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  1. Powder Monkeys is useless now, once was a sturdy book, better to increase penalties like keep Powder Monkeys at 5% reload but add 2.5% to 5% fire risk. Preferable to have mods with some kind of trade-off, to suit different play styles.
  2. Well actually “Deliveries”. All I’ve done since release is passenger and cargo mission’s, now in just a few days, I’ve acquired a forge, along with the shipyard and all the resource building, I’m ready to build wardships again. This is actually "fun", I’ve achieved something and the rewards levels brings about certain amount of glee, these “sustainable” missions will supply the funds for all the woods/trims/upgrades. But... I would suggest the doubloons rewards be randomize between 500 and 1000, so as not to make it so generic, also acquiring dubs was just alittle too “easy”. Also the “Goods” trade “returns/rewards” should be lifted up to be on par the with deliveries. The simple fact is that the deliveries rewards make “goods” trade somewhat redundant, as least 75%-100% more, then these levels of rewards would make “goods” trade fun and worthwhile again. Good job Dev’s. PS, passenger/cargo missions return between 20k and 150k over distances but can be organized into a series of port calls. Because of trade goods large weight requirements its not so easy to stack the shipments into series of port calls. A “Weight Reduction” of all goods would work just as well as a reward increase.
  3. Its the ideology between Socialism (regulatorily control) and Capitalism, one trying to force pvp and the other leaving it up to the players (freedom) to create pvp. On second thoughts… I would increase trade goods profits (to match deliveries returns), to create more capitalism, thus creating more OW exposure, if players are and know that they can get huge rewards/moneys from these enterprises, then they will do it and do it alot more, should translate into more warships been built and therefore led into more pvp, but this doesn't fit with game hardcore theme.
  4. All missions in OW, most if not all, are in enemy territory, “all” are with risk. But you’re right, deliveries rewards don’t match trade rewards, it makes “goods” trade redundant, deliveries reward/returns should be on par with trade (or trade on par with deliveries). But NA is a cross between dogmatism/weird anyway.
  5. That happens all the time, leads people to be… ah…hmm... start posting on Steam! 😉
  6. It comes across as if they don’t care or they're just overworked, in any case it's sloppy marketing.
  7. "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
  8. Yes, it’s gonna be fascinating to see Dev’s logic of high-risk high-reward concept pan-out (as pvp content creation), as posed to sustainable multiple reproduction. Also to see its marketable ability of: specialized genre beginning in hardcore/sport/competition mode set for clan resourcing targeting fulltime gamers.
  9. I’m alittle worried about the wipe too. Don’t know if I have the resolve to grind-out favourite ships again, especially if the forge and shipyard is going cost so much.
  10. Here's one, suggested own instance while in port (months before it was introduced, most likely it was me), made it into game!
  11. All MMOs need a sustainable spawn rate but NA pvp sustainability feeds on that very spawn rate, killing it. ^^ is a classic forum example! 🤣
  12. I claimed all the compensations but no reals deposited into the real telly. This has happen before (everytime) but this time round with the higher build costs it needs to be resolve (ticket has been sent but no reply). Also building removal/reset compensation doesn't note if the Admiralty Connection DLC is compensated. At present the compensation structure doesn't state (or lack of notice) that it includes DLCs compensations, namely the Admiralty Connection, therefore it must for a standard install and only for standard building slots. Admiralty Connection DLC compensation should be listed and applied separately so users can see compensations for this DLC and every other DLC. If compensation for building reset doesn't take in account of Admiralty Connection DLC then this should be remedy, it would explain the compensation shortfall. PS, couldn't find where tickets are managed, should be something for users to see ticket process or lack of, even if its automated.
  13. But you don’t see this kind of review backlash on other EA steam games, it’s either “I don’t like” or “I like”, never a backlash! Businesses who don’t look after their customers don’t last long, PC games are a business and a business first, plain and simple. All reviews are legit, they reflect customers views, alts included, but there are plenty of bad ones or more to the point, bad reviewers.
  14. For fncksake… All you pvp’ers have run your own ship aground and now you want to captain our ship!!! No way man, all you guys are stuck on dry land and you ain’t going to captain another. Look at all you pvp’ers trying to tell us how to play our pve! LOL! “There is only Peace”, and that’s all there ever will be on our server!
  15. Hello @admin, you haven’t tried +1 -1 captain rank battle limit, just through I’ll pop it in while you’re in the moment! NPCs excluded, only for pvp. Base on WOWS, in their system a tier 10 ship can’t battle a tier 1 ship, so essentially new players are protected. Also new players for the first 3 tiers play on another server before they are moved to the main (which also has a set of the 3 lower tiers). Of cause any group formations will have to be compliant to the +1 -1 rank limit, players ranks within both groups will have to be within +1 -1 rank limit to engage in battle. It’ll be open slaughter for anyone at Commodore or above and it’s at this level that you should see pvp content thrive. Base on WOWS method you should have some success for growing a playerbase and also vets won’t be able to destroy that growth (the whole reason for the mechanic). It won’t stop ganking or ganking within the +1 -1 rank via OW contact but I think ganking can only be stop by group formation, clans or other gankster anyway… or in another words, the promotion of joining clans. Moreover solos and casuals would get a fair go of reaching Commodore, a huge source of player growth.
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