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  1. Definitely option B. Small player groups and clans need more power and big clans less. Big clans already have too much power only through their numbers alone, disregarding individual player skill or lack thereof completely.
  2. I think trading and raiding traders should be #1 money maker. It makes for much better content than players hitting bots in some corner of the map...
  3. I like your suggested alliances. Holy Alliance here I come. Deus vult.
  4. Fair point but I don't see people paying a lot for paints now that they are so easy to get with DLC... if someone really wants paints he will pay the 13$ instead of ingame currency.
  5. Well, there is the "painter" DLC ableit it does not have many cool paints yet, only the old ones... it is the other purely cosmetic DLC.
  6. There is a difference between making fun of triggered low skill and new players and straight griefing / bullying them. No wonder the player retention rate of NA is close to 0.
  7. Well, of course they "turn their noses up" since it is a weaker build. They should just cut out the rare wood BS and give everyone easy access to all woods for a more fair and balanced game.
  8. But isn't it the same for the war server or will the port be completely reset / investments deleted after being conquered?
  9. I hope you are right but I can see it being very frustrating for a new player that does not even know how to fight, when he is attacked over and over unable to leave the area. At least they won't be punished too hard as long as they stay in Basic Cutter but I doubt it will be a pleasant experience for them. For veterans on the other hand it will be awesome, no doubt.
  10. Fair enough but how should new players know if they are spawned there? They think it is where they are supposed to be and even if they find out by asking etc. , I wish them good luck on their hour long journey to a place where they can actually play the game, that is if they can escape the ganker screen around shroud made up by dozens of sealclubbers. Impossible shouldn't mean unplayable for new players and as mentioned already some choose it for the flag or nation. If you are a russian dude chances are you want to play russian empire for the language alone.
  11. This is a great idea. I really don't want to see sealclubbers camping SC 24/7 and get rewarded for it - impossible nations or not. Also as mentioned, people really don't seem to grasp the number of players that we could potentially get at release.
  12. Well, to be honest we had enough with LRQ and Hercules. Now I don't have any reason to sail any crafted ship below 3rd rate anymore, unless it's a trader... oh wait I don't need traders like the rest of the plebs who paid 40 bucks for the base game, I can simply skip economy with my DLC ship fleet. Pretty much this. It's not even that DLC ships are super good in combat, the problem is their 0 value compared to the ridiculous cost and effort to build a comparable ship, that can actually be captured and used by the enemy aswell, as you mentioned. I strongly agree. If they made legends free2play, I would buy all their DLC ships to support that and it would make sense but this...
  13. Yeah, some nations have a extra flag available in PvP rewards for 50k doubloons via the admiralty.
  14. @admin @Ink Could you please elaborate on what will and will not be wiped on final release? Last time you mentioned rank xp will be wiped but books will be save. What about ship knowledge and unlocks from admiralty like blueprints or flags? I would appreciate some more detailed information on this, so I can evaluate whether or not I want to put in more time testing prior to release. Thank you.
  15. How does it help to have a record of previous names when someone else can take a name once it is not used anymore? It only clutters everything up. You can report a player with his ID to deal with exploiters / griefers and other players violating the rules, isn't this what the topic is about? If you have an unique ID for every account it is more useful in this regard, as nobody else can use it.
  16. What about simply giving the option to display the steam account ID or some other unique number for every account, instead of dealing with a dozen names? Make it so the player card displays a unique account ID. This would also allow to add other enemy players on steam, if the steam ID is used.
  17. I doubt this is still going to happen but at least more visible crew on decks would be nice... and also open options for cosmetic DLCs for crew clothes / weapons / voices etc. ...
  18. I just wish they made them fire automatically or made them a different thing as others already mentioned, so they don't mess up the aiming of the guns that actually need precise aiming.
  19. Thank you. I also like that you want to leave a few rare ships but please don't forget it is not only about the permits but also about the rare / expensive woods.
  20. Rank XP will be wiped but books will be saved according to the last comments by admin. Not sure about ship knowledge. Anyways, seems like a fair request altough I'd argue if you feel the game is worth playing after release, I'd spend the few bucks on forger DLC to support the devs, if they fix pay2win DLC ships and make crafting ships accessible again.
  21. You could allow clans to let players take control of the guns on their fortifications. The less AI in PvP, the better.
  22. Even if we forget that the RNG permits and rare / expensive woods turn DLC ships from an advantage into blatant pay2win, it is still bad for the game when ships are too hard or even impossible to replace. It was mentioned several times that the DLC ships create more PvP due to high quality disposable ships being available, so why are we limiting access to crafted ships this much again? Why would I risk a T/WO Agamemnon ( assuming I can even get the woods ) in a fight vs 0 cost thus 0 value Rattvisans, even if the Agamemnon is slightly better? In the end the Rattvisan player gets no risk but the same reward ( probably even better since DLC ships give less kill reward ) fighting the Agamemnon, while the Agamemnon player would take a significant blow in the case of losing even a blue ship. Where is the concept of promoting more PvP through easy access to high quality ships for everyone here? Or does it only apply when people spend cash?
  23. That is unless they would balance different wood stats better...
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