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  1. But you don’t see this kind of review backlash on other EA steam games, it’s either “I don’t like” or “I like”, never a backlash! Businesses who don’t look after their customers don’t last long, PC games are a business and a business first, plain and simple. All reviews are legit, they reflect customers views, alts included, but there are plenty of bad ones or more to the point, bad reviewers.
  2. For fncksake… All you pvp’ers have run your own ship aground and now you want to captain our ship!!! No way man, all you guys are stuck on dry land and you ain’t going to captain another. Look at all you pvp’ers trying to tell us how to play our pve! LOL! “There is only Peace”, and that’s all there ever will be on our server!
  3. Hello @admin, you haven’t tried +1 -1 captain rank battle limit, just through I’ll pop it in while you’re in the moment! NPCs excluded, only for pvp. Base on WOWS, in their system a tier 10 ship can’t battle a tier 1 ship, so essentially new players are protected. Also new players for the first 3 tiers play on another server before they are moved to the main (which also has a set of the 3 lower tiers). Of cause any group formations will have to be compliant to the +1 -1 rank limit, players ranks within both groups will have to be within +1 -1 rank limit to engage in battle. It’ll be open slaughter for anyone at Commodore or above and it’s at this level that you should see pvp content thrive. Base on WOWS method you should have some success for growing a playerbase and also vets won’t be able to destroy that growth (the whole reason for the mechanic). It won’t stop ganking or ganking within the +1 -1 rank via OW contact but I think ganking can only be stop by group formation, clans or other gankster anyway… or in another words, the promotion of joining clans. Moreover solos and casuals would get a fair go of reaching Commodore, a huge source of player growth.
  4. Or what could have been wrong was the “interpretation” of less pvp from "easy access" to sustainable ships! (in simple terms, there could have been another (major) reason for a lack of pvp).
  5. Feedback… I’ve been back playing for a few hours, Peace Server... NPCs everywhere, players everywhere (280+), clans abuzz and chat smoking, and that’s just prime time Oceania. The fun meter is rising!!!
  6. What potential players/buyers see is the Steam “Recent Reviews” of the past 30 days. Using all reviews (of all time) to justify "best case scenario" is doctoring the actual situation, it's like falsifying the result by using "out-of-date" data. Over time the game has changed, somewhat, therefore while the game is in development, reviews can become out-of-date, quickly too, neither positive nor negative out-of-date reviews can be use for or to justify the current rated status. Also nobody is going to read reviews much older than 30 days anyways!
  7. In another words… “come a" full circle!!! 🤣
  8. But then "Realm" would be impossible, you don’t seem to've mention realm in your post. NA RvR is what makes it different from WOT or even WOWS, it gives the game an upper tier of participation, it’s a very strong asset that NA has over all the other games.
  9. A “proper” MMO would have rewards/income for damage done, for some reason it was excluded from the design. It’s impossible to sustain yourself with a (theoretical) average 50% win & lose rate and with (only) a win income less than of what it takes to be sustainable (ship replacement and advancement). Even worst without a PVP Mark reward mechanic. Like it or not, income from NPCs is part of the game design, it’s a “core” element of this pvp arena, thus cannot be “replaced” nor reduced.
  10. And yet the littlest of things can reverse all that trend… Return NPCs to their forma gory and plus some… will have an immediate effect of continuous action, more vessels, more chance encounters, more pvp, pop grows, realm grows. It can be just that simple. And to add in a small opinion… Return composite crafting and remove exorbitant crafting, both take equal amount of resourcing and time/effort, but composite crafting is aesthetically pleasing, will see the “crafter” return, more trade, more vessels, more chance encounters, more pvp, pop grows, realm grows. And on top of that… Like @Wraith I’m dubious about the new damage model because there’s a very high risk it will oppress progression, whereas inverted DPS supports progression (it’s a “gamey” thingy).
  11. As a ( @Sir Texas Sir ) tutorial, could work well. "Player Verse Player Tutorial"… Setup like a "Duel Room", players would enter a que where they would be paired off one verses one, training brig’s only, repeatable. If repeatable, then maybe a win rate/tutorial repeat count stats to run a match maker mechanic to stop vets abusing the tutorial. PS, all current players to get an automatic 100 repeat count 😊
  12. What you described, its call a “Clan”!
  13. I’ve seen Captain Reverse going in reverse!!! (YouTube), completely depowered, in reverse with no energy, seems to win and get the better of his opponent, often. Surely you don’t find his abilities “curious”! 😏 Or are you just bored and trying to make a topic from nothing? hence the tavern location. I’m curious on how you might debunk Captain Reverse. 😄
  14. Hardcore advocates do and always try to derail fellow EA Peace Server testers. War and Peace Servers are or should be completely different and have completely different type of player playing on them. The War Server needs less NPCs so players are tracking each other, thus creating pvp conflict and resource competition, it's what they want, players are the content. The Peace Server needs more NPCs so players are tracking NPCs, all the time and with every single journey, the exact opposite of the other server, NPCs are the content. Lots of testers have posted the need for more NPCs, hopefully @admin will listen to you and every other Peace Server player and make it so.
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