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  1. [ARMED] Matster77

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    Thanks for the help mate, was extremely informative and appreciate it!!
  2. [ARMED] Matster77

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    I was wondering if anyone knew or could validate the following: Does the thickness stat affected by your FRAMING wood type refer to the thickness of your structure or your armor (planking)? And, is there even a mechanic in the game for structure thickness? I know armor (planking) has a thickness value, but does you structure (framing) do as well? Do shots need to penetrate the structure after penetrating the armor in order to actually reduce the HP of the structure? For instance, does the 5% thickness bonus from Teak Framing increase your framing thickness, your planking thickness, or both? And if both, is it equally 5% for both of is it distributed unequally? I hope I articulated that correctly, thanks for the help. P.S. Here is a link to the values I am using as a crafting aid.