, and then got bored with. Now bored with deliveries, feeling combat is useless and crafting is for only the lucky, my immersion has been affected. And then there’s the AI, it’s too strong. Before I knew I could take a ship of equal class into battle knowingly of its equal abilities and take the day (or not). But now NPCs of equal class are way too risky, their super abilities greater than that of the class of ship I’m taking into battle (I rather battle straight-up appose to drawn-out hit and run battles of which anyone can win given enough time and repairs). It kinda forces me to be selective with battles, therefore I’ve been choosing battles of lower class to ensure a “principle” fight, this in itself it has become tiresome. Looking forwards now, hoping Dreadnoughts will drop soon.
  4. When Dev’s moved some of the ship permits to the loot table, to an RNG method, it then created the potential for characters to never get them. It’s a disadvantage system. Every character should have access to sail every ship (after a grind!).
  5. Dev’s can easily make books stick and not the stat. We don’t need them to drop out if a ship is sent to the fleet, it is enough just to know that the book stats won’t apply to fleet ships. There’s room for easy of life improvements in this area.
  6. I concur, especially after a recent failed attempt! some guys are just lucky! It’s very annoying, even tedious, to keep failing after collecting all those resources again and again (1st rates).
  7. Peace Server Quality. Guarantee crafting ingredient (or selectable ingredient) is a pretty good idea, such as 4 or 5 permanent upgrade slots or a guarantee ship trim, though I do think it should be a singular guarantee and the rest of the crafting randomized (meet the dev’s halfway) . The Peace Server needs its sale features separate from the pvp server.
  8. To @admin too, I would like an DLC to transfer my peace server character from that peace server to the war server, lock-stock and barrel. That is to wipe/overwrite/replace my war server character with my fully unlocked rank, all the ships unlocked knowledge slots I've grinded out, all perk unlocks slots and all and any unlocked abilities I've have grinded out/gain thus far with my peace server character . I would pay quite handsomely for it too, and I'll bet a lot of others would too. So I can start on the war server at the top with full battle perks and start right away adding to pvp content. And I would buy the other DLCs to make it work for me too. 😊 PS, also new DLCs like shipyard and forge starter packs.
  9. there's a 10k limit, try keeping the chest clear or below 9k before claiming
  10. But if we brainstorm then maybe Dev’s can negate problems
  11. yeah, “fingers crossed", clarification of chasing Bellona’s is probably a good idea.
  12. Hypothetically, our TBrig fleet could be on the run from an AGGRESSIVE BELLONA, chasing us from port to port, is that what kind of aggressive AI we can expect, wouldn't that be fun!
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