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  1. chemical_art

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    Gotcha, although what is base game max unit sizes? Sorry for my ignorance, I want to learn!
  2. chemical_art

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    A very excellent post. I wonder if there are curves where increased unit levels eventually overcome the most efficient number for fire damage. For example if a full 50 gun battery churns out more total damage, or if a 1k cav or 4k infantry group, etc. They certainly have other benefits such as being much more sturdy but I still wonder.
  3. I can't speak if it actually occurs on that day, but I assure you that it does increase the starting values. Once high enough it will raise your unit stats so they start with one star, which means they don't need a battle to be bloodied. This does save a lot of men and money, and makes medicine less important. I agree medicine is a contender to bottom two stats right now in power, it needs a second perk of some sort like logistics and recon does right now.
  4. I go with range for the first perk, but that is because it has accuracy too iirc. It would be a more difficult choice if it was an either/or situation. For the second perk, I actually go with shell damage. For me it is relatively uncommon to actually use canister, and that additional range is circumstantial while the damage boost is common. Don't have 3 star artillery, can't comment on that.
  5. I will agree with everything you say. But a mod that provides greater depth, greater room for success or error, but demands an overall higher quality of skill is not per se an absolute no no. It is up for the creators to decide if that is the direction to go with. I will say to pursue that approach requires an insane demand for quality...but they are the only mod in the market right now. So their word is pretty important 😉. I speak frankly toward all modders, for I have spent 2/3rds of my life doing it. In my earliest days I made mods just for me, tailoring a game to my taste. I will always thus encourage any modder to pursue what they want. They ultimately sacrifice the most time making the mod. It requires a unique passion, purely for pleasure. For this mod, I deliberately went down a difficulty value. I thus get the experience I expect. I am not good at early game..so I need to accept the easier difficulty. Sure, I am not always pressed to the absolute limit...but I see the rewards of me doing well. So I have fun. Still, all data is valuable. All of it, as long as it is explained clearly, preferably with saved games. Saved games are really the gold standard for testing, just because so much already is in flux. Save often. You should be doing that anyways.
  6. That is why I recommend the perk for cover and speed. With both, 200 skirmishers give the durability of 350 detached ones. Remember that in this mod perks are king, and detached skirmishers come with no perks. Even if the home unit has 3 stars, detached ones have none. Detached skirmishers would be routed/broken by 2 star melee from either cav or melee specialists in this mod, because they run twice as fast and have twice the charge value in a worst case. They would just be as brittle, since they have no accuracy , reload, or cover bonuses either. So in early game the detached behavior is superior, but by mid game and later it would not. To put it in other words, this mod makes early game much more difficult, but soothes the middle and late game. Find a way to push through, it does get better. Shilo is by far the hardest battle I had so to fight so far as I approach Cold Harbor. If you can somehow not be wiped, you can have breathing room. If I had to chime in on difficulty modding, I would say ease the path to Shilo for now. The mod has an uneven difficulty curve, in that early game is actually a bit harder then mid game. Once the mod develops things could be finer tuned, but I feel the mod due to the nature of perks hardest early game.
  7. This is true, but it eases considerably once you get both economy and training to level 5ish. Once you do that, you aquire captains and later majors cheaply, and you can train 1 star skirmishers from scratch (they start with one star). One star skirmishers are vastly better then old detached ones because they get a perk. It is true the unit can break relatively easily compared to standard infantry, but the perk that gives speed and cover will make them very, very hardy. And even if they do break you lose perhaps 75 - 125 skirmishers and a captain/major? If you give them fairly standard equipment then the lost is not that significant. I regularly lose a two or three of 1 star skirmishers in a major battle, and it is really chump change in the grand scheme of things. Occasionally the officers live long enough to get their silver (Lt. Col) and then and shipped off to standard infantry as a bonus.
  8. Oh wow that is a lot! When I did mine a few versions ago I faced half that number at Philippi, so I wonder what has changed...
  9. Yes logistics is really a thing! It is for that reason I keep a 4, that extra ammo really comes in handy for me.
  10. Gotcha. I only keep a minimal amount of Army organization, in that for a major battle my corps can field enough units to take advantage of slots. As a result I do not have a spare corp slot for shuffling so I have to get creative in my methods. I enjoy how they are multiple solutions to manage the shuffling challenge.
  11. It actually is cool for more then just heavy infantry. Being able to create and shred 1 star units at will makes for easier strategic shuffling. It has been said that the life expectancy for officers skirmishers are low and I agree. But when majors are cheap and plentiful and I can create (and disband) adequate skirmishers at will the result is that I can still recreate the disposable nature of detached skirmishers. This principle could even be extended to any unit: Being able to reorganize units on the fly as slot conditions change eases many problems.
  12. Yes the intelligence numbers regarding army size on the battle select screen are mostly meaningless, although the concepts behind the scenes are still valid. The equipment and training values are still valid though. The value given after you select a battle is correct, but only for an early phase of the battle. Recon 4 naturally gives you the exact number on the field.
  13. I have had situations where players units will fire into the shroud because they autotargeted the nearest unit. I don't think it is the mod in particular, just the nature of the AI autotargeting logic.
  14. Two kinds of infantry for me: Charging infantry: -Stacks speed and charging bonus combined with weapons that have high melee values. The objective is land control in pushing enemy units away with a single grand charge. 1v1 they will come out on top despite long odds, and if two or three charge from two directions they can overrun several artillery batteries at once. -They start with muskets and so are cheap and plentiful, but by mid game they have to move on to rifles to at least give some fire aid which in turns makes them much more difficult to maintain the high melee values. -They move from being 1:1 ratio to 1:2 ratio due to this. Fire infantry: -Stacks accuracy to the extreme, at two stars they can fire outside of effective range (425ish) and still deliver grievous damage. In cover they can only be removed by charging units. -Rifles aim for either high damage or high reload speeds at the cost of melee strength. Vulnerable to a charge since they lack speed bonuses although a general with lives in the saddle can mitigate a lot of this. -They start difficult to form but by mid game are easy to maintain and form a larger portion of forces. These two classes can be mixed and matched in pairs and complement each other well, so it isn't absolutely necessary to micro them. Pairs of charging infantry can still do the fire role using their speed to flank and pairs of fire groups can hold ground with one counter charging will the other fires into the scrum. One of each class naturally allows fire infantry to soften up the enemy with the charging unit securing terrain advantage. Maneuver infantry: This is a theorycraft unit. If accuracy perks get nerfed then reload speed can become more important for smaller units. If this happens then maneuver focus can become more important at 2 stars. These units would thus become hybrid units, able to move and shoot fast, kind of like meatier skirmishers. One caveat of this class is that the units would need to stay small because as units get larger reload speed falls off due to longer volleys. With the current meta it is often better to just pick up some skirmishers and shove the saved men and guns to beef up proper infantry. However if a unit is planned on being three stars as a commando 750ish unit then this concept might shine.
  15. I do not know if this was intentional or not, but a very cool thing about this mod is that logistics is important due to this fact. At the start of the campaign units might be given melee perks because muskets are cheap. But things turn around eventually and suddenly a melee unit is a fragile creature, needing special "rifles" that have better melee stats which are not common nor cheap. Melee units may need extra special care on the strategic level to give them rifles with good melee values, but you as a leader have to accommodate them. Why? Because there will always be a time where you need to send 2k hard hitting chargers to: Take. The. Point. Now. You can only get enough guns if you invest in logistics. Otherwise, your poor melee chargers will be gimped by their equipment.