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  1. haha onverwachts! Have fun reading it!
  2. Nice guidance there! i am probably going for the frigat "Minerva". I have already read a book about the whole shipbuilding process and it was done here in The Netherlands. According to that book it was quite different from lets say the british. Very interesting book, shame its only in dutch. So after reading that book i know better understand everything involving that beautifull era. In case you are someone else wants to read it(http://issuu.com/otteblom/docs/boektest/1), you should learn some dutch
  3. Totally agree! i will keep practicing. You can only model it if you have enough reference, which is the case with the "Zeven provincien". But most of the ships from that period have a very limited amount of reference or just general information available. But some people on this forum seem to have acces to all kinds of interesting stuff. Also sail plans seems to be pretty rare to get, for most ships at least. So i am doing some research now, cause for me its important to model something i like. Otherwise i lose interest.. something Thanks, i will post my progression here! Or is there
  4. i had the same feeling that i started out too difficult.. I am thinking about starting with a schooner or brig. Maybe that is better. The coming weeks i will start with something new and use your feedback, which was great btw, and build something better . Did you learn it yourself? or is this your job? cause it seems you are experienced
  5. So i started modeling a ship a year ago, which proved to be a bigger challenge than i initialy thought. I followed the tutorial from pirates ahoy(http://www.piratesahoy.net/threads/ship-hull-modeling-tutorial.17259/) and got the following result. What do you people think? i know there are a lot of things i can improve but right now i dont know where to start and what is most important. You could say i lack experience Any feedback and help is greatly appreciated!
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