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  1. BuckleUpBones

    Choosing a Nation [Peace Server]

    Yes it does matter, to raid 7th and 6th rated ships/fleets for doubloons (currency) and loot drops, it’s best to be bordering the Bahamas area, there a sufficient advantage in doing so. But in saying that, in PvE, any nation or player can eventually establish a port inside that region. Note, high level NPCs, 5th rate plus, are elsewhere but once you’re got currency rolling in you can setup ports to search-out and destroy them.
  2. @William Death and you think it has nothing to do with player decline, new player hardship, go and convince someone else.
  3. If you actually took a bit of time and looked at this map you will see a GB Ventre far left, no Birtish ports there! there're many more occurrences. Base on your port spawning, it’s NOT WORKING! Or just a BIAS!
  4. Why aren’t these NPCs all PIRATES!!! Under the current theme “of leaving your nations territory” to FIND NPCs, these all should be PIRATES. There a clear ADVANTAGE to Pirates resourcing from these NPCs. I don’t see this variety of NPCs flags sailing British waters. Why have you done this? Why give Pirates an LOOT ADVANTAGE?
  5. BuckleUpBones

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    Ahahahaha, and then there were 99 captains sitting on a wall…………
  6. BuckleUpBones

    War server player stats.

    I will dispute this. First, the Basic Cutter is fast enough and can sail through irons on auto, so for new players there is no need to manual sail. They’re more concern with aiming, watching the target, even just learning to avoid waves when firing (given the low profile of 7th rate ships). In fact all 7th and 6th rate's can do the same, it’s not until 5th rate's that a player will realize that they have to learn to manual sail or realize that the need to learn it to do better. Second, to a new player manual sailing can be complex, most come off games with just WASD, so to add in on top of that sail angles for both forward and aft masts, on top of that the different sail angles with different wind direction and then learn to do it all in reverse. And also to learn different wind profiles for each ship and sail their sailing attributes and to know it for an enemy. This all takes more than a day or two! alot more, weeks even, months for profiles. Vets forget, I think Admin has as well.
  7. @admin consider a “Third Server Mode” for casual PvPs, it’s the answer to satisfy the disparity. There’s real sizeable group of players in-between PvE and the current PvP server meta. True PvP, and as to your current PvP server, is that players want to resource up by searching out other playing characters with whatever they have, attack, win, build better, repeat and search-out again. Casuals want to resource up with NPCs, build a attackable ship and then search-out to for playing characters to attack (new server targeted group of players). You don’t have to understand casuals players, just provide a server for them, us, just like you did for PvE. Its not to late, need to catch them as they pop in for a test run, before they commit to another game, before they gone for good. Casuals think you will change the situation at some time, you won’t, they’re waiting for that change to make it easier, but it will never happen, if you give them a server (meta) to play on then they will come back and play on that server. Like you said, the PvE server is healthy, in time a “PvP Casual” server will become healthy too. "PvP Casual" server = all NPCs as per post patch 27. And return/include "Combat Missions" as per post patch 27. PS, What's needed (if possible increasing from 1500) for OW NPCs on a PvP Casual server is, 7th, 6th rate ships/fleets returned to all coastlines, of all national’s, including those sailing in and out of capitals zone, as per post patch 27. And also include an even distribution of 5th rates throughout the whole map (new), meaning alot more.
  8. Yes Sir, I know but a reply is a reply, would be weird to post a reply in another completely different thread!
  9. I have only one other question quip. Is there a bias against the British, for as everywhere I sail there is and mostly are British NPCs at large (7th, 6th, 5th rates). Sail through Spanish region, full of British NPCs, when there should be only Spanish. Sail through Pirate domain, full of British NPCs, when there should be only Pirates. Sail through French region, full of British NPCs, when there should be only French. Sail through Bahamas, full of British NPCs, when there should be only Pirates, Spanish and Americans (bordering nations). Sail through British region, ALL British NPCs, and never another flag!!!
  10. It would seem 350 players agree with you. However, us, the missing 3500, don’t.
  11. 6th rate vs 4th rate… In the stats, How many players have completed this task? What the ratio to completing this task to players played/playing? overall/daily. How many players under (newbies) or equal to the rank of M&C, have completed this task? Just hop-on and checked PvP server, primetime Europe, 340 players, dropping weekly, post patch 27, 550-650. Casuals and solo’s are having there say, by not being there. If Dev’s go to release as status-quo (and they will) then damage would be eternal, irreparable. Signed: Casual-not-wanted.
  12. BuckleUpBones

    Cannot progress on War server

    You’re too late admin, “can’t go all concern like now!” being so close to release (and rushing too). Game already had a steep learning curve, now with all missions difficulty level increasing at such a rate, it has turn the learning curve into a momentous mountain of effort, you’ve promoted this. No room for causals and solo’s, the game is clan based, simulated hardcore sailing, ship of the line gameplay, you’ve promoted this. Low rewarding missions and missions setup to push new players, all players, out into the OW and to push them into long journey’s to create more PvP content, you’ve promoted this. NPCs suited for low level players to raid removed so they can’t resource themselves locally, forcing them afar, thus adding to PvP content, you’re promoted this. The concept of a single shallow water conflict zone, and with such a concentration zone, that only vets can survive in, you’ve promoted this. Above facts are in all the posts since patch 27 as feedback, and you're stuck with vets and there hardcore themes and ignored any post that didn't conform, you’ve promoted this too. With all the hardcore themes, which of that you have pushed, It would be hypocritical of you to show any anxiety or apprehension now. The game state is of your promotion. 😊
  13. BuckleUpBones

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    I'll journey this ship too
  14. Last session in the Hercules, lowest 5th rate, on an 5th rate kill mission, two stars (I think), I was pitted against an Indefatigable, highest 5th rate, three stars two ships. This was going to be an drawn-out battle with alot of repairs used, so just turn-tail and retreated, to go and try something else with my little time I have to game.
  15. Previous post withdrawn because… With PvE 5th rate kill missions increase difficulty level by adding more ships, so... If you don’t have the funds to take another ship, its two on one, lack of funding is likely for an emerging players. Two on one is too hard, unless they’ve past the final exam, most won’t know how to defeat two ships, also alot of players skip tutorials. Basically, its take alot of practice to sail sailing ships, learn to fire canons with some accuracy, alot of time, alot of missions, alot of raiding. The progression bar has been set too high, on kill missions the difficulty level increases to fast (even raiding afar to collect large and usable sums of doubloons). The reward ratio has been set to low, there too much effort (learning curve) verses reward, though this is intended for the melting pot syndrome, I believe its effected new players progression. For emergence and casuals, “Combat Mission” worked very well, repeat and rinse across 7th, 6th and 5th rate mission equal "practice", also subsidized these players. Tough isn’t it... Localize NPCs into one zone to create conflict, which voids emergence (patch 27). Or Localize NPCs into national zones to create emergence, which voids conflict (Post Patch 27). I think with pop the later will have the desired conflict.