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  1. Yes. It certainly surprised me. But in fairness to them I was relatively new and it was primarily a Euro based clan and I am US time zone so I didn’t know them well and they didn’t know me. It’s a difficult thing to get involved with others when you live on the west coast. I just regret the 1000 doubloons I gave them as a gesture of goodwill in exchange for 50 x 32lb carros.
  2. I made the mistake of asking in my clan chat if we were allied with a certain nation and apparently that is a sign of an Alternate player. Who knew? Anyway, I was removed from that clan. Just when I was warming up to the idea of sailing with others.
  3. Certainly having materials included in the tax would be great for the owning clans. However, I felt like it would make it TOO GREAT for the owning clans meaning they could dedicate less ports to farming ship building materials and dedicate even more ports to their conquest plans. It would also, in my opinion, make the option TOO EXPENSIVE for the solo players and small clans that I think your suggestion intends to help. We don't want port owners to be able to build their ships almost for free because the solos and small clans are paying completely for it.
  4. The success of this idea will depend on having the right balance of difficulty in obtaining keys to open the chest in a port other than the originating port. Too easy, and folks will just exploit it because they steal the chest and are able to take it possibly to a very close port. If it's too difficult to get the keys, this will all just be a PVE grind mechanic because it will be too much trouble to profit from stealing the chest from players.
  5. I like the concept of the original post but would prefer the tax be paid in doubloons and reals rather than in materials. That way, the crafters become like the clan's customers. The clan can abuse their tenants with unreasonably high taxes but that may ultimately backfire. The benefit of the clan is they would not have to grind nearly as much to maintain timers and obtain doubloons for further upgrades and to improve more ports.
  6. Plain text if you need to translate or more clear type:
  7. Hi. New forum member here. I just wanted to point out a post I made in the Tutorial Feedback thread because it was, in my opinion, a pretty big bug. I've never seen an AI go through land while in a battle instance, but that's what happened. During the final exam, the AI ran from me, went through land, and emerged on the other side. Unfortunately I wasn't given the ability to pass through a land mass as well so I was not able to catch him. I submitted F11 during the game (same player character name). http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25622-tutorial-feedback-2/?do=findComment&comment=545456 No video, but here are some screenshots:
  8. Haven't seen this one before. Worth registering for the forums. Too bad my first post is a complaint. Sorry. I have tried multiple times to finish the Final Exam using the early boarding technique. I finally board one of the Cerberus, win the boarding, and switch ships. I am way down on crew so I run for time to heal and repair. Finally, with about 30 minutes left in battle, I am ready and turn to engage the pursuing Cerberus. However he has turned away and is racing away at top speed. The AI runs straight to an island, then straight through part of an island, through a cove, and then through another part of the island, emerging on the other side and continuing to run away. Needless to say, I didn't have time to catch him before the timer ran out. We've all seen AI go through land but I've never seen them do it in battle and during the final exam it really hurts. Big bug. F11 submitted.
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