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  1. Neuville

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Today, Sunday at 11H15 (serveur time) : I launch a report connexion test (NAS-931166). Then, I refresh several times and take screenshot of ping from your servers during 1 min : My internet is good, no problems for download from any other site or games. In Naval Action, that is not a problem in battle, but sometime, we have litles lags when craftin, trading, deposit and withdraw items, entering open world ... (we are all in France, but dispersed in all the country)
  2. Neuville

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    My connexion is verry good. but with you serveur, I have random ping from a week ... and I am not alone with this problem. Sometime, it's hapen that we are bloked on the loading screen for entering in the open world, during 10 ou 20s ... theire is lags when trading, crafting and loot. Next time I will do it if it's hapen again o7
  3. Neuville

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Hello, Theire is a problem on the server from a week ? Today I meet a problem with the servers lags : I do my PVE, I loot a ship and I win a ground book ! Great, I put it in my ship, and I go to the next IA. I kill it, and I find a mean of directing the fire, super, I put it on my ship ... but WTF ? the ground book is not in my ship ??? pfff, ok so I leave the battle, and I check my inventory, and I see that the second book was not register by the server too ................................. So, can you tell us wat's hapen ? why the server lags too much ?
  4. Thanks for the precision. Indeed, refind the raw material is good. We will just lost the labor hours used for craft, but it's the reason we should craft ships quikly ^^ Well, any idéa about the day of this update ?
  5. Hi, Can you tell us what compo wil be wipe exactly from this list ? so we will know what we should use immediatly : (Maybe, edit this list into the 1rst post) Ressources : Coal Food Supplies Gold Hemp Iron ore Lignum Vitae Log Silver Stone block Fir log Oak log Bermuda Cedar log Caguairan log Compass Wood Live Oak log Mahogany Log Sabicu log Teak log White Oak log Compenants : Gold coins Gold ingots Iron ingots Silver coins Silver ingots Ballast Cables And Hawsers Furnishings Iron Fittings Wooden Fittings Barrels Large Carriage Medium Carriage Provisions Small Carriage Knees Rudder part Tar Blocks Canvas Rolls Cordage and oakum Rigging Parts Bermuda Cedar Frame Caguairan Frame Parts Fir Frame Parts Live Oak frame parts Mahogany Frame Parts Oak Frame Parts Sabicu Frame Parts Teak Frame Parts White Oak Frame Parts Bermuda Cedar planks Fir planks Mahogany planks Oak planks Sabicu planks Teak planks White Oak planks Thanks o7
  6. Neuville

    Custom Rank in clan

    Of course, if you meet a scammer who only want to fk you, you can't know that, so you will be sucked one day or an other. (sorry, it's the reverso traduction) But this new limitation system will realy improve your clan security and management, without fear from this playeurs. When we decided our management policy, we known that would hapen, but we keep trust in playeurs, because we can't play good if we are wary for everyone.
  7. Neuville

    Custom Rank in clan

    Hello, Yesterday, one of our playeur had stolen 20M from the clan warehouse. (the the complain here ) As a lots of playeur says : the problem is that we can't correctly manage a clan with only "member" "officer" and "diplomat" ranks. So my suggesion is : give us the possibility to creat our rank with custom permitions. For exemple, I creat a new rank, and I can set this permitions : Rank level : used for détermine the hierarchy for kik/promote/demote playeur (a lower playeur rank can't manage a greater playeur rank) Money : No acces / Limited acess (set the withdraw limit per day) / Full acces Items : No acces / Limited acces (Set category item (cannons,ressources, ...) and withdraw limit per day for each category) / Full acces Invite playeur to clan : Yes / No Promote/demote playeur : Yes / No Kik membre : Yes / No Town managment : Yes / No Friendly clan managment : Yes / No
  8. Neuville

    Steal Money and leave clan

    It was not a random playeur. Of course I understand the risks of this games about meeting new playeurs. But in our clan, we ask to playeurs to recolt ressouces and craft compenants (for use all their labor hours). So after a week, if we think that we can trust them, we give them right acces for they can withdraw componants, craft and deposit themselves. In return, we craft them all ships they want. We use this system from 6 month, and today is the 1rst time we have a steal problem. I think that in this game, the majority of playeurs have a mature mentality (that is for this reason we easely trust playeurs) . So my advice : punish kids mentality severely ! for keep safe this nice community o7 I think I will open a new suggestion about righ acces.
  9. Hello This is a complaint from "Neuville" (Nation : France) against the player "Spirit of Paris" (Nation : France) We recruited him in the clan, because we help new players. After a week, we trust him and we give him the access to the clan warehouse. But this morning, he steal 20M in the bank and leave the clan silently, and we have no news since ... We would wish a severe penalty against him, and, if possible, a refund of the stolen money. Thanks, Neuville