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  1. But i thought that since the patch a combat ship in the fleet no longer allowed traders to enter an enemy port ?
  2. Its the same for me out of nearly 24 hrs playtime and sinking countless traders i have only received 1200 dubloons by the time i teleport a few times each day this makes a dent in my dubloons. To me based in this return I cant see the game as being sustainable. I am now having to spend all my time doing PVE just so that get enough dubloons to get by it has taken the fun out of the game.
  3. I agree with Wraith i can't see how we will keep new players this way. Or maybe if the they have to do missions outside the safezone the missions close immediately that way they still have a risk to get to the missions ??
  4. I dont understand the reasoning behind the 3 cancellations a day ? surely this will make it harder for new players
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