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  1. Ok. Cause loosing or not in battle - that’s my skill and my decisions. Losing from wipe - that’s robbery. What a strange question. If you want wipe - it’s ok. I’m just telling hear my point. Not yours)
  2. Time will show the truth. Now game loses online, not gaining it. If wipe will gain some online to the game, the decision is correct. If not - incorrect) we will see. You will never be right for me, cause I don’t want lose time I spent for this game. And first of all I’m telling this not to you. I’m telling all this to developers. Cause I’m the one of others, who is client of their product. I’ve payed money and I’m in bad mud with their decisions.
  3. I won’t try to craft or buy any first rates after wipe. I won’t play after wipe, I won’t make online after wipe, I won’t sell ships after wipe, I won’t buy the ships after wipe. I’m one of the most active players in this game, you can check my steam acc. I’m in the one of the most active clans in this game - WTF. But I won’t spent any hour in this game, if I lose the ships I earned, because I will defenitilly feel robbed. I’ve bought this game not to lose something, but to have fun. My fun is having PvP on good expensive ships and feel adrenaline in not losing them. That’s my opinion.
  4. Wipe is need for new donations, wipe is need for future premium account system and ships. But not to repair economy system.
  5. Puppy won’t make me happier, I’m troll) but thanks
  6. No, dude. Reverse playing bellona now, he will play bellona after wipe. You are fool. Really. If I will play after wipe, I’ll craft my bellona in 1 weak, my first 1 rate in three. I’ll have Cartagena in three-four days for them. Northern carpenters the same time. You are really wrong and don’t even understand why. That’s a pity. Wipe won’t solve the problems you described. Ah, that’s no sence to argue with you. Good luck to you after wipe) and read your own posts here after playing a while after wipe)
  7. You Guess after wipe people like me wont play 3-1 rates? You are wrong. Wipe changes nothing in the PVP mechanicks. And so changes nothing in priorities of PvP ships. Wipe only making people to spent more time in game to gain the same result, as they having now. Wipe doesn’t changes anything. If you don’t understand this, you are fool. Wipe is just a robbery in hole sence of this word.
  8. Don’t understand how my ships in my account making harm to new economy system.
  9. It’s not fair. Blue without bonuses Pandora is not my golden Victory, or 5/5 ocean, or 5/5 santisima, or even golden 3D rate. It is not fair at all. I’ve paid money to lose all I gain. Alpha is not free to play here. I bought the game. And you too. This blue pandora is nothing against the ships I lose. In my opinion I won’t play this game after wipe. It’s not my fault the developers did not close exploites for a months. If they are lazy - the wipes will be their desicions all the time. I’ve said my word. I earned all I have without any exploit. And the point, that their will be two wipes, one after another. How are they thinking it will work? They wipe first time. I’m the player, and I’m like: hey, I lose all I have. Let me go trade some money, then buy some wood, and build some ships that I’ll lose again in the nearest time second time? Or maybe like this: hey, I’ve lost all I have, let me wait for second wipe, cause there is no sence for me to spent time for crafting ships, that I’ll lose in a month. Ah, I know. The idea is like: we will release game, and there will more new players after that. Online will get 1000 or 2000 again. But no. Game is old already. It has not good rating in steam.
  10. And what? I’ve paid the game first of all. Developers earned money from me, and from others. And there are many games that began from early acces without wiping. But if you like to lose your time, or you have nothing to lose, it’s ok for you. Not to me. There was not announcement of the wipe earlier. And the idea of the wipe appeared only a month ago here. Do you really want wipe? I think then you have nothing in this game, if you want to lose. If they want to change economy, and it was incorrect earlier - it is not my fault, they’ve done such a decisions. Why then have I to pay for their faults? Pay with my time? I just trying to tell, that this is not fair
  11. And the most disgusting is, that I’ve paid for this game. It is not free to play. I’ve paid, I’ve played, I’ve bought DLCes, I’ve tested, and I’m wasted. I’m losing my ships not from PVP battles, not from disconnects, not from PVE battles, I’m losing them with the help of developers. Thank you guys. Many online to your game.
  12. Of course) Jon Silver looted naval clock from your ship near la Navasse two weeks ago. You have nothing to lose. But my naval clocks are stil on my ships. I wouldn’t like to earn new one. I want to save that one I earned earlier. I spent a lot of time to buy them, or to gain them from PVP. One of them I looted from Banished, and now developers just want to waste such a prize of mine
  13. I have more thoughts about wiping the game. Most of players spent a lot of time to gain their ships, resources and money. They have been playing this game for a long time, testing it and producing feedback. And developers just taking all the time, we, players, spent in the game, paying the price to buy it, and honestly waste it, dump it, and saying - your time is nothing for us. We wipe all you have gained in the game, cause we just want so. And I have thoughts about new players in the game - old one with clans and resourses can help the new one to become stronger much easier. I was trading, to get resouerses, I was fighting, to get PVP marks, and then doubloons. I bought or capture or craft good ships to play them. And dear developers just say to me, that they waste all I gain. You know, that’s shitty.
  14. TrollUnderTheBottom

    Vote for Const classic and old one

    I’d like to propose the votation for changing the model of old one constitution for model of constitution classic
  15. No sense in two, or three, of five frigates against lerequin cause of the NPC intelligence. AI don’t go with a sharp angle to wind....