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    Newbie protection suggestion: make PvP marks tiered to ranks

    I'm not positive your suggestion will work. There are a few factors at play but the largest is that x5 easy kills is still less risk than x1 equally or hard fought kill. The second is that seal clubbing is generally very fast battle. Third the seal seldom knows how to communicate well enough with the nation to get a revenge gank going. Lastly it's an almost guaranteed kill for an experienced player. We can not convince the masses to take risk as long as the math says enough no risk fights still add up. I currently have a group of new players learning to play for the first time. One was seal clubbed out in front of Havana this weekend by the unclanned pirate HopMah. She was second level sailing a trader brig with one in fleet going from Mariel to Havanna. With only 60 crew and clearly in the noob area of the Capitol it was pretty clear to anyone of experience she was a baby seal. Despite us asking him in chat not to club her he still went for it. It was quick as seal clubbings usually go. Just sailed up pushed her into the wind and rage boarded. HopMah was in a Hercules, have to thank the Devs for that rediculous elite perk, so he had little to risk and simply ran after the clubbing. As long as this remains easy, quick and minimum risk it's going to keep happening even if they get little to no rewards. If in addition to the low rewards in PVP marks, if you could increase the risk to the clubber you have a better chance of curbing this behavior. The current green zone reinforcement is a joke especially against ships like the Hercules that grossly over power their ship rating.
  2. Estaban De la Vega

    New player experience

    First off, no true new players are likely to pass that tutorial. They finish the first page and stop. It's simply to difficult unless they have a lot of sailing genre game experience that uses similar control key set up. Second, I think a contract system is actually a good idea. Though right now you can usually just announce in nation chat "I need a TK/WO Trinc and I'm paying 600k" and someone will respond. If you add in that your new to the game you probably get it for free. Easiest way for new players to build money in goods trading. More that any other method. You can simply use a basic cutter to score a few trader brigs and starting cash. Cocoa, coffee, Cuban tobacco, black iron wood and historical artifacts are prime dollar goods that buy and sell all over the map. Start there and work your way up. The new guys I'm working with all made their first million gold in under two hours.
  3. Estaban De la Vega

    New player experience

    This is not the common new player experience. I brought in a few totally new players this past week. To the OP he us correct. Much of the game is not explained and I do find I am explaining a lot of how cannons and such work. But as to ship access and community it has been exceptionally helpful. At least in the Spanish nation, Players have stepped up to help out in ships, starting gold and mission support. Even enemy players help out. I was trying to show a new player how to capture a ship when two pirates jumped into the battle. I simply explained I was training a new player, they wished us well, welcomed them to the game and left us alone. All in all I think the instances of difficult player start ups are the results of loner type personalities finding it difficult and the few actual seal clobbers that are out there.
  4. RvR MMO's are often plagued with cyclic participation problems. Meaning that when an RvR team becomes to dominant or wins a large scale war the player base suddenly drifts off to other games. The losers do it generally because the now dominated game has no place for them to rebuild and come back. After they leave the winners get bored and also leave. The population drops and stays that way until the power balances shift, players rebuild or new power groups emerge. This often leads to a return of aforementioned player base. The cycle then repeats. Some games have managed to avoid this. The key is in providing space for the defeated players to rebuild. When these players can move away from the dominated area and rebuild they tend to stay in the game vs. moving to others. The dominant team is going to get bored. There isn't much you can do about that. Once they have proven dominance the games best hope is that they decide to break up the band on their own. This does happen sometimes. But not that often. The only way you can keep them interested is game mechanics that limit the size a dominant group can grow to. This then promotes breaking up the dominant groups and/or let's them have more competition of their caliber. I would recommend the following: NA play area is to small to allow for rebuilding. It should consider opening up the Mediterranean and North/Baltic sea zones. I know I know "but the sailing is far enough already". That us true for daily RvR and PvP. But it's still to small to allow for rebuilding without the close and constant presence of the dominant team, that has nothing else to do, constantly raiding the rebuilding team. This constant reminder keeps their morale and attitude down. That isn't good. It would be good if you could limit the size of nations to help prevent dominance boredom but that may be to drastic. I would suggest limiting the size of the clans and then further limiting the number of friendly clans allowed. This will make the player base act and react more like squadrons than fleets. Combined with the new forged papers it promote easier power block reshuffling while maintaining close friendship play. A good example of this is the Sea Rovers clan. Big enough to be effective no matter which nation the move to and small enough to move without creating drastic power shifts. Perhaps clan limit of 12-25 players and a friendly clan limit of three?
  5. Estaban De la Vega

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    I cant seem to get the map to work since yesterday. it just shows faded color circles for ports and no other info unless you click on it
  6. Estaban De la Vega

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Well, this is the one part of all this I actually was at. I had a Niagara as did another Spanish. There was also the Prince you see above an Indefat and a Inger. The entire rest of the Spanish PB team was still sailing from Habana. So I'm not sure how we were preventing those oceans and Buc from getting to Biscano but I'm pretty sure they had no reason to be parked in front of Islamadora.
  7. Estaban De la Vega

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Just to remove some of the fog of confusion here is a brief timeline of events. Spain sailed up to flip Apalachiacola under the belief the Russians wanted them to do it. US clan and a few VCO were already at Appalachicola waiting inside a finished battle for the port timer to click over. They also believed the Russian wanted them to take it. The US team had both head start and are probably better NPC grinders so they flipped the port first. There was much confusion as why the US team was doing this. Islamorda port battle occurs. X4 US L'Oceans show up screening. But it is not clear whom they are screening and some tags occur to prevent mishaps. No actual player ships are sunk by either side. US clan flips Apalachicola and 7UP clan captures Islamorda. Drama ensues with two teams who can likely only night flip each other. 😛
  8. Estaban De la Vega

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    Kudos to your for actualy dealing with the concept of the OP rather than just trying to side step it as if it wasn't real. The green zones don't work because we are still able to hunt and harass the defeated team inside them. Often to a greater degree than outside if they have many new or inexperienced players. That easy target moaning is a great point that I don't have a solution to either. Players create the content in a sandbox game. You can't have it both ways. Either the devs keep pumping out new level content and gear like world of Warcraft or you need a way players can continue to create their own content after a big loss.
  9. Estaban De la Vega

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    A bit of a negative way to look at things. I'm not a new player. I'm a very old player and I don't need the PVE server. No one does. If I wanted your stuff I would take it. But then you would most likely quit the game rather than rebuild it with me hunting your ports constantly. That is the problem we're working on.
  10. Estaban De la Vega

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    Its a fair call but what else would you make it?
  11. Estaban De la Vega

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    Your plan has no recourse for once this team of well trained robotic marathon gamers gets their asses kicked. Hence it will only work if you are winning. Further, after all that heavy game play, once you take a loss those guys may never play the game again after all that preparation doesn't guarantee a win. We will get a lot further teaching players to rebuild from a loss than trying to train them to be perfect.
  12. Estaban De la Vega

    Why do you RvR?

    What would you prefer the reason to be?
  13. Los Corsarios del Rey (LOCO) is looking for PCT players to join the Spanish Armada. Why Espana? It has probably the best sarting set up for new players that have not yet mastered naval action. LOCOs is just that. A clan for new beginning players looking to learn to play the PvP world in a more casual setting. Primarily English speaking but being able to speak Spanish is always a plus. What to expect: A patient and casual atmosphere to learn the different aspects of the game not covered in a simple tutorial on how to move your ship. We will work together making gold, collecting up skill books, constructing and configuring ships for various purposes. We will do missions, open world NPC fleets, light patrol PvP and RvR. The goal is to help players get into the game easier and hopefully spring board out into whatever aspect if the game they enjoy most when they feel like it. What LOCOs expects from you: Support to the other clans of Espana in nationwide endeavors. This is not flexible. You need to be 100% loyal to Espania and its clans. Participation in clan and nation events with in reason. Help others whenever you can. Remember it's just a game with pixels. Have fun even if you lose a ship or two along the way. Occassional suicide missions. It's not named LOCOs for nothing. Part of learning to play the game well is experiencing loss and recovery from it. Don't be suprised when LOCOs go on a suicide mission for fun and we lose whatever we bring. We'll rebuild and do it again another day. When you can do this without shedding a salty tear you will be ready for anything NA has to offer. If interested contact Estaban De le Vega either here or in game.