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  1. Hello,I just had a battle against a elite victory, when i got stuck on the beach with him. I tried getting myself free, but failed to do so. Now i had alot more crew then him ( 1155 vs 484 ) and alot more marines... Now at one point i tried boarding him to see what happends, i disengaged immidiatly, and all of the suddend went from 100 moral to 0 at once, and lost the battle, and so lost my purple L'ocean (s) Live oak (s) White oak... I mean why did this happend? This never ever happend to me before and in my eyes it should not have happend anyways. Please help me out with this
  2. No, the issue has resolved itself god thanks!
  3. Hello, Since the server maintance (just a half an hour ago ) i keep crashing after a few minutes in game. Last game i crashed while in a fight! What's going on and how can we solve this ?
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