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  1. Here is a suggestion, why not reuse the old Connie model and just rename it USS Chesapeake? I think it would be a good reuse of the model and basically add another ship to the game. It would be historically accurate (half sister ship to the connie) because the ships would look similar.
  2. Salty Dog

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    What I got from this: If we're looking for historical accuracy and not game balance, Connie should have the hull thickness of a third rate and a heavier broadside than most other frigates. Honestly, the ships she took in the war of 1812, were lesser ships than the Connie, being they were all 5th rates where the Connie would be the same as a British 4th rate, would be the same as a MMA fighter winning in a barroom fight... it's kinda expected.
  3. I didn't make this video, just found it good and interesting and thought I would share.
  4. Salty Dog

    Aquiring meaningful Data for calculating Battle Rating

    I would make sense to come up with a calculation to figure BR... (Weight of broadside + armor of ship)/some ratio= BR yes, I guess that would mean that different builds of a ship would result in different BR values but at least it would be rational. otherwise, we're just making an opinion call. Personally, I think all ships of a class should have BR within a few points of each other. So all ships that were 3rd rate ships would be nearly identical depending on broadside and armor.
  5. why don't you charge the player for each outpost the way clans are charged for each port? I guess if players have tons of cash to burn and keep those eight ports they could, just make it prohibitively expensive.
  6. Salty Dog

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    clearly they sunk because they overloaded the pickle.
  7. Salty Dog

    Flags Flags Flags

    USS Kitty Hawk... was on board 93-96