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  1. Sovereign

    Pirate on Pirate action

    I think it is more about this particular player in general to be honest. He is the most toxic player I have seen in NA so far.
  2. Sovereign

    Pirate on Pirate action

    Why they haven't banned him already is completely beyond me. I know he streams NA and it is advertisement ... but not exactly positive. I wouldn't watch this anger issue stricken mongoloid, if you paid me for it and honestly witnessing a player like that is more of a turn off than a buying incentive.
  3. Yeah, I don't doubt its authenticity. I know you research a lot before implementing something like this in the game, trying to keep it as historically accurate as possible and I really appreciate your dedication to quality in this regard. But don't you agree it looks a bit weird? I'm trying to imagine a ship of the line, the most advanced piece of engineering art of its time, rocking this odd drawing that appears to be the work of some child on its main flagpole... admiralty must have been drunk when they accepted this flag.
  4. That is the weirdest flag of all in the game. Definitely something special...
  5. In all plans and pictures I could find on the Wasa, it can be seen that the ship had some bow decorations or figurehead. Why was decided against adding it, when the model was created? @admin Beautiful ship ( just a bit overpriced / underperforming and thus not often seen at the moment ) nevertheless! I love how ship models keep getting better and better. The look of the planking on Diana for example is simply superb! My appreciation to you and your artists.
  6. Sovereign

    blame prussia

    Prussia is a good country to invade, comrade! Quite fitting how the USSR was the master of zerg tactics... they had more soldiers than rifles.
  7. Sovereign

    Re-imagining Old Mechanics for New Port Battles

    I like the "shore party" idea, as long as they add some visuals to it ( dudes rowing to shore in boats and maybe even have ships be able to fire upon and sink them? ... even a bunch of soldiers charging the tower / fort would be enough ). If they add permanent destruction of forts and towers and a building cost for them, "boarding" or capturing enemy fortifications to avoid the rebuilding cost would make a lot more sense. We even have models for destroyed forts and towers in game already. This could be yet another real/doubloon sink, add more realism and be easy to implement. @admin Please consider making towers and forts cost something to build ( after every destruction ) but make it optional - so clans can choose where they want / need forts and towers but have to pay for it. Maybe even add the possibility to build more than 2 forts at big / important ports. Ports should have higher maintenance cost with more fortifications or less without ( whatever you deem more balanced ).
  8. Sovereign

    blame prussia

    One players' nighttimer is another players' daytimer. I don't see any bad playing or expoit potential as we have no EU or US server anymore - it's global now. It makes perfect sense to me, that clans should be able to allow attacks on their ports only during their prime time. Of course it could be discussed that a clan can not have different timers on their ports and that changing the timer should have a longer cooldown etc. ...
  9. I have recently been playing a lot of shallow ships and found Cerberus and Renommee's performances really wanting among the major shallow vessels. Now this could of course simply be credited to my limited skill of using the ships properly but I rarely ever see other players using those ships ( usually a clear indicator of them underperforming in relation to other available vessels but in this case no doubt swayed by the free DLC ship availability ). Even leaving DLC ships aside, why would I sail Cerberus or Renomme over Surprise? Less alpha damage and DPS, only 2 chasers compared to 6 on Herc and Surprise and significantly less turnrate than Herc. All that for minor hp and armor advantage that are mainly useful, if you stay at range downwind, because Herc, Surp and especially LRQ control upwind completely and can easily escape at any point in time. I think the Renommee, renown ( pun intended ) for being the fastest ship of her time, could use a minor speed and maybe hp buff combined with a turnrate nerf. This could turn the Renomme into a great support ship and valid choice for port battles. As for the Cerberus I have no idea. What do you think? Has anyone found a use for those ships yet? Some good read on Renomme: http://larenommeeship.com/
  10. Sovereign

    A Suggestion to Reduce the Number of Factions

    It certainly would be grand.
  11. Sovereign

    Make open world smaller

    Larger map definitely but no slower ships please... especially with a even larger map we will need the current speed and for obvious reasons we won't have 100% realistic speed anyways.
  12. Sovereign

    A Suggestion to Reduce the Number of Factions

    I like this idea but I assume the historical starter nations can not participate in RvR and have some uncapturable ports? Having only "easy" nations with uncapturable ports and safezones makes a lot more sense as trade-off for not being able to take part in RvR. But I would make only 3 PvE starter nations not 4-5 or they take up too much space on the map ( unless we get a bigger map ). Non RvR starter nations with safe ports / zones should be GB, Spain and France.
  13. Sovereign

    Open Poland to All Privateers

    Or keep them as another option and call them "Pirates of the Caribbean", which would be a bit more accurate name for what the current pirates are...
  14. Sovereign

    Death to the non-believers

    If only the average player had the balls courage and incentive to do so... I mean when it comes to OW PvP, I completely agree, this is a nice challenge for real PvP players so they get more targets ( sort of like when the real prussia was born after the purge of the carebears ) but I don't see anyone with half a brain throwing their small resistance of a couple of ships into the jaws of a RvR zerg, only to entertain them, when there is no reward for fighting as underdog ( this happened at least once with swedes before when they went full organised zerg and tryhard in RvR to the point where barely any other nation bothered anymore and the swedes moaned about empty PBs in the end ). I wouldn't even mind this, if it was a real sandbox and you could actually remove any nation from the map ( like prussia, russia and poland ) but having the uncapturable ports and safe zones on one side and no balancing mechanics for nation population, like incentives to join underdog nations, on the other is simply rubbish in my opinion.
  15. Sovereign

    AI standard crew space removal

    Can we get rid of the standard crew space trim on OW AI? What's the purpose of it anyways? Do we really need this restriction when it is so easy to build ships by the dozen each day with exactly the woods you desire? I would actually really like how the special trims are exclusive to AI ships to make capturing and using AI a bit more interesting but the standard crew space is somewhat off-putting. Can we have all wood combinations possible for OW AI ships? This would increase OW content a bit, since you could then find truly unique and rare ships. Hunting AI with the goal to find those ships seems like very easily implemented PvE OW content. Maybe some AI refits could use a very minor buff aswell, so they're equal to the crafting trims but more unique and specific. The complete randomness of frame/planking/trim would balance the trims enough through scarcity / rarity alone. First you have to find a proper combination of woods, then a good trim with it and ideally additional slots. @admin
  16. Any chance this could be copied for Naval Action? All nations in Naval Action have the same english voice acting, would be massively more immersive duing battle if the voices were nation specific. And while you do the voices for UA:AoS you could do it for NA too? All those could simply be copied 1:1 with minimal effort. @admin sorry for off-topic
  17. Does this also mean the musket mods are more common now? I'd hate to get a musket mod from gold chest post nerf...
  18. Sovereign

    AI standard crew space removal

    Yeah, maybe so but only shallow RvR and only very few AI trims are actually good and useful enough for RvR. The high tier crafting trims are better than the vast majority of AI trims. And even if you find something like T/WO/Cartagena refit ( only +3% armor thickness over T/WO/VerySturdy ), which would be about as lucky as crafting a gold ship, this would be the absolute exception and you won't be able to make a fleet of those ( more likely to build a gold ship fleet that would easily outperform the AI ships too ). Also OW AI are the most accessible of all ships, no need for DLC or having reals for resources - anyone can simply sail out and capture it. So I am not seeing much of a balance issue.
  19. Sovereign

    Cerberus & Renommee vs Surprise, Hercules and LRQ

    Peronally I'd want the best balance possible while also giving ships their historical strengths and characteristics. For example no ship should be faster than Endymion and Renommee but they should pay for it with stats like turnrate or one-dimensional sailing profile. Perfect 100% historical accuracy isn't easily compitable with gameplay however. In my opinion the majority of ships ( as many as possible ) should be viable for their own niche and the rest simply dirt cheap. I remember when Renommee was the speed queen with Rattlesnake and not having bow chasers and less guns total than other frigates ( except cerberus ) was actually a worthwhile tradeoff. With the new speeds and the speed cap she completely lost her historically accurate main characteristic - speed. So I really feel where you are coming from.
  20. Sovereign

    AI standard crew space removal

    As I mentioned crafting is much more efficient and easy and arguably has the better trims available ( except for very few ) and you can not capture 1-3 rates ( or 1-4 ? ) leaving you with little gain for RvR. Imagine you want a T/WO Endymion. Craft a few and you might very well end up with a Very Fast, Very Sturdy or Heavy rig. Now imagine you want to capture something similar from AI ( can't even get the same since crafting has its own trims ) with every combination like Live oak/fir possible... how long would it take? I don't see a problem with crafting, since capturing enough NPCs to get a decent one is more effort than crafting or redeeming one for free.
  21. Sovereign

    Cerberus & Renommee vs Surprise, Hercules and LRQ

    How is cerberus a good boarder with 195 crew compared to 200, 240 and 250? The Renommee has like 1 more mast thickness than Surprise ( iirc ) but the ultimate winner is Hercules due to the smallest mast hitboxes combined with the highest calibre, highest penetration guns. Renommee turns slighty better than Surprise, while both are completely outmatched by Hercules. Yeah, agreed.
  22. Sovereign


    Yeah, SOLs should punch much harder and turn much slower, especially 1-2 rates.
  23. I think this is very important.
  24. @admin This is probably the best solution / suggestion, that I have read so far. Might even take it one step further and make it so with option B you give up any fleet ships aswell. Also option B should never be available in enemy waters ( reinforcement zone ). This not only needs to happen for the sake of fair and enjoyable gameplay but also to make NA more playable for people with limited time. Getting tagged 5 times in a row is BS and nothing but griefing in my opinion, since you don't even gain distance sailed in battle for the OW, which makes no sense at all. It only ever happened to me a couple of times but those few times had me seriously question my further interest in the game more than anything else I have ever experienced in NA.