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  1. No you won't mate, I've removed the game from my library permanently on Steam and won't be buying it again. It had to be this way, otherwyse I'm sure Hugo and the other guys from clan LAB at France would be able to convince me to get back. o7
  2. Farewell guys! It was a good ride, but life has to go on and one need to move forward. Didn't have time to say good bye to all friends, since most were not online. Special thanks to the guys from clan NOT (Shakal and Ernesto) at Pirates and the French nation, all good mates! There are lots of good people in this game I wish you all the best, but I'm 44 years old and got a company to run. Doesn't make sense to spend an addtional 1,000 hours in this game when I see the direction it's taking with the recent p2w content. Take care and good winds Captains!
  3. I'm geeting 25º C / 78% humidity today, winter time. Still better than 45º C from summer...
  4. No, according to myself there is no ship in game capable of maneuvering like the Xebec, with similar speed, crew size and firepower. This is the sort of thing which usually makes people buying the DLC, and later another new ship will come up, also with no match in game, so everyone can buy DLC again... until I finnaly get a 10/10 Bellona for $xxx, with 24 hr cooldown
  5. The way the ship is being used is annoying. There is no ship in game capable of fighting it in the same conditions, so you will either waste time chasing them with a Frigate, or get sunk in a 6th rate. Unless you want to spend money and buy the DLC. It’s becoming like a freaking mosquito buzzing in the ear, which respawn every 24 hours. Are they weak on damage? Not with Carrons. Shit turn and can’t stop? Not with manual sailing. Plus it turns against the wind like a cutter! No match for Herc? Break the Herc bow and board it, easy to do.
  6. Do agree with you. First time I used reinforcements, few months ago, I was in a Pavel and got tagged by two well know Swedish guys in Pavels. The reinforcements came as two Pavels, and I was able to use them as shield. Got tagged by an Hercules Pirate later, a guy who I actually knew, got a Brig. The AI kept him entertained while we did chat about old times. Got tagged by Trinc plus Endy, got Belle Poule plus Cerberus. Got tagged by a Xebec, didn't even bother to call reinforcements, broke the guy's bow and boarded him right away. An experience captain will work around the situation, but for new players it will be certain death as the current AI is weak. Reinforcements should be at the same lvl as the attacker and decent AI, I dont think they should be over the top, just decent.
  7. No worries mate! Your point is valid. To be 100% honest, devs can't listen players too much, other wise this game will never be released. Player population in games are always composed of a complex mix of regular and seasonal players. If devs keep changing the game based on player opinion, this will offcourse be influenced by seasonal players, and the common opinion will make the game unrecognizable after one or two years. This can be either good and bad. Believe me, this is already happening to this game for what I could read in this forum! In order to move forward priorities need to be rationalized. I liked when devs focused in the UI, it's an important part of the game and is moving forward. DLC's by the other hand weren't really a need now, unless the game needs funding, but I would much ratter be paying money for paint jobs. Game industry is in an interesting situation today. It's popular and generates lots of money, but player feedback became a "monster" which needs to be taken under control. I'm sure there are lots of people who bought the DLC defending it, and I won't blame them, they paid for it, but they need to remember that if they can pay for a Le Requin, there are people willing to pay for a gold grade Connie, Bellona, Wasa, Victory, or what ever comes. We shouldn't go this way...
  8. For this specific purpose Naval Action Legends would probably work better, but I guess the "arena style" game didn't make much sucess, other wise we would be playing it. Do we want pvp? We sure do, but do we want only it?
  9. You didn't mention one of the biggest problems. The DLC grants a new ship every 24 hours. Ship crafters need to play to get resources and assure the conditions to craft new ships regularly, and therefore replace what is lost. For these DLC ships one doesn't need to do anything. One buys two DLC's, Le Requin and Hercules, and get two ships per day with no effort what so ever. This is my opinion potentializes all issues associated to the ship itself. Three more ship DLC's and we don't need to bother about playing anymore. Clain the DLC and go to OW hunt.
  10. Spent quite some time in the last days chasing Xebecs with a P Frigate. They were afraid to fight me, and I coundn't catch them up wind. What an annoying waste of time/gameplay. Even thought about buying the DLC to be able to fight them Xebec against Xebec, but let's face it, are we all going to be sailing Xebecs from now on? Should I buy a DLC in order to be able to fight an specific group of players who already spent money buying this ship? What if another ship comes down the road, replacing the Xebec, should I go and buy the new DLC too to be able to keep playing? Sorry guys, I've seen this story before, and I didn't like the ending, it's like virus spreading.
  11. Well placed question mate. Some people also buy DLC aiming to support the game.
  12. Not only that. Got to be carefull as "Quality of Life" in an MMO can easily become an exploit.
  13. I've put Elite Pirate Refit and Art of Ship Handling knowledge. Making 15.5kn against the wind top speed (more than the top speed showing at the dock: 14.5kn), this ship is also accelerating insanely fast! Try with the 32 pd Carron guys, excellent for stern haking, I've also fought a Connie with them today, really good punch against its side plating. Tried manual sailing micro management, which can be quite complex, but I could sort of control the speed better with this and keep the ship at 10kn, instead of 15kn, this allowed me to go side to side with the enemy when I needed (mostly traders). Still wish we get half or battle sails option. Yes, you do need to be close with Carrons, but since the ship is so fast you can aproach and evade from the enemy really quick. Note: Didn't know the Niagara and Herc could run with 32d Carron, in this case this ship will have good competition in shallow. Thanks for letting me know, do appreciate.
  14. Tried the ship twice in battle. Takes some time to get use with manual sailing, and it would be nice to have half or battle sails configuration. I do understand not having many sails options in battle due to its construction, but only stop and full is quite problematic as it accelerates really fast (I'm sailing Teak/Bermuda Cedar ship). First fight with long 9pd against a Cherubim Frigate: Interesting fight, 9pd longs were no match for the Frigate side plating, ended up having to board it as the Requin had only 13%/0% armor left in its sides and 24% structure (ship wasn't making water even badly damaged, shouldn't it?). The crew of the ship really helped, even without hammocks or any other skill such as marines or 5 rings. Second fight with 32 pd Carron against a 3rd: This was getting really fun, but the 3rd rate did run to the shore so I had to leave it to another ship to sink as the Carronades didn't have penetration due to the distance. Note: why is the AI always running to shore, even when they are in bigger number? Is it an issue, or are they just dumb? 2pd chasers look to have limited use, if any at all. Overall, looks a good ship. I'm not sure about having it against 6th rates in shallow water as the 32pd Carron might be too much for a 6th rate to go against.
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