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  1. There is a difference between 'population' and 'active population'.
  2. No forced coalitions but add Portugal. Remove Poland, Russia and Prussia - their presence in the game is comical.
  3. The new shipbuilding and map system made me want to play NA again. I was even considering changing my negative review on Steam. And then... Santiago exploit happened...
  4. I am stuck on the loading screen as well🤬. Will miss some PBs ⚔️
  5. Martin, you have been doing that even before you left GB (selling reps at ridiculous prices). Why asking the devs to do something about it? The problem is you: you are too greedy 🤑
  6. @admin When the R zone is removed, will the taxes at non-capturable national ports still be 10% ? Since there is no R zone protection why pay so much tax?
  7. So I just had 2 more kills, which did show on my PVP leaderboard, but that first kill still has not.
  8. I have waited more than 2 hours... And should that 1 point not be visible to me only?
  9. @Moscalb @admin Will my kills get registered on the PVP leaderboard if I give that Trinco back to you?
  10. I have included that intentionally. Saved me writing extra info in my post. And it is not from a nation but from private chat.
  11. That is correct, I did say that. However, it has nothing to do with me capping Moscalb as it happened the next day. So what's your point?
  12. It was a deal we made, or tried to make as he quickly changed his mind. I did not ask him for a whole Russian nation not to come to Jamaica. I asked him only not to come. This was my way of testing how much his word is worth. I had a right to choose what I want in return for his ship. He offered Reals but I preferred something else. He himself said that he cares about his reputation. I thought that a wider audience would make him keep his oath, but it looks like not. It has nothing to do with bragging. Also, he does live stream most of the time. Is that not a form of bragging? My post has nothing to do with ganking - I didn't even use that word. Please next time read carefully before you criticise. After Moscalb changed his mind I asked him if he wants me to delete the post and he said 'no'. So don't accuse me of bragging please.
  13. It is not just about music in the background. Apart from cannon sounds (which I suspect are borrowed from other game-labs title), sailors voices and environment noises there is no audio in this game. Here is an article on how even a tiny sound can make a game more satisfying to play. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/top_scores_video_game_music
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