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    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    I think you should give yourself a pat on the shoulder as fighting and winning Antietam in Legendary as CSA is tough and a lot of players just don't fight the battle, they take the loss on their reputation and move on. By curiosity, do you intend to play this whole campaign in one go without replaying any of the battles? Because you could clearly increase your K/D ratio for each of them, but then it is much more time consuming and becomes more a puzzle-solving game. Wiping out the Union at each battle is the best strategy for the campaign but you also need to preserve your troops so that they can build up their experience and keep their weapons. A K/D above 3 is good though and you can win with that (some people on Youtube won the Legendary campaign with much lower K/D ratios). For the manpower, you should be fine campaign-wise if you manage to recoup from your losses in the Fredericksburg/ Stones River campaigns as they have a couple of minor battles where you can win without bleeding your army too much. Fredericksburg is easy to win if you stay on the defensive all the time, and Stones River is also easy to win on day 1 if you don't pay attention to the timer (you actually can fight on until 21:00 if I recall correctly) and you encircle the Union troops by doing a massive flanking attack on your left (as done historically). You should try to capture more men to increase the extra recruits you can get from there; the CSA needs all the men it can muster! Good luck!
  2. WWI is coming to the US soil
  3. Thanks to you both for your answers. @pandakraut: I am really a hardcore CSA player but I take the challenge and will see how I can manage that After more than 1,300 hours played in the game, another challenge maybe exactly what I need... By the way, if you need help to try the mode and get feedbacks, happy to support and assist!
  4. Thanks pandakraut for the answer. So I ran a quick playthrough until Washington in BG yesterday/ today, and I found overall that the mod is very pleasant as it increases the quality of the game in many aspects (especially the changes in the career points and in the armory section, and also the strong importance of the fatigue management), but it seems that it accentuates (at least on the BG level) the fact that the game becomes relatively easy once the player has one or two corps with mostly 2 star brigades (which happens fairly fast, by 2nd Bull Run for me). One possible explanation for that is that, taking into account all the accuracy perks, the weapons are far deadlier than in the vanilla game. To back that up, I have run a quick analysis (see attached), and the result is that if you fully specialize a unit in accuracy (3 perks which each gives a +100% plus the MG perk "Fire specialist), you end up with an accuracy factor of +400%, i.e., a 5x multiplier of the basis accuracy. Using the formula from pandakraut, it means that all the weapons in this mod are all far deadlier than the Lafayette (which has a max damage of 13.1 per shot) in the vanilla game. Note that I use mid-point of the accuracy values and not a range. It's actually the same with artillery (even more if you include the damage bonus for level 1 perk "Long Range Focus"): Overall impression what that after 2nd Bull Run, I was on the WW1 battlefield with armies that get slaughtered very fast (especially the IA as in BG it doesn't have much experienced troops) and by super precise weapons. And I confirm that the Whitworth guns are just brutal (killed more than 15k Federals at Antietam with them). I am going through Legendary now, but there I have a hard time defeating 5k brigades at 1st Bull Run with my much smaller forces ... @pandakraut: Does this make sense to you or am I wrong somewhere?
  5. First, a great thanks to the creators of the mod for the amazing work! I have started another Legendary campaign as CSA and I can already see the differences in the earlier battles. Two questions though: - How does accuracy work at the unit level and interact with the weapons stats? Some weapons have an average accuracy over 50, so if it increases by 100% with one perk, does it get above 100 (which I would find a bit odd conceptually, but why not) or is the accuracy capped at 100? - Does the mod alter the weapons choice of the IA? I don't think I ever came across Whitworth or James guns throughout my first entire CSA campaign in Legendary, even in the late game, so I wonder if there is a chance to encounter a few of them in battles now?