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  1. BuckleUpBones

    Depowering and tacking.

    I’ve seen Captain Reverse going in reverse!!! (YouTube), completely depowered, in reverse with no energy, seems to win and get the better of his opponent, often. Surely you don’t find his abilities “curious”! 😏 Or are you just bored and trying to make a topic from nothing? hence the tavern location. I’m curious on how you might debunk Captain Reverse. 😄
  2. BuckleUpBones

    Where did the NPC's go?

    Hardcore advocates do and always try to derail fellow EA Peace Server testers. War and Peace Servers are or should be completely different and have completely different type of player playing on them. The War Server needs less NPCs so players are tracking each other, thus creating pvp conflict and resource competition, it's what they want, players are the content. The Peace Server needs more NPCs so players are tracking NPCs, all the time and with every single journey, the exact opposite of the other server, NPCs are the content. Lots of testers have posted the need for more NPCs, hopefully @admin will listen to you and every other Peace Server player and make it so.
  3. “Lord Nelson at Trafalgar Simulator”, this is the core theme, we get that. The trouble is, at Trafalgar all the ships were built before the battle, here in NA, OW, by design, dictates that all ships are to built during the battle, progression within an open world arena. OW unrestricted warfare wont’ (might not) work with the new damage model for new and progressing players, vets will get more of a advantage, @admin you haven't address this (in none of the above) nor explain how new players are to progress with Frigates, PvP, or within a vet environment. Some forum contributors are trying there best to highlight this and support new players, I hope @admin you have a plan for them too.
  4. Already the next rate ship is better, so the underdog is always going to lose (1v1 on paper), testbed changes will make the next ship even more powerfuller, making the underdog situation worst, 1st rates will become the only ships to sail and possibly of them just the L’Ocean. This removes depth from the game, weakening player desire to play, weakening the playerbase. Just changing DPS is like “tunnel vision” when there should be a 360 view of all the facts and all it effects. Better to have a range of rates compatible with a single battle instance, this creates depth within the game, strengthens player desire to play, strengthens the playerbase, very good for a MMO.
  5. BuckleUpBones

    Cannon Gyro Removal Discussion

    Unfortunately @admin doesn’t get it either. Maybe after the next irritation or when the patch goes live you both will... but somehow I don’t think you guy’s will. PS, I thought I try but under the right topic...
  6. BuckleUpBones

    Cannon Gyro Removal Discussion

    Except, won’t this make all ships under 1st rates redundant, and then anyone trying to progress using those ships impossible? resulting in no player growth, very bad for an MMO. OP, same for gyro removal too.
  7. Result of these changes maybe that only rich players and clans will be able to play, the rest will probably join causals and solo’s!
  8. (with your example) The Cutter also has 6 guns broadside and no armour, Vic has 16 lower deck alone. It’s only inverse DPS per single canon, but if factor into the DPS; armour, pen, salvo weight, range, splinters, stability and canons destroyable, the Vic wins. When including the whole picture, the current damage model is balanced even though on paper it’s inversed DPS, gameplay feels right. The on screen presentation is the illusion of programming.
  9. BuckleUpBones

    "Speed-built" SOLs - Wood Type limitations

    This^^ is how to add variety and multiplicity (a range of ship classes) to the battle. Traditional themes like Tanking, DPSs, Ranging (scouts) and healers (except healer, couldn’t apply) are proven methods to setting an MMO arena.
  10. As an MMO pop is important, best to have balance between gameplay (fun) and hardcore (retard). > I should have said lowpop not gamefailure!
  11. BuckleUpBones

    Good job killing off solo players.

    It’s not that, a Dev knows everything, therefore it must be very hard to play as a newbie or without knowledge, even to know where a struggling player is coming from. For them, what seems the simplest/easiest act in-game, is impossible for others. These are the insights that we have to try to articulate.
  12. BuckleUpBones

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    Same... About 10 days ago, about when there was a min patch, doubloon dropping NPCs became far and few between, I don’t know if this is true or not, no proof, only perception. What I do know is prior to that update server numbers increased by 0.03% (no sale either), small but was very good bucking the trend, now after 10 days it’s -1.41%, bad again. If there was a change to limit doubloons by dropping NPCs numbers then I think this is the wrong approach, since its leads too endless sailing without end and without action, players get frustrated and just stop playing (for a while). Better to drop doubloons loot rate and keep NPC numbers as high as possible, at least this way players will still be engaged in action even though it means more action (grinding) but the point is that they’re still playing. If NPCs numbers wasn’t reduced then maybe an investigation into their truancy is needed (of the last 10 days and what was better 10 days ago). PS, and along with that, and always prompting... 500 more NPC singles and fleets of 1-2 within shipping lanes would help alot, to circumvent many frustrated players (if its possible server-wise). And consider that on release there will be a whole lot more online at the same time, all after the same NPCs, maybe more is needed for that release period (an issue as result of replacing PvP marks system with the doubloon RNG loot system).
  13. BuckleUpBones

    NA Open world Meta unlimited jointimer

    Captain Kerr knew of his weakness to plunging shells, his only tactic was to close the range as fast he could, which he tried, admirals knew too but order him into combat anyway.
  14. Can you produce “harder” introduced themes that has increased pop? (with steam chart date references too please).