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  1. Yes. It certainly surprised me. But in fairness to them I was relatively new and it was primarily a Euro based clan and I am US time zone so I didn’t know them well and they didn’t know me. It’s a difficult thing to get involved with others when you live on the west coast. I just regret the 1000 doubloons I gave them as a gesture of goodwill in exchange for 50 x 32lb carros.
  2. I made the mistake of asking in my clan chat if we were allied with a certain nation and apparently that is a sign of an Alternate player. Who knew? Anyway, I was removed from that clan. Just when I was warming up to the idea of sailing with others.
  3. Certainly having materials included in the tax would be great for the owning clans. However, I felt like it would make it TOO GREAT for the owning clans meaning they could dedicate less ports to farming ship building materials and dedicate even more ports to their conquest plans. It would also, in my opinion, make the option TOO EXPENSIVE for the solo players and small clans that I think your suggestion intends to help. We don't want port owners to be able to build their ships almost for free because the solos and small clans are paying completely for it.
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