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  1. No, that is precisely the point. You say they’re too many, but they economy says they’re not enough from any and all sources. The 300 real price point says that. The devs desire a 10 real price point for the doubloon. So the only way to get that is to increase the supply in the economy from all sources. It doesn’t matter where they come from, but they have to get infused into the economy aka players pulling doubloons of any and all activity they do in OW. When all global players have more doubloons to spend, it will drive the price down because supply & demand = price. Right now doubloons have too high a perceived value because simply put people don’t have enough. Until all players as a whole have more the price will remain inflated because demand is greater than supply.
  2. Well it doesn't matter because the economy requires an increase in supply of gold to correct the value of the doubloon when converting to the real.
  3. Not to mention the supposed price is too high at 250-300 real per, when the doubloon is supposed to be plentiful and at 10 real per doubloon. We are a long way off from that and the only way is to increase the supply of doubloons to drive the price down in reals.
  4. Disagree on the simple fact we need multiple income streams for different play styles. For some being able to source their dubs on AI traders is a good way, others thru the patrol zone, and others through OW PVP. Guys who do soley OW PVP often don't go after AI and guys who go after AI don't go after OW PVP. Balanced for everyone imho.... casual and hardcore. Thank you @admin for the change in drops it was needed, let us save some up and let's see if we can get some big ships back into play again while still keeping them expensive.
  5. Hemp Amore

    Hercules OW Spam

    100% agree. Herc is lacking in firepower, structure, hit points, and all other factors that determine the victor in a fight. Pound for pound any Trinc, Endy or Indef will wipe the floor with a Hercules. Hercs are good ships, but not as good as any proper frigate. The DLC ships are very well balanced imho. Req can be escaped anytime, Herc lacks the firepower or crew to really be a true threat. That is a good thing.
  6. Hemp Amore

    Sextant Perk

    Or let me get a suggestion to the admin so I can help shape the gameplay I want to see. Felix map is nice, but I don't use it for that purpose, I'd rather have the same thing in game than have to alt tab and look at my browser when I can much more easily press the "M" button and have distance to ports.
  7. Hemp Amore

    War of Rights.

    I have the game it is pretty cool. Very costly EA tho imho as the first tier for actual game play is $60 and EA donations go up to over $1000 with various goodies added in, but I feel the game could really use a lot more than just simulation of infantry, they need to add artillery, cavalry, and more to finish this game and make it an all around amazing Civil War game. Also they suffer from extremely erratic population levels on servers. One day you log on and there are huge line battles and actions, the next day there is literally 0 people online. So I haven't been playing too much for those reasons.
  8. Hemp Amore

    Sextant Perk

    Hello @admin I'm trying to anticipate loss of the trader tool and want to ask some things before it happens. Firstly, we think it is a lot of fun to have to triangulate your distance. Is there anyway the trader tool could remain in any shape or form with just distance information and the APC columns and price columns removed giving us just a simple distance to port. The sextant tool will be okay as far as position finding, it does take some work away as far as finding my actual location so that does disappoint me somewhat, but is there anyway you could get distance information because it is useful for estimating time of arrival to a destination. How you do is as follows: You look at the distance to ports and see how many km you are from the destination. Then start a stop watch (sounding) and see how many km you travel in 1 minute. So if you started at 145k at the beginning of the timing and end at say 137k, you're traveling at a rate of 8k per minute, so if you're 137k from the destination at 8k per minute I will arrive in approx 17 minutes in this example. This is important for timing of arrival for PBs, and hostilities. Is there anyway to keep distance information and remove the other columns while getting our sextant tool for position?
  9. Hemp Amore

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    @admin Banished asked me to share this explanation so you can better determine the facts
  10. Hemp Amore

    Clan management ideas

    Red Dogs also share everything, we pool our resources, doubloons, ect, but all our sailors also have individual wealth as well. So we are capitalistic in nature with enough supplying the warehouse for all ship building, workshop, ect. The clan is funded through ports, clan activities (looted ships and real earned from group battle). We have roles & responsibilities from Captain down to Boatswain and Crewmember. Captains lead battle, Quartermasters lead personnel issues and logistics with the 'swains & crew reporting to all above. We have Sailing Master for navigation on long voyages. This allows all your guys to find a niche in your organization that they enjoy. Some love to lead, some love to follow so let your members decide what is best for them. Delegate responsibility and let people be accountable to their areas, it will make your clan run a lot smoother.
  11. Why does it have to be a perk? Why is it not "just is" for everyone? Still worse than ded-reckoning/triangulation cause it's literally GPS on the map, but better than zero navigation. Is there any user input in to the sextant at all? Angles, degrees, anything I can touch or do at all? Or do I just click on the button and open the map to find a cross or a mark?
  12. What if upon capture of the port your clan got deposited 50,000 or some other random large number doubloons for the effort, therefore getting a squadrons worth of pay for for the trouble of sacking the port. Call it a special hidden vault that has been collected the taxes for the town, now sacked by the victor and paid handsomely. Maybe 500,000 real per player (again robbing the town bank) and make it nice and juicy/worth the time & risk of spending 150,000 doubloons on a real PB fleet. Clans also need numbers to flip the larger ports, most have had suppressed player activity, but I think being able to tell your clan you'll bring them a large prize if they win with you, would go a long way to getting more RVR.
  13. Hemp Amore

    Points of Forts and Towers killed.

    I can't listen to you whine anymore. That's why I really wanted to take your port, you whine all the time. You deserved it. Go cry about the alts. The points are fair because you are killing what is equivalent to a 1st rate (100+ guns) in firepower and not to mention AI SNIPING CAPABILITY. So I feel absolutely zero sympathy for you. Next time use those TWO GIANT FIRST RATE EQUIVALENTS in your favor, PLUS WE GAVE YOU A BATTLE PLAN in the event you ever find the courage to take it back. LOL "the fort points are too high." Since you're getting 1st rate firepower in a shallow water fight, the odds are actually in your favor than the attacker, but whatever man, opinions you're entitled to...
  14. Hemp Amore

    Points of Forts and Towers killed.

    I guarantee if you were on the other side and were the one destroying the forts this thread would not exist.
  15. Hemp Amore

    Points of Forts and Towers killed.

    We worked very hard to plan the battle so our ingress points, combination of firepower, good leadership, and more led to this quick and decisive victory. Not every battle is long and drawn out if the forces can achieve rapid time to kills or other factors that contribute to success of the battle (controlling ground and disabling enemy infrastructure). The fact is we were better deployed and used our forces on orders of magnitude more effectively than the US fleet did. You can say the points were unfair, I think not, you had TWO square forts you did not protect, nor use effectively against us. You could of easily disrupted the morter brigs and drawn our fleet toward the forts to get demasts (one of our guys did get demasted by a square fort) and sinks. Plan better next time and I say this humbly because it was a team effort and none of us would of been able to do it without one another. So build your team @Sir Texas Sir