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  1. I just had a NPC frig touch me and roll my wasa over and we both sunk. We both was only going about 4 knots, so is that the speed it's taken to roll over a bigger ship now? why we roll over any way? and how do I ask support for my ship back. because that's a bug for sure.
  2. You have made it too hard to get the rare woods. I been working on getting some built up and still do not have the wood to build a good ship. You wanted to make it easier to craft then take awy the resources to craft. What kinda logic is that? I must agree with anyone that wants a different system for getting the rare wood. I do not like this systemat all. Please change the rare woods system to something a little more realistic. Yet findable for any player, Not just players in large clans.(because most of them can't get the rare woods aswell) Please change the rare woods. or the amount of woods needed to build ships. Thank you for your time to read and post if you do not like the rare woods system now. Mr.Crowley
  3. When will the last wipe be announced? the week of the wipe or just be ready at any time? And the last will be a total wipe of all ships and items, and ports right? only thing we get to keep is the books read, but all other knolage will be wiped too?
  4. I would like to see this game have a new start and new life. So I would like to se a DLC of a new map. The Mediterranean sea Should be able to warp to that map after you buy the pack. Sail to the far east of the map . There it should ask if you wish to sail to the old world or say stay in the New world map. This would bring back players and even open the door for new players like my self. I know a new map would take many months to make. But the area has been well documented over the past 200 years. So should be able to just and the map from that. come in and have a team start working on the little things that will be different from map to map. Such as trees and other plant life. fish in the sea. Rivers that could be sailed up for trade, trade goods. And maybe even some small ships used in the Mediterranean sea. Many things will be a little different from the old world to the new world. yet all for the game mechanics are already setup. really the only part that will need the most work will be the map and ports. The hardest issue will be adding the gate way from map to map. Well thanks for your time. I hope this ideal will make it beyond the forums. Because a new map will be just like a new game but without all the draw backs of developing a new game. Thanks to all for the time you spend to help the game and it's development. MrCrowley
  5. after the big patch I seen I was missing the fireship skills I had gotten from trading. I am missing fireship 7--6 and fireship 4-5. But I see other people still have fireship. So I can someone please help with my missing skills please?
  6. I am getting a feeling this is a game for the old and not the new players, First because only a player that has been around for a year + will have everything they need after this patch that has put me back at ground zero again. I was so close to getting the navy loads man mod. Now I might never get it. And with that said I don't ever seen myself reaching the clouds like older players. I think the Devs are the big guys and they are keeping the little guys from ever reaching them. With the patch that has cut me down and stolen so much I worked so hard to get, I see this game becoming a 3ed rate game on my play list. That's right devs that's just a coffin nail that you just hammered in. I thank you for the great time I had and only wish you would stop breaking a good thing when you have it, But I guess that's a hard thing to see when your holding it behind your back.I wish I could find a game where the Devs do what the players ask and not what they think is a better way. for the game to go. Because we all know how often a good game gets destroyed by the devs and their updates that just drive away players. I know they mean well. But they need to step back and talk to a new guy to see hove to help them to build and grow so that the game will grow. I am thinking they should start a new account and see how a player gets no where. Then try to help the new guys out and still keep it fun for the older players. Because the more players the funner it will be for the pvp guys. I know many people do not like the new patch and I am one of them. But before I take this game off my play list. I would like to see how other new players feel about Having the upgrades they need to get up to the level of the people that hunt them, Do you think the cost of the upgrades are to high now? Do you think the older players will have a harder time getting the upgrades when they do lose a ship? Do you think the game has become easier with this patch ? Like so many people said it would be.. It seems to me Crafting harder now! . Yes easy to craft if I could build the buildings needed to craft. I know I didn't' get all the buildings all built back up.my shipyard, workshop and every building was built up,. but now I can't get my shipyard up the lv 2 and a building like the academy lol now I need a building just to craft the stuff I was already crafting.. so yes and no. Yes it is easy to craft If you have the buildings needed. you know the ones I don't have anymore! or at least have back to the lv where I was at. Well I will see how many players feel as I do and how many players are not affected by the change, because the stock piles they had I kinda wish they would have taken everything away. the ships the ports the gold put us all back to one port and a b.cutter but keep our ranks. make it like a new game where everyone is making a mad dash to get ahead. yet no one is so far ahead that they are like gods to a smaller player. Thats what I wish when a big change like this comes around. Because now this game is dead for me. because fair is fair but only if your fair is bigger than mine right? Thats it I am done see you you all in a week to see how you all feel Mr Crowley .
  7. " Heavy * Teak (rare)" Q is this right? Teak is a heavy wood more so than White oak, Because I become faster with teak and slower with white oak. And why has some woods been remover if anything you should add some of the woods you left out. like the wood for the mast they often would go to south America (Brazil) and spend weeks to find a good tree for a log.. I I can find out the tree type if you want to add it to the updates.
  8. I have a purple trader lynx with a few nice refits that is stuck in wantlands ferry. Here is the link to my screenshots of the ship in question. The ship won't show the info on it I can not sell it or break it up. or sail it out of port. But what I can do is change the refits, change the crew, and cannons. As well as the hull items. I do not want to lose my ship with the refits I put on it. I will need to find something out soon about this bug I am planning on leaving my nation in a few days. I am not the only one to seem to be having this issue a clan mate of mine is having the same issue. also with a t-lynx. we have both reported the issue and we both still have not had the bug fixed. could we get the ship with the refits fixed somehow? I will drop a screenshot I took of the ship with the refits down below you can also see that the info is of a different ship. that ship I could only break it up. it was stuck too. But after a few days I was able to break it up. Now it's just the trade lynx I have in wantland ferry that I do not wish to lose. the link to steams screen shots:
  9. Hello The issue I seem to be having will be a easy fix I hope. The check code to get into the testbed won't work. Has it been changed? Waiting your reply and sharping knives Mr.crowley
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