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  1. You forgot about my boy Waffleburger.
  2. Sovereign

    Hercules OW Spam

    I am simply not delusional and can objectively assess the DLC ships and their role in the game. They promote PvP since they remove some of the risk for casuals and low skill players, thereby creating content for more skilled and experienced players killing them and on top of that help with funding the further development of the game. Making DLC ships underperfom or even obsolete simply hurts the game much more in general than it helps. Let's hope the devs can put this to the test and prove me right. Buffing other 5th rates is effectively nerfing the DLC ships. Also it would make more sense to decrease performances on DLC ships, if the devs think that is needed, based on actual data instead of buffing all 5th rates or we end up with power creep. Actually all ships in general need a rebalancing across the board.
  3. Sovereign

    Hercules OW Spam

    I think you are the naive one to be honest. DLC ships being part of the meta ( emphasis on "part of" ) is exactly the cool part. Who in their right mind would buy and play the DLC ships if they were underperforming compared to other ships? The once a day free redeem doesn't justify that at all - it only helps casuals with limited time. Making DLC ships craftable would actually buff them, because we will have a higher chance to get gold ones. Do you seriously expect people to buy the DLC ships only to give players sailing other ships easy kills? Maybe they should nerf turnrate a bit but I doubt it will make much of a difference, unless they overnerf it completely.
  4. Sovereign

    HMS Kingfisher - with an amazing history

    "She was specially designed to counter the attacks of Algerine corsairs, or pirates, in the Mediterranean by masquerading as a merchantman, which she achieved by hiding her armament behind false bulkheads. She also was provided with various means of changing her appearance." @admin I think NA definitely needs a ship like this. Mabye a Indiaman with less cargo space but more speed, guns and 5 slots please (!!!) that are hidden somehow? Please based sea god! ❤️
  5. Sovereign

    Hercules OW Spam

    Really pointless to argue against the constant whining with reasonable arguments. Many simply look for an excuse for their lack of skill and want to blame it on ship performances. There will always be a handful of meta ships that are mainly used and I still strongly believe the main reason Hercs and LRQ are everywhere is because they are free once per day. I really want admin to nerf the DLC ships and make them only craftable now. Let's see what happens to OW PvP. How many ships less will be there to fight and destroy? How many other ships will be sailed and which? Then they will complain about lack of OW PvP / not enough targets and that ships X and Y are too strong and cost too little resources to craft. For some people whining and complaining on the forums seems to be #1 content in NA. People seem to fail to understand how much content these DLC ships bring in terms of PvP only because they are decent ships and free. Remove their potency, daily redeem or both and see where you end. Better to have average Joe log in once a day for 1 hour, redeem his ship and go PvP in one battle than not having him play at all, because he has no time for economy or is afraid of losing his ships? People really need to wake up, if they don't want to sail alone in OW a few months down the road.
  6. Sovereign

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    @admin It is absolutely ridiculous, how this thread even exists in the tribunal. It is a sandbox game with different nations and as long as there is no intentional friendly fire or actual griefing, nobody should be forced to attack anyone or help anyone. There are no rules for this and there shouldn't be any - this is not a dictatorship but a MMO Sandbox game. Anyone not willing to engage someone, should be free to do so. If clan A and B are allied ( no matter of being in the same nation or not ), why should they be forced to help the enemy clan C under any circumstances? Personally I think it is very healthy for NA that some veteran clans with skilled players form alliances against zerg / well organised clans like HAVOC, or else we end up with what we had with swedes when they completely dominated the server. Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea of one nation or even one clan being able to dominate the whole map but it should come at a price, be extremely hard and require a lot of organization and skill - not simply having most players show up when they are needed.
  7. I think this is very good. This way they can be powerful but are still limited due to cost. Bigger ships should be more expensive and all kinds of upgrades cheaper in my humble opinion. Ships should be the most expensive gear and not upgrades.
  8. Sovereign

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Do you have any estimated release date currently? Like a rough guess? Just wondering, because I find it hard to motivate many of my mates when they keep moaning about final wipe and how they plan on putting their time into the game "when it counts", which I can understand but is also really annoying... I think too many players are waiting for the wipe again, instead of simply enjoying the game.
  9. Sovereign

    Back after 2 years

    Well, it's highly subjective indeed! But even if there are still many flaws and balance issues, I think it is heading the right direction. Don't blame me for being positive and optimistic!
  10. Sovereign

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    @admin I also thought about this and it would be the best solution but I don't know how much dev time this would demand. Would the OW map have to be changed for this? Would be nice to have this some time in the future, as it would allow for much better balancing.
  11. Sovereign

    Back after 2 years

    Welcome back, captain and merry christmas to you aswell! There have been several wipes and thus all ships and assets were deleted for everyone. Maybe you should focus on collecting skillbooks for now since there will be one more final wipe before release but you will keep all learned skillbooks and any XP progress, so definitely worth playing now and the game is better than ever. Good luck and fair winds!
  12. Something like this is what I had in mind. Being able to actually choose the location of forts and towers would be pretty sick. Maybe even add special buildings that the clan can buy / build that produce resources automatically. Trading goods, repairs, rum, perm upgrade components and more could all be produced automatically in the port, if the special building for each is built.
  13. Anything to promote economic warfare is good, I suppose. Agreed, this would be good except for ships being limited and exclusive to the dominant RvR clans. This leads to imbalances and zerging. Underdog clans and nations need some kind of comeback mechanic and the reward for the dominant clans and nations should be rather prestige and cosmetic to prevent them from snowballing and zerging all over the server. This sounds like the best idea, that would promote RvR the most. If I had to choose one, it would be this. For clans to be able to lock down the resources in their ports, you have to distribute resources more even around the map. The more players NA will have the more problematic it will be to have only 1 cartagena port, 2 copper ports and few teak and WO ports exclusive to a few clans! They will snowball out of control with power and starve the underdog nations / clans to death and out of the game. Give every corner of the map 1 copper, 1 cartagena and 2-3 teak and WO ports and this could work. Also I think you should consider letting clans upgrade their ports for example with forts and towers or additional trade routes ( would give more access to trading goods or higher value ones ) or roads on land to connect ports that your clan owns and make them thus cheaper in maintenance due to trade. This would give more depth to port management and more gold sinks. Now docking fees should definitely be added but the fee should be determined by the clan just like the taxes. Allied clans should always dock for free.
  14. Sovereign

    Empty sea

    What about simply giving clans more power over their ports so they can better control the market within them? But here it would be even more important to have better resource distribution across the map...
  15. Sovereign

    Clan name + tag on release wipe

    Will we keep our clans through the final wipe meaning only clan warehouse will be wiped but not the clan itself? @Ink @admin
  16. In all plans and pictures I could find on the Wasa, it can be seen that the ship had some bow decorations or figurehead. Why was decided against adding it, when the model was created? @admin Beautiful ship ( just a bit overpriced / underperforming and thus not often seen at the moment ) nevertheless! I love how ship models keep getting better and better. The look of the planking on Diana for example is simply superb! My appreciation to you and your artists.
  17. Coat of arms of the Teutonic Order, Kingdom of Prussia Source
  18. I think it is fairly random, which I would be fine with but the rewards seem to be rather low, especially the chests. I don't find any missions with silver or gold chest reward anymore and the only gold chest quest I completed gave me a boarding mod that was already nerfed. Needless to say I won't bother with those missions until wipe / release, when they hopefully will be worth doing.
  19. Sovereign

    Identify your enemy

    I agree and about not wanting to attack new players... one can always let them go after tagging them and having them in battle, maybe go the extra mile and have some practice duel without sinking his ship? Maybe he even wants to fight to the death. I like how it is now. Either you want to fight and commit or you don't. Gone are the days of exclusively targeting low rank captains from unknown random clans for easy kills and for that I am thankful.
  20. Sovereign

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    Well yeah, the "lost fleet" wrecks with the treasure chest should randomly spawn in OW and not be announced. This way sailing in the OW gets some exploration value and sailing long distances without going afk would be rewarded. I am not a fan of the current sunken fleet event and believe it would be much better unannounced as permanent OW feature. Exploring and travelling the OW should be rewarded and not following some marker and message...
  21. Sovereign

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    @Hethwill the Red Duke Very nice idea. I would also propose, that the way you find bottles be changed. Sealed bottles should be found on randomly spawning markers, like epic events and not with afk fishing. This would discourage afk sailing even further and promote exploring the OW. The distance at which the wreck spawns should be increased aswell - make the way to the treasure a real journey and give other players more time to find the wreck and snatch the loot. And most importantly the loot should be improved to actually make it worth it. This should not be a problem with the removel of afk fishing bottles. Make the mechanic more exciting and the loot worth the quest for it.
  22. I found an interesting piece of information regarding the Wapen on this wikipedia article about the ship that is sadly only available in german: "Das Schiff wurde nach dem Verkauf zum bewaffneten Handelsschiff umgebaut und war in dieser Funktion nachweislich noch bis 1757 tätig." - "After being sold the ship was refitted as armed trader and verifiably served in this role until 1757." This means the Wapen von Hamburg III actually saw service as trader for 20 years compared to only 2 years serving as Konvoischiff ( warship used only for escort duty ) - the role it was first built for. I think a increase in hold capacity aswell as a very minor speed buff would help making this beautiful ship more viable in OW without actually making it stronger in combat. Currently it only has 748 hold while even the tiny trader snow has 900 and with its crippling low speed and small guns it isn't viable in OW at all, facing faster frigates and much harder hitting and more durable Bellonas with the same speed. Increasing cargo hold to at least 1200 and maybe speed by 0.2 knots to make it a heavily armed semi trader could give the Wapen a role in the OW and would also be historically accurate. The Wapen should however not be able to enter enemy ports like normal traders. I think this might be the best way to make one of the oldest ships in game viable / popular without having to make it competitive with more modern and advanced warships. @admin
  23. What are your opinions on the Wapen in PvP? What build would you use on it ( if you would use the ship in PvP at all ) ? Do you think some stats need adjustment and if so which? @admin @Reverse @Liq @Palatinose @Moscalb
  24. Sovereign

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    I would take it one step further and make all nations "impossible" / hardcore, except for GB, France, Spain and US. Those 4 should get 1 uncapturable port with a small safe zone that is patrolled by aggressive elite NPCs. That's still 4 nations with a zone for pussies filthy lubbers and new players to be almost completely safe from PvP on the war server with a port that can not be taken from them.