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  1. Union MG with no points in economy or politics until maxing 2 other options is incredibly hard. Recommend it for anyone who finds the game too easy. I find the Union much harder to play vs the Confederates. I don't know if it is historic, but the union troops at max training have worse firepower (shooting) than the CSA at max training. Firepower is pretty easy to get in game as it is. You guys might want to consider swapping the two since for some reason I'm under the impression the union were better marksman. CSA can have better everything else. ____ Would it be possible for you guys to i
  2. I see cases where units do not manage to get out of melee. The confederate AI did it to me consistently as Union on the 2nd battle in the campaign. However, units can rout all the time and get out of danger just as well. I see the AI do that right now in this mod. All the time. With the 1 rout speed modifier. I also see enemy flee out of pockets all the time on vanilla. We clearly have different playstyles, that doesn't mean what I see doesn't happen. I suppose it's my fault for spending 2 in game hours maneuvering my troops to surround the entire enemy line in Stone's River, the next hour
  3. I'm doing exactly that, but not seeing the amount of kills you are seeing per volley with novice troops and 12 guns (similar enough to 14 guns). You say you are waiting until they are in charge melee range which results in the high number of kills per volley. I am not doing that. I am just waiting for canister range (evidently it is rifle range), which is not charge melee range. If I had to wait for charge melee range to fire, I'd be firing less shots since I bring much smaller armies to battle than you and am outnumbered more, so getting a unit to abort it's charge is a higher priority for me
  4. Will this be taken from your barracks reserve pool? Would it be possible to split the current 3* officer into 2 tiers, since they require so much XP to level, to mesh with this change better? The gap in potential command from a high XP 3* officer and a low XP 3*/2* officer is incredibly high, and most of your officers will be 3*. A 2* is better than nothing, but their command is still pretty low. (Captains I consider 0*). Also will this be applicable for division commanders as well? One way of splitting 3*'s is to merge Captains and Majors (0/1*) into 1 officer rank, and reuse 2* for 3*, an
  5. I don't need to do go so close to the enemy as the morale damage from canister shot is sufficient to rout enemies. I find the ability to rout multiple enemy brigades more valuable than having additional kills on my artillery, since if I waited until they were right on me, I'd have wasted multiple potential shots. I don't see the value of moving my artillery or infantry out of forest cover just so I can canister them in melee range. My infantry can kill them, and so can my cavalry, once the enemy has been herded into a pocket and surrounded on all sides so I can force a surrender. In addition,
  6. Either 1) AI routing units are ignoring condition, 2) AI ignoring melee movement penalty or 3) something is odd with hitboxes because even with rout speed 1 (and even rout speed 0.5 but very rarely with 0.5) I still see cases where the AI can escape melee lock and then maintain it's distance gap from high condition (60-80) units when routing despite it supposedly being "slower than if they were falling back". If they are ignoring condition then the default rout speed should NOT be faster than falling back. This is because your units lose condition when engaged in melee at a very fast rate, eve
  7. This is abusing the scaling system if I did this with 1k infantry brigades and 6 gun artillery, so definitely not going to do this. Also having such large gun batteries means your cavalry will be useless since the AI artillery will be too large to charge with cavalry or infantry reliably. I never use more than 12 guns to keep AI artillery size low, usually 6 guns.
  8. So on the union side I've discovered high amounts of infantry skirmishers is mandatory unlike the CSA. Seems my infantry can't hold the line when charged and artillery doesn't seem to be able to rout charging CSA troops in 1 volley of canister. My infantry can't fall back fast enough in forest but skirmishers can. I've consistently managed to get AI skirmishers to surrender with my cavalry alone in melee (after they've routed), and if I send a cavalry brigade into a bunch of routed enemies at the end of a battle )when they are surrounded) I've found more units will surrender than if I
  9. If I give them a move order they'll fire 1 volley then they'll refuse to fire the next volley unless I give them another order. It doesn't have to be at the edge of their range either. Usually happens if the enemy has no vision on my unit and my unit isn't getting shot back at and if firing would reveal my unit. I think there's AI logic to keep your units hidden (my skirmishers have stealth perk) ____ Infantry L1 has +100% accuracy while skirmisher L1 has +50%. Afaik accuracy = greater damage. Granted skirmisher L1 has +50% cover too but in terms of raw offensive output, skirmisher is weak
  10. I find that's very rare to happen, and I have maxed out 2-3* artillery brigades. My artillery generally makes only 1200 kills over an entire battle (about the same as one of my elite infantry) and that is because the enemy are usually not in canister range. I find artillery's morale impact to be more effective in rolling up the enemy lines. You have to really try to get canister kills by constantly moving into enemy range and it's not worth it vs just shelling them at shot range and routing them (then running the routing enemy down with your infantry in melee). I modded my game to have
  11. "The MaxSize entries are reused for the player as well, but if you turn off removeSizeCap they aren't used for the AI. " Wait so if I want the size cap that is defined below to be enforced I should set this to "true"? The name is confusing then, should be something like overrideSizeCap. "More of a general question, but do you feel limited in resources? My current impression is that it's far to easy to acquire far more men and cash than I can ever use. I'm sitting with a reserve of 500k/100k around Chancellorsville for the Union Legendary. I'm not sure if that matches other player experien
  12. 1) I noticed the new AI modifiers csv which has removeUnitCap there. I thought in the previous version changelog it said to put that in the general file instead? Which is the correct location? 2) What is the interaction between removeUnitCap and AIUNIT TYPE HERE SizeCap? I feel like the sizecap also affects players. Also the infantry one doesn't seem to work. 3) Edit nvm, I see aura range is increased by a ton 4) I actually never used the corps leader accuracy perk myself, I used the speed perk. I like the new tooltip on artillery, really helps me figure out which cannons I want
  13. AI changes its army composition based on what you bring as well as scripted composition for the map. If you bring skirmisher cav the AI will be more likely to bring skirmisher cav. If you bring snipers the AI will be more likely to bring snipers. If you bring large artillery brigades the AI will be guarenteed to bring more larger artillery brigades. In this way you can control what the AI brings by avoiding using specific brigade types. In terms of weapons scaling the AI has weapons scaling as well, but up to a point. The point is based off of the AI's armory value as well as scripted set
  14. It seems that reinforcing a brigade (that is 100% green) costs money when veteran is selected even when the brigade is 100% green and rookies won't change the stats at all. Not sure if this is a bug you can fix. Might be due to how your Training stat is implemented.
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