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  1. Any chance you could post an exemple? Say how do you add the bonus speed for the horse artillery perk, since this property isn't there initially so you have to add it somehow in the code.
  2. I tried installing the mod but I am a bit confused, the archive contains no Assembly-CSharp.dll, only a Assembly-CSharpReleaseV1.1.tmp which doesn't overwrite anything. Are the installation instructions outdated? Also, why would you want a Second Bull's run with 10 times the historical number of troops? Especially since number of troops are just abstracted numbers in this game.
  3. I have just installed this mod and started a new union campaign. It seems my artillery units can go up to 240 guns (6000 men). Is that intended??? Also my cavalry can go to 5000 and my skirmishers to 1000. My infantry numbers are normal though.
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