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  1. this game is branded with simulator now, it's no longer mmo. I guess it's ok as it is.
  2. All vets measuring d*cks here? any feedback from new guys?
  3. I got to say your suggestions are right on point. I would definitely store them in a dev work book. I mentioned this before NA sold 200 000 copies, but for some reason people left. That is almost 99% of customers! . 200 000 customers that can potentially return if the right content is deployed into Naval Action. Are we all that blind? I would run to the nearest bank, get a loan and expand the team who can do the job to make that 200k happy and then sit back and watch money flow into my pocket. Set up captain club, add casual content, premium paints and not only paints. People go nuts about tha
  4. I love the npc sniping from long range with 100% hit chance ignoring waves.
  5. How about ideas that would bring players back. What is the point of Port battle if no one is in it? I like the idea, but at this point it does not benefit the game.
  6. Stop beating a dead horse. This suggestion returns over and over with no response from Devs.
  7. You don't get the point. Map Accuracy has nothing to do here. I just represent the general idea of what is happening now.
  8. Escort, creates pvp. Nation reinforcements dispatch and chase attackers. All this creates action. At least this is better compared to how life is NA atm.
  9. Tax will not increase traffic at least not significantly. Tax is not the best card to play in this scenario. Newcomers and how to make them sail and trade is the main question here. Newcomers will not pvp , but will sail with clan and participate in fleets and later in some pvp action, but only small % and only after some time. Once again, clan influence, daily content and trade are main cards we have to look at.
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