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  1. Hemp Amore

    Breakup of Christian During Trade

    @Ink Writing because the game had a SNAFU where upon acceptance of the trade it also simultaneously clicked the "Break Up" on the ship during a trade of cannon for the said ship. Obviously the quick work around for the player is to have the Equipment window on ships closed during trades, but this was caused by the game. The player involved is "Malus Fellheart" and he has already F11. Please investigate ASAP the ship is needed & should be compensated to Malus. Thank you kindly for your time and hope you have a great day!
  2. If we can avoid the PZ style and the absurd notion that these battles need to be fought to the death at all costs I'd be more on board. I'm just seeing some of the same extremism again like we had with Patch 27. Proceed with caution and seriously listen to the feedback from the playerbase. Edit: The major reason I don't want to see the circle of death is it is very ugly in battle, ruins immersion and just seems limiting overall. I hate limits. I hate being told you can't do something, or that things aren't allowed. The less limits the better. Free choice and independent decision making is better than forcing outcomes for people. Not to mention the clock timer detracts majorly from the age of sail experience the second you roll out of the circle. I think OW the unlimited battle instance we currently have is the way to go. For real the PZ idea is a bad idea.
  3. Okay, you probably only need to make some minor changes here though. Think it through.
  4. We need to get stupid terms like "kiting" and "ganking" out of our vocabulary. What you call kiting is the military tactic of creating sea room (distance in which to maneuver the ship freely without enemy interference). When the Connie went upwind to repair while the Java was heavily damaged (unknown to the Connie crew at the time of how badly they damaged Java) they were creating sea room to give them more time to repair their ship before reengaging. Once satisfactorily repaired enough they wore down to Java to find her more/less unable to continue fighting. But in your terms that would be kiting, when the reality is that they preserved sea room, while they ensured their ship was seaworthy enough to continue the fight. If they would of been unable to complete the repair they'd of certainly "escaped" from the battle which is probably what the commander was balancing in his decision making around during the repair. That's a real life example.
  5. Your overall idea is good, but once again this is the extremism that seems to creep into the development of this game. Escape is a viable military tactic in the real world and in game. One should always have the option to withdraw from battle. If you want to increase PVP your other ideas may work, but this is taking things a little too much the other direction. A strong down vote to inescapable patrol style battles on the entire map. Let's keep that mess in the patrol zones. I enjoy patrol battles, but they feel so gamey compared to normal open world battles.
  6. Hemp Amore

    blame prussia

    Prussia has ROVER...
  7. Hemp Amore

    Clan Docks

    + 1 great for clan management of constructed ships that are awaiting delivery & don't need to clog the dock space of the builder while waiting for the player it's built for to come online next. Maybe even have an option of setting who can pull it out if the ship is specifically for them.
  8. Hemp Amore

    On reclassing certain ships

    I think it does I notice the ports are more & more empty in both resources & trade goods across the board and I do believe it is from OW hunting of traders for doubloons and materials.
  9. Hemp Amore

    On reclassing certain ships

    mmm kind of mid-level players ship, something nice to work towards when you're a new player or still at the appropriate rank for it, but you're meant to move on from her there are better ships once you can man them, so I think she definitely has a place in game.
  10. Hemp Amore

    Cargo Hold Size

    Well to get to 25 docks you have to play the game and buy the additional slots so I don't think this is valid. There is a certain point where you've played enough to "beat" the game and you should have all the treats, tricks & whistles as a reward for the time & effort. I mean after 2800 hours don't you think I should be able to have 25 ships, several 1st rates, lots of resources, materials, money and doubloons? For you probably not, but I think so.
  11. Hemp Amore

    Cargo Hold Size

    I think it's a great idea. It feels like the LGV & Indiaman are under capacity to me. I would think somewhere like 1750-2000 for Tbrig, 2500-3000 for LGV & 6000 for Indiaman. But more so to your original suggestion if we could get the real world capacities it would be even better. Ships hold a lot of stuff, and I mean a lot of stuff, so should our ships.
  12. Hemp Amore

    Cargo Hold Size

    Just more of the same limiting stuff we've heard before. A dock is a dock. It holds a certain volume, so ships of all sizes can enter. Somtimes you have a ship way under capacity like a frigate, sometimes you have ships that fit the capacity of the dock such as a 1st rate. Either way there are 25 possible docks for a ship to enter. So please this will not add one bit to gameplay or realism and would just simply put be kind of lame. Why are the only suggestions ever made by either of you limiting in scope of gameplay and enjoyment? Why not an actual cool feature or something that finishes/polishes the game for release?
  13. Hemp Amore

    look out perk

    The only suggestion I like is the drawing of fleet ships in OW... they should be like ducks following the lead ship and would make the visual of having a fleet ship more interesting imho, plus potentially intimidating when you encounter enemy ships... please do that one admin it would be visually very cool
  14. Hemp Amore

    Join Time/Space Solution

    Self-moderated for non-constructive discussion
  15. Hemp Amore

    Join Time/Space Solution

    I think a battle timer of 2:30 would be a compromise @ 7.5k per minute (medium speed ship) 2 mins = 15K 2.5 mins = 19k 3 mins = 23k @10k per minute (very fast frigate with copper plating) 2 mins = 20k 2.5 mins = 25k 3 mins = 30k The extra 30 seconds extends the potential zone a few kilometers (and remember it is simultaneously shrinking as the timer burns down) and let the 1 or 2 players who make it to the circle right at battle close get into the fight (which I think is what the main complaint is about). That would allow some balance between protecting the existing battle and allowing ships from the overall battle space a chance to get into the fold.