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  1. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    Thanks for the heads up. My guess would be that if they do not monitor this particular forum the manufacturer doesn’t want suggestions. The trolling would be a great way to make those people that would like to see improvements feel like they shouldn’t make them and they are stupid and unneeded unless they come from “on high”. This way you don’t have to spend any money doing development and you can make the customers happy with a stagnant product and only put in an effort for improvement when the company feels its needed. I’ll go back to only commenting on Steam where it will get more of the general population. I’ll stick with those trolls and drop these. The game is fun, I hope it grows, I see plenty of potential for it. It’s a fun pastime while I have a break in real life. Take care all! o7
  2. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    Read what you said above and tell me you weren’t insulting me personally. The comment about a “life lesson” (You’ve got to be KIDDING ME! 😳) was especially rich given the total triviality of the subject, a game. Don’t over exaggerate the subject to aggrandize yourself and then I won’t take your comments as personal. This is a game and I’m making a suggestion. I suggest that if you don’t like my comment you take it to the complaints department or hold off on the bolstering of your ego. This is a suggestion form about a game not life. That said, if you agreed about a free perk then you should have only said that and then this absolutely pointless conversation wouldn’t have started. There you have it. 😉
  3. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    Not bad. 👍
  4. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    Again, there is no way for it to be clear if there is no explanation. Catch 22. 😉 “Lacking”’doesn’t even begin to cover the tutorial. This isn’t life it’s a game if you haven’t noticed but from your comments I suspect you live there. 🙄
  5. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    Before commenting maybe you should read the entire post, i.e. before commenting on something thourghly read the content before opening the pie hole and going fishing. Want more new players to pray on? If so be open to new suggestions. My suggestion is reading and the subsequent comprehension there of is fundamental. 😉
  6. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    Not a bad idea, Hethwill as with Thonys.
  7. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    I see a fisherman. 😉 This forum is “suggestions”. I suggest you stop your whining about using the forum for it’s designed purpose. 😉
  8. uneasyrider

    New fishing event

    Love the idea. There are so many different little nuances that can be added to this game that I can envision it becoming as deep as Eve Online. If they start adding land adventure options this thing could get very deep. The ability to start trading posts would be nice. It would be fun to become the next Hudson’s Bay Company. I can see whaling, seal hunting, etc. being added. This game could really get deep.
  9. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    New player here and I see a flaw in the perk reset. The new player does not know yet the dynamics of the game and what play style will fit them best until they start playing. You have to allow a perk reset at a less “expensive” cost or at least a partial reset or possibly allow a reset after so many weeks (like 2 or 3) to give the new player time to adjust their perks to the playing style they are formulating. This game is very similar to Eve Online in its potential complexity and potential depth in many respects. Given that even the current tutorial only scratches the surface of a very narrow set of game knowledge/play I would suggest it’s unfair to the new user to lock them into a set of perks with such a high cost to alter. A possible solution would be to have one or two “floater” perks. You can change one or two at any given time but if you want to reset more you would have to pay a higher incremental cost for each subsequent change. This way you could adjust for what you had no idea initially you would need for what you found you want to do. I’m not sure of the solution but I can tell you now that I’ve played for a couple weeks steady I would have chosen differently but there isn’t enough game info in any kind of tutorial to have given what I feel is a good basis for choosing a perk set at the start of the game. The success of the product is in appealing to the widest range of customers without watering down the quality. In my opinion a free partial reset of perks waters nothing down but it does allow you to change to some degree with newly acquired knowledge of the game and your gaming style. Thanks o7
  10. uneasyrider

    Perk reset

    I’m new to the game, only been on a couple weeks and LOVING it! I pulled another person into the game with me and we are both actively promoting the game to friends. My question is how do I reset my perks. Now that I’ve played a bit I’m seeing that some are needed more for my playing style than others and I’ve filled all my slots but I can’t find a good explanation of how to reset them. Thank you for the help. o7
  11. Here’s a little video for your enjoyment of three of the ships we sail on the game. HMS Pickle (replica) HMS Surprise (replica) The Privateer Lynx