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  1. @admin As far as my limited knowledge and experience goes in NA (PvP) server, most Trader vessels are tagged and cargo left alone as most frig etc cannot carry the goods. It appears to be more of an easy PvP Mark gain. Do you think there would be an easier PvP/E experience if the temptation for easy PvP marks on trader vessels was reduced or even removed on the PvP server? i.e. A trader still involved in the PvP server, but less chance to be tagged???
  2. Capt'n i need to change me pants when there's 300 on there, lol, 1000?? shoot, i'd be a nervous wreck located just off KPR or somewhere
  3. I think, and correct me if i'm wrong as i am wrong quite often :), that Crow is describing combining servers and increasing player base for a single server. I'm not sure the PvE side being untouchable would benefit the PvP gameplay as such, and might even have a negative effect. There is a PvE element in the PvP server, things dont build themselves. If perhaps the servers were combined, but the rewards for attacking a PvE / Trader vessel were lessened to the point that only their cargo would be retrievable with little to no PvP / Combat marks awarded, this may afford trader rats a little more security. Less of a temptation to PvP'rs. Disrupting nations trade routes is a good thing. Personally when I'm trading or on a resource run, which lets face it needs be done by most clans, i relish the thought of being caught in the act, its what makes the game imho. Reaching Port with a sigh of relief is enjoyable Anyhow, just my thoughts splurting out, Fair winds n safe seas Capt'ns o7
  4. Ahh! Yes, thanks, yeah feel for ya there @ElegantWay , and ty Banished for clarifying o7. I'm not sure much can be done to alleviate that unfortunately.
  5. @Ink Ref: An earlier fix for a similar problem, which has recently solved an issue for one of my clan mates, You posted : If you are running Win 10, try to set Compatibility with Windows 7 on the both client.exe and client_,exe files (here \SteamApps\common\Naval Action) Would this still apply in this case perhaps? Just trying to help, or is this fix as outdated as I am
  6. Can I just clarify? You want players that have entered the battle late to stay in the battle and not escape, so you have a chance to sink them?
  7. Along with the already implemented DLC's, in particular Xebec and Hercules, i have noticed talk of the possibility of other frigate / battle designed vessels to be added at a later date. All very nice to hear, however, the poor old trader type chap, which is part of the game too, will be left crafting his vessels after being boarded and sunk by the all over the map DLC ships as they sail off savouring their juicy PvP marks (or upcoming alternative). Q: Is there any intention to produce/provide a Trader ship to the DLC for NA? Thanks for your time. Fair winds, safe seas. I'm hitting the hammock now gn o7 (Closet Carebear / Trader Rat; part time)
  8. @admin‌‌‌Will us Trader Rats, (which is not a full time role, just something needed to be done in order to keep a clans economy and fleet size in order from time to time), be receiving an "imported" trader ship or will we just have to put up with being tagged by players in their "replaceable don't care about loosing it" ships. And hey who doesn't like discovering a nice Player in nice heavy trader, with luscious loot. Side note: I had even thought about being able to create our own clan missions and extra content when the Ship DLC was announced, alas with their set-up no longer feasible. Fair winds & Safe seas 😎
  9. o7 Fair winds and safe seas Captn's I'd like everything that I need to be at the port I'm closest to if that could be arranged Thanks.
  10. I'm a Bambi too, and i know Christendom, along with many others have so much NA ingame experience, to draw from. I am learning from being in a Clan, we're not the best clan we're not the worst clan, (i think) but i have stuck with the game and this clan bc the clan members and the older guys are always there to help. But its not just our clan, its a diverse, nationality wide player base that genuinely enjoy the game, whatever the flaws. Why bc it has something we enjoy and something we hate lol perfect relationship hehe. From the notorius players who always seem to find you, to the guys who salute as you pass. Mighty Mo, do carry on streaming NA you're doing a grand job in my opinion (quote "I know") lol, same as the other guys that stream it too. So you guys that stream bring together people in NA that might not necassarily have chatted or met each other as well as promoting the game to people who havent seen it. Fair winds and happy hunting, Show a leg and Salute. 8)
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