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  1. US TIMEZONE, not US NATION. My clan and I are Pirate, surrounded by 2 very popular free towns making 8-9 hour delay in activity a massive disadvantage. The same goes for all other US Timezone players/clans.
  2. It won't take more than a couple hours, especially for those who will do the tutorial and be out in Pandora's and Herc's almost immediately. If the wipe occurs when others have, it will happen between 7:00am - 8:00am EST, giving the EU timezone 8-9 hours before the first US timezone players can have any real coordinated action.
  3. RIP US player base options. I guess we will deal with the EU timezone leftovers like other wipes. Would have been nice not to have the wipe while we are all at work and have a CHANCE at getting some decent ports.
  4. Now this I can get behind. The nation that produces the investments still has the benefit of all ships build there having the bonuses, but gives others a chance to compete with them at some level. Owning nation can still protect its advantage by defending against raids.
  5. I like the idea of a rebalancing, but my concern are those with current investments remaining. Currently, to my knowledge, the only nation with a port with maximized investments is Russia. *** ***I recognize this ship is an extreme example, I am using it to only show Port Bonus existence and no other reason. If other ports and nations are limited and forced to specialize, Russia will be the only nation with this advantage and no other nation will be able to compete. This would only serve to discourage combat against this nation for fear of going against a drastically superior ship with no chance at an even fight. Further, it gives this nation a massive RvR advantage as no fleet, based on strictly on numbers, will be able to engage them in a fight. If another nation has this level of investment in a port, there does remain a chance at some balance, but still, most of the server would be left with mid-range investments at most. I agree a rebalance towards specialized port investment is necessary, I just disagree with allowing current investments to remain. I am not opposed to compensating the clans that have invested. It is in all fairness to do so. I am also not against the ships they have build remaining, but to allow continued production at a level other nations are prohibited from reaching is a large imbalance.
  6. Loading screen takes a minute or so, but I got in.
  7. This would be nice, Since one nation seems to have taken half of all possible ports today. Not only that, we are now facing PB timers that we honestly cannot contest as a US Timezone player. With the new trade missions, port timer costs are a joke.
  8. That argument makes Rax's point because you still never left your reinforcement zone.
  9. I couldn't agree more. trade is far too centralized. Trade becomes more dynamic and pvp becomes more of a cat-and-mouse hunting game (as it was irl with most ship engagements) with separating consumption and production.
  10. Hopefully the new trading mechanic will pull traders away from capital zones, however I agree that so long as only certain ports "consume" goods and others do not, pvp'ers will always gravitate towards those ports. Maybe make smaller ports consume specific goods, give incentives to sail elsewhere? It would also make trading much more dynamic and realistic, since all ports would consume and produce something, economically speaking.
  11. A very honorable thing to do
  12. One of my biggest concerns will be rare resources like teak, live oak, and white oak. Ships now take approximately 2 to 3 times those materials to build, but the drop rates appear the same. Given the already high crafting requirements and doubloons, I worry about drastic inflation in those resources.
  13. You won't know until you tag, and at that point who is going to sail away? If I go to French waters looking for you or KoC and I happen to tag a different player that I think I can kill, its not like I am going to just sail away because they may not be "rich".
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