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  1. At previous pages there was a discussion about ship prizes beeing too high and a small number of ships of the line offerd for sale in the shops. The devs had react at once with this patch. The removal of the doubloons reward for economy missions will lead to a shortage of doubloons at least for trade based crafters, a higher price for doubloons and therefore automatic to higher ship prices (4th rate and above) and a decreasing number of crafted ships of the line. For new players and for not battle specialised people this was a way to get doubloons and take part, but now as the doubloons this people will be gone soon !
  2. I think the problem is the bundling of the ship-boni to the ports and not to the crafter/player. Easiest way would be to install a system analogous to the shiphandling. If you craft a ship you get craftingXP for that shiptype and you can open slots for crafting-books which give boni to the crafted ship. (Technicaly the same as ship handling => code reuse;-) What you get are specialized crafters wich are not bound to ports and clans but to shiptypes and good ships will be available for all. If you want more port battles than remove the combat medal bound permits for the Ships of the line !!! (Why do I need to do PVP to craft a ship ? Thats like you could only become a mechanic, if you have 10 years of driving experience)
  3. For people who need outposts in secure waters for building ships and produce the needed resources the possibility of a wide spreaded net of outposts is reduced through the limited number of outposts. And shipyards at the borders will lead to increased ship prices which seems to be the objective of the developers so they could sell more ship-DLCs
  4. Where are all the AI ships gone, long time passing ... In the past I could log in sail 5 min out of my homeport and find a variety of enemy AI-ships with different levels of BR. So I could sink a ship in my coffee-break and then return to work. Now I only find friendly AIs and as I'm no pirate (until now) even sailing an PFr, its 15min sailing without any quicky with a LGV or a Surprise, and long fights with Ship of the Line aren't always on my mind, also the search and destroy missions are not very satisfying if the search takes longer than the destroy. As nice as the sailing in this beautiful environment is, but after 1000h of play my enthusiasm for sailing 1h into the sunset without meeting any prey is decreasing slightly. I want my Spanish LGVs and French Trader Snows back at Brangman's Bluff !
  5. Hell no ! It's the only way to get these damned Doubloons without 200 hours of fighting so that I can do the thing I loved, crafting 1st rates;-) The rewards for the other missions should be increased if a rebalancing is needed !
  6. Oh I got it, was testing 2 weeks on testserver and the concept of the doublons is good, but the adjusted prices destroy the balance. An by the way, nearly all of the ways to get doublons require fighting. And to build a Ocean I didn't need hundreds of fighting until now because of the 9000 Doublons I have to pay now.
  7. the same post which said within 20-30 days ? I hadn't read that the pvps will be removed with nearly no compensation ! As trader ist very hard to get pvps for special upgrades so my ships could escape the DLC-boarding monsters you created, and now they are gone, yesterday I had pvps for 13 Navy Hull Refits, now I had Doublons for 1/3 Navy Hull Refit, thats not conversion, thats expropriation. But as one post above said, trading an crafting were mutiliated, with teleport fees and the requirement of new buildings so you will get a copy of world of warships. ... and this game could have been so much more ...
  8. Has anybody seen the Christian, which was annonced as testing reward ?
  9. Cool ... - Building^s gone - PVP-Mark value only 1/40 - long annoying travels to manage the trading-outposts now I know why the developers haven't published the new economy at the testservers. We were all gone before the update
  10. I heard that this patch should support a 'functioning economy' ? I lived as trader in the Carribean for a while, but the way I traded in the past wouldn't be possible in the future, because I didn't get DOUBLOONS as trader, so no Teleport (at least with extreme costs) ! In reality a trading company has an intelligent clerk in each outpost which decides what good to sell and what to trade by himself. The extremely limited number of contracts with absolut no possibility of configuration is no equivalent to the reality. If I couldn't play the intelligent clerk in the outposts by myself, because of the teleport fees, the tradingsystem is a rotten tomato !! I don't understand what is the benefit of the teleport fees for the game itself, but on my opinion its the end of the balance between warriors and traders. I wouldn't sail 2h from Bluefields to San Jose only to see that the good from the trader tools is long gone. I would probably sail in a foreign game instead, or is the alternative of one account in each outpost the idea behind this (pushing the sales)
  11. Yeah, but the ballance of the new prices, resources and so on, is much more critical than the UI. So I didn't understand why the devs don't let us test this before it goes live. (The problems in the UI could be fixed one by one, but balance problems must be fixed all together) Better a lot of discussion before the update, as leaving players afterwards ...
  12. Resource Crafting: Crafted Fir and Oak, and no Compass Wood dropped. Is Compass Wood part of the material wipe or was it just very bad luck ?
  13. The first are the cummulative XP since start and the second only depending the next rank (diference between M&C and Post Captain). So I like this different display
  14. Building and Crafting: In Kingston (Oak and Fir) only Fir Forest is available after clicking 'Build'in the 'Select Building'-Dialog. No 'Shipyard', no 'Forge', no 'Academy'.and no 'Oak Forest' as before. Are there any new requirements added with the patch today ?
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