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  1. What about the tools issue? That's unbalanced! (you're strict!)
  2. One addition from me. Many have complained about the prices for investments to ports. If Devs are thinking of adjusting, then now is better than later. One thing that stands out to me is the amount of tools needed for certain investments. Tools are extremely expensive and each weighs 100 tons, making them difficult to get to a site that requires thousands. Very unbalanced.
  3. The fact is, that because of the high price of port investments we need a vehicle to make large amounts of money in a reasonable amount of time. Cargo/passenger mission fulfil that need. If nothing else changes we can live with this mechanic. Having said that, it saddens me that actual trading has been killed by these missions and I hope that @admin can fix this. It is very satisfying to bring in a huge shipment of trade goods for a substantial profit. It is also very satisfying to hunt and kill/cap a trader going about this business. At the moment we have lost this content. Many traders who are running these new missions will just surrender. Sure you get the kill, but it's a hollow victory. There used to be several traders who went around in a fleet of Indiamen and were very tough nuts to crack. These players no longer have any motivation to continue in this style. It is a net loss for the game.
  4. I can live with what we have...but I would buy an outpost DLC. Some will scream PTW on this...
  5. Great rant and thanks for only quoting part of what I said and even taking that out of context. While it is easy to take a port against AI, that will not always be the case, and even so, the port has to be maintained and defended. The owning clan must make a large investment and should profit from that. I believe I made one suggestion and I am sure I have read others. Additionally, I have said many times that I disagree with locking other national players out of a port. Instead of punching out a big negative rant, why don't you make some reasonable suggestions....or if you find that no one is listening, you could, y'know...shut up.
  6. Yeah, I basically sailed around Hispaniola with two TBrigs, picking up and completing cargo missions. 3-4 hours and made 700k and 4k Dubs (ish). Killed a couple of enemies on the journey (I always have a warship). It will get tougher when the ports are owned, but if your nation has enough of them, you can make a good circuit.
  7. I'm happy with urgent repair as is. I think that regular repairs should never give more than 5-10%. If you are completely dismasted, you should be helpless. However, I also believe that mast sniping is nonsense and shouldn't happen, so I guess one thing balances the other here.
  8. Very. T/WO, Purple, Carta, copper, elite Spanish etc...15.5 with a stack of reps on board. It's how a raider fights on his own terms. (but gear doesn't matter, lol)
  9. I'm sure it was self-defence (catch me in a trader..)! My point is that the game we have requires an investment in time...Whether you are hunting in enemy waters or doing trade in order to support your hunting/RVR. The people who complain about prices don't want to spend the time to make the money, and while I understand that feeling, it is life in NA and I don't want it changed.
  10. What you want to do is capture (or kill) Elite NPCs. You'll get better ships and some of them drop a ship note for an elite ship. You guys can actually capture elite 1st rates, which is not an option on PVP.
  11. Many of us just want to fight (or hunt), and with trading now a waste it's kinda boring to just do cargo/passenger missions. I combine it the two by escorting my traders and getting some hunting in with the trade mission. High prices means high value, which gives satisfaction from accomplishment. For me anyway...but I was never a "Legends" fan.
  12. There is nothing hardcore about making a veteran player to the sailing tutorial. Just a waste of time.
  13. The benefit is to the clan who did the work and captured the port. Why should you get all the benefits of someone else's investment? I'm not entirely sure that I agree with a friends list for people because there could be personalities involved in this, but there has to be some form of compensation and/or profit to the owning clan. What I suggested long ago is that any national player can make a one-time payment to the owners for access rights. And it should be hefty, in order to reflect the initial investment by the owners. Once you have invested in a port, you are more likely willing to help defend it.
  14. It actually is a good idea. I can't think of any reason for someone to be forced to do the entire tutorial if they don't want to. No comment on alts...
  15. 1. Agree completely. Why would I bother investing in a trade run when I can make more money doing missions. 2. Farming is always going to be a fact of life. It's actually mitigated at the moment because of the high populations. The is help nearby far more often. Vets have to tell noobs to stay away from the capitols. 3. DLC will only rule until the port investments are up. Then DLC's will be secondary ships. Crafted ships will (rightly) be the best option. 4. That's a matter of opinion. Yes they are very expensive, but IMHO, they should be. It can't be too easy. On CM's, i'm still pissed that you don't get them for individual PVP kills.
  16. I feel like it was more difficult. My long range gun battle with the 2nd Cerb caused far more damage on me in the Surprise than it did when I did it in a Cerb. The bots seem to hit much harder now.
  17. Back in the day, Many warships were turned into En Flute traders by removing the guns from one of the gundecks. We could do that.
  18. Bottom line is that it's mostly only experienced players seem to be succeeding with the final exam. There are a few noobs who take advantage of the youtube guides, but not many. I'm even seeing players complaining on global that they cannot get past the Dismasting tutorial. I have to say that as a tutorial, this is a Fail.
  19. I'm kinda busy today...tomorrow would be better for me. Devs, if you don't mind, hold off on this, please.
  20. LOL, Paladin has been hunting me since I sunk his Pandora...but c'mon, that's what Pandoras are for!
  21. Whilst we are enthusiastically punching out these great ideas, Devs are releasing the game. There may not be any more substantive changes in the future. Fun to dream I guess...
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